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Guides item created by SallyPirate, Sep 7, 2013
  • Commands and Plugins

    1. Chat

    2. Channel Commands

    3. Chat Features

    4. Items

    5. Novelties

    6. Shophub

    Contributor Perks: A full guide of contributor perks with commands and titles list.

    Voting: Make sure to use '/vtr claim' to claim your rewards! /vr clashes with another plugin.


    /money - check your balance
    /money [name] - check someone elses
    /money send [name] [amount] - pay someone else


    An important thing to get familiar with is our chat system.

    We have five main chat channels:

    OOC stands for Out Of Character. This channel is server wide and meant for chatting with other players across the server about non-roleplay related things. The OOC channel is moderated for spam and profanity, but during peak hours it can get quite busy and it is advised to leave the channel for some peace and quiet.

    Yell down to the docks before they leave! The yell channel is for Roleplay, it is coloured a light red to attract attention to those that yell, this channel's radius is 80 blocks. Please do not abuse this channel.

    Say is for Roleplay, it has a radius of 30 blocks around you, and is meant for general Roleplay. You can speak OOCly in this channel, but you must use (Brackets) to avoid confusing others.

    RP stands for Roleplay. This channel reaches 40 blocks around you and is meant for roleplaying with players around you. This channel is also used for local OOC chat, but you must use (Brackets) to avoid confusing others.

    Whisper chat is for Roleplay, especially for hushed conversations. Its radius is 3 blocks around you, perfect for having group conversations where you don't want others to listen in.

    Local is for OOC chat that doesn't go across the server. Its radius is 100 blocks and in a golden color.

    This channel is used to chat with the members of your house. It reaches across maps.


    Channel Commands

    /ch ooc - To join or focus on the OOC channel

    /ch RP - To join or focus on the RP channel

    /ch W - To join or focus on the Whisper channel

    /ch H (to join or focus on the House channel

    /ch [name] - To create a temporary channel, make sure to type it twice so you also join the channel

    /leave [name] - to leave a given channel


    Chat Features

    Private Messaging
    We use a custom plugin for private messaging. Whenever a conversation is meant for only one person, you are to use private messages rather than our chat channels. It works very simple.

    @name <message> - This will lock your chat with that person, any consecutive message can be sent by simply typing:

    @ <message>

    /lockpm - To lock your chat with someone

    @@ <message> - To quickly reply to someone who is chatting to you

    Nick Names
    Once you receive a credit, you can change your name, you cannot use special characters or noble titles in your RP name, as it makes /nick check frustrating for others.

    /nick [name]
    /nick [your name] [new name]
    /nick check [name]

    Some Events can get crowded with Roleplay, this is when different colours are used. The picture below is a General in the war against Grief, when someone with a red name speaks in RP, it's important to listen.

    use /ignore [player] to ignore someone and use the command again to stop ignoring them. However, if this command is abused too much, it will be removed. You cannot ignore mods or admins.


    Items (If you're looking for Money related information, check here)


    /brew info - Show how drunk you are and the quality of the last drink you had

    To Brew:
    Use a cauldron over fire
    Add water
    Add ingredients by right-clicking
    Use a clock to see how long the ingredients cook
    Remove with glass bottles.

    Put the glass bottles into a brewing stand with glowstone, it will distill the brew without using up the glowstone.

    Aging is done in a barrel, there are two different sizes

    Small barrel:
    8 Wooden stairs
    Place a sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" in the upper line:


    The message "Barrel created" should appear.
    Right click on the sign to access the inside.

    Big barrel:
    4 fences 16 wooden stairs, 18 wood planks (Make sure there is a hollow space inside)
    Add a fence and a sign that says "Barrel" on the first line:


    The message "Barrel created should appear.
    Right click on the fence to access.

    Place the bottles into the barrel to age them.

    Public recipes:
    Make normal tea with two pieces of grass, and cook them for 4 minutes.
    White Tea: Make white tea with three Birch leaves, one sugar and cook for five minutes.
    Chai Tea: To make Chai tea, mix five spruce leaves with five Acacia leaves and boil for 4 minutes.
    Vodka: It uses 10 Potatoes and has a long cooking time. And that's all I'm spoiling ehehehe..

    Potato Soup: To make Potato Soup, mix five potatoes into the pot, along with 3 pieces of grass (Small grass, not the big ones) and cook for 3 minutes.

    Death Control
    This plugin will control what items and exp you lose when you die, currently you do not lose anything on death, unless you disconnect or don't press respawn fast enough.

    /enderchest to access your enderchest anywhere.

    Hold a sign and right click a chest, the sign will be placed with your name on it.
    You can also place the sign in front of the chest/door/furnace/dispenser and put [Private] on the first line, your name on the second and any friends names on the third and fourth. Doors can have timers as well.

    [Timer: 3]


    After placing a chest or other items, you can use /cprivate to lock it.
    /lwc - Lists all the commands
    /cprivate - Create a Private protection
    /cpublic - Create a Public Protection
    /cdonation - Create a Donation chest
    /cpassword <password> - Create a password-protected protection (Say that 3 times fast)
    /cmodify - Modify an existing private protection
    /cunlock <password> - Unlock a password-protected block
    /cinfo - View information on a protection
    /climits - View the amount of protections you are allowed
    /cremove - Remove a protection
    /cremoveall - Remove all protections you own CAN'T BE UNDONE.
    /lwc mode - <Persist/droptransfer>
    /lwc flag - <name> <on/off>
    /lwc flag autoclose
    /lwc menu <basic/Advanced> - Change menu styles (Doesn't seem to do anything)

    /Shelfit - See the commands you can access
    /shelfit settitle [title]
    /shelfit setlocked [true/false]
    /shelfit setshop [price]

    /book - See the commands
    /book copy # - Copy held book to a Book_and_Quill in your inventory (WARNING: Do not hold any Book_and_quill items that have writing in them, the plugin will overwrite it.) It also costs 20 radiants.
    /book unsign - Unsigns a book to make it possible to edit the pages again.
    /book rpsign - Sign with your RP name
    /book change title [new title] - Change the title of the book
    /book change author [new author] - Change the author of the book



    /roll - A default 1D6 roll.
    /clash help - For help


    Write [Message board] on the first line
    /boards or /boards help

    ** If you're holding a book in your hand when you're right-clicking the sign, it will automatically add it to the board!
    And if you sneak at the same time (hold the shift key), it will replace the author name by "Unknown", allowing you to add anonymous messages!

    ** Want to create your own boards ?
    Just place down a sign, and write [Message board] on the third line!
    A message will pop up in your chat, saying the message was successfully created!

    ** Want to remove a board ?
    Remove the sign!

    But all its contents won't get lost! If the board had any, they will get dropped to the ground!


    These plugins are for convenience, fun and immersion.

    Titles; Commands
    /title help
    - Lists the commands
    /title list [page number] - Lists all the titles that you own. (You can probably not see all of them)
    /title use [title name] - Start using a title from your collection
    /title use [title number] - Start using a title from your collection by its number.
    /title clear - Stop using a title, you will go back to 'vanilla' when you use this.

    See Ranks and Contributions {Here}

    Right click to sit on a stair. Crouch to hop off, this will place you on top of the chair.

    Makes it so you can light redstone lamps with your hands instead of using redstone wires or levers.

    /mctop [skillname]

    Using redstone and fences or iron bars, you can make gates. There are examples of these structures right outside the /warp creative spawn.

    Retractable bridge
    Plugin that allows you to make a drawbridge, good for sealing off castles with moats. There are examples of these structures right outside the /warp creative spawn.

    You can set 2 homes as default, make sure to name them both.

    /sethome - set a default home
    /sethome [name] - set a home under a defined name
    Example: /sethome home1, /sethome sorrows
    /home [name] - to go to the home you set, if you set a home in the sorrows, you cannot travel to it from any other map, only in the sorrows.

    Portable Horses
    You can capture Horses in the wild by purchasing a Saddle!

    How to "register" your horses with the new plugin:
    - Go to the spawn, and find the new Stables Master shopkeeper
    (/spawn and walk right towards the docks. He's in a white-wooled stall)

    - Buy a new special Saddle
    Each saddle is priced at 16 emerald blocks


    - Right click the Horse you want to store with the new special saddle in hand...
    - And voilĂ ! Your horse is safe and sound!
    - If you can see your horse's information on the saddle, then everything is perfectly saved


    How to summon your horses:
    All you have to do is right click with your special saddle containing a horse in your hand, and it will be summoned before you! If you want to store it again, remove the saddle from the horse and right-click it with it in hand... Stored again!

    - Each special saddle can only store 1 horse...
    - ... But they have unlimited uses! That mean that if you right-click the saddle to summon your horse, and then remove the saddle from it, you can use it on another horse to store this one instead! This means that once you buy a saddle, you will be able to use it an unlimited amount of times, until the end of times!


    Use /warp shophub to get there!


    You can use /fly after you buy it, use /fly again to disable it

    Please make sure to follow the rules in the King's Law, fly can be used for climbing in roleplay but it must be kept to reasonable standards. Your permission to fly can be removed if you abuse it.

    Using /fly to climb in RP:

    This may be used by yourself IF AND ONLY IF the thing you are scaling is 2 blocks or less, with the exception of fences.

    If you have a companion who will help you, but no rope, you cannot scale anything larger than 3 blocks. (They can either give you a boost on the same elevation as you, or put down a hand to help you up to a ledge)Fences, despite being 1.5 blocks, fall in this category.

    If you have a companion who will help you who has rope, you can scale up to 15 blocks, but not walls that have a lip at the top or no place to stand, and not buildings with slanted roofs (where a person could not keep their footing)

    Furthermore, the action must be uninterrupted.
    If you got shot, hit, cut, slashed, distracted, etc, then you or the person you were helping fall down, back to where you started, and incurring damage proportional to the distance fallen.

    Breaking these rules will lead to a warning exactly once, repeat offenses will lead to temp bans and ultimately losing climbing hook perms.

    You may climb trees by yourself. Use it reasonably.

    3 - Means you can private 3 horses!
    stables5 - Means you can private 5 horses!

    Having the Horses crafting perk means that you can craft things like Saddles, Horse armor and Nametags rather than hunting through dungeons for them.




    Iron Armor


    Gold Armor

    Diamond Armor


    Pocket Dimension
    A pocket dimension is a 20wx20dx15h block room accessible from anywhere using /pocket

    /pocket setspawn - changes where you will spawn in your pocket. If this isn't changed and you place a block where you spawn in, you will spawn outside your pocket.
    /pocket return - leave your pocket (if this doesn't work, try using /pocket again)
    /pocket invite [player]
    /pocket accept - Accept the invitation
    /pocket help

    More to be written!!