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The Drunken Serpent
  • The Drunken Serpent is just inside the walls of Fort Sevren. After passing through the gate it is the first building you see. Inside it is a rather dark space during both the day and night. The only light coming in through the small windows that dot the walls. It is the perfect atmosphere to talk in private or make secret plans.

    The first floor holds the bar area where you can get a hot meal and a cold drink. Around the bar are many tables which you can sit and have time to yourself or eat and have a conversation with a few friends.

    Away from the main area are two small rooms on the first floor. Both very tight and cramped, not meant to be used for very long. Just for those who are passing through the fort on their way to elsewhere.

    The second floor holds three more rooms, two of which are just as small as the ones on the first floor. But the second floor also holds a master suite which is a very large and spacious room. It holds a huge bed, a private closet. eating area and a private balcony. Perfect for extended stays in the fort or a special night in the town.

    As well as the rooms the second floor holds a public balcony for those who wish to eat outside. The air much more clean and has a perfect view of the fort entrance for those who like to keep an eye out for travelers.