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The Dew Drop Inn
[Archive] Builds item created by Jak, Jan 5, 2015
  • "Do drop in!" the barkeep calls to you as you pass by the doors. Laughter, talking and the sound of mugs of ale, mead and beer clinking herald your arrival at the Dew Drop Inn. At the heart of Dawnshard's hamlet and facing the market, it is a constant hub of activity, and as the home of the Dawnshard's Northern Vodka, a place for those who are fans of stern drinks to pass time.

    The Dew Drop Inn is situated in the small hamlet in Dawnshard's keep, within the Kingdom of Hierax. It is compact and quaint building, with meeting rooms, a bar and rooms. We only serve ICly brewed drinks, and attempt to use those that are available in the brewery plugin so that the atmosphere is more immersive.
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