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Guides item created by SallyPirate, Sep 7, 2013
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    1. Building

    2. World Edit

    3. Worlds

    4. Where do I go to build?

    5. Creative World



    We are first and foremost a survival server. Players gather their own resources for their projects, although creative mode is used on occasion to build central infrastructure essential to the functioning of the server. We encourage people to show off their creativity and building skills, but we also encourage people to build with purpose whilst interacting with others in a suitable medieval setting. All builds should fit with the theme and style of our server and have an appropriate back story. When a new player comes to visit your town we don't want them to just walk into a square cobblestone castle without a story. We want them to be in awe of your building style (whatever that may be) and to be fascinated by the stories surrounding your castle.

    Medieval Fantasy is a rather broad term and can be interpreted in various ways. We don't want to be too restrictive on what players build and it's not easy to write down a definitive list of rules. You can be sure however that things that are considered modern are frowned upon. Just because it says medieval however, doesn't mean that you can't build Roman or Greek styled buildings. These are things that fit perfectly within a medieval fantasy setting.

    Other information:

    Settlements: Towns in the Eastern Continent are listed here, it's greatly encouraged to make a thread of your town to get notice of it out there. There is a lot people can learn from your towns thread, so do your best!

    Travel: Some Boats and Carriages are ports to other towns. Stepping on them will take you to the Hubs and smaller towns around the Eastern Continent.

    Building Protection: Claimed regions can have a set protective radius that others cannot build within.

    World Edit: Players can pay diamonds to get world edit done, you can get a build moved, changed to other blocks if they're supplied first and terraforming. However, you cannot get a build completely copied twice in Altera, it's unlikely and lazy.


    World Edit
    There are some requirements to getting something World Edited in the main map, please note that World Edit's will not be carried out in any other map but Altera and Creative, both have different rules of exchange.

    Base: 32 diamonds/chunk
    Extra commands: +32 diamonds/chunk/command- includes rotate commands- does not include the basic cut & paste
    **From Creative: Double, plus material cost



    We offer players a variety of worlds to play in, all connected through lore and accessible with ships or roads. We have a custom generated world with realistic landmasses, mountains that go up to max world height and custom biomes. We offer a world for resource gathering that are expanded and reset at regular intervals.

    The Eastern Continent:
    Our main world. This is the Continent east of the Northern Kingdoms. New players spawn in this world and it is a safe land, full of prosperous towns and cities connected through an intricate transport system. This is the realm in which people most actively engage in roleplay and build grand projects. Anything built in this world is protected and only those entrusted by the owner are able to build within a given region. Hostile monsters do not spawn and PVP must be consented to.

    A land out of control of Alterans, this place is often plagued by bandits and murderers, waiting for people to unwittingly walk into their camp or a dangerous area. Hostile monsters spawn here, and PVP does not require consent.

    The Rift:
    A portal to the Nether. This world is chaotic and holds great dangerous that many do not wish to tread. There are rare resources to be found in this hostile place. PvP does not require consent.

    Other information:

    Where you start: The World of Altera's Survival Guide, this is where you start in this world.

    SorrowLands: Extra information about the SorrowLands and how to get there.


    Where do I go to build?

    In short, you use the Eastern Continent for permanent builds, but not for resource gathering. You use the Sorrows for gathering resources but not buildings, griefing is allowed in the Sorrows.

    If you want to build in Altera's Eastern Continent, you must first gain permission to build within a specific region or buy a region of your own. You can learn how to join a town through our Survival Guide.


    Creative World

    No additional rules besides the fairly standard ones to be expected in the World of Altera

    1. Don't Grief
    2. Don't try and abuse creative mode (We'll catch you and it'd be ridiculously obvious)
    3. Avoid redstone circuitry that creates loops, laggy contraptions (redstone that is constantly on counts)
    4. Be courteous, and generally just behave - it's there for you guys, don't ruin it.
    5. Entire towns cannot be worldedited over, they must be brought over one building at a time, once a week.

    Offensive builds, or anything that causes problems will be deleted.
    Pixel art will be removed at random.

    Blocked Items:
    These items are blocked from use and placement:
    Beacons, Boat, Bottle of Enchanting, Dispenser, Dropper, Empty map, Enderpearl, Enderchest, EnderPortal, Fireworks, Hopper, Lavabucket, map, Minecarts(all), Portals, Potions, Silverfish Block, Spawn eggs, Tnt