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The Grand Library
  • +The Grand Library+
    The Grand Library in Thiil boasts one of the largest collections in Altera, a true gem for scholars and scribes alike. Nestled between Galim's Relic Emporium and Thiil's most prestigious Learning Center, the Library stands as a welcoming beacon to all those who would seek its knowledge.


    +Seeking Authors+
    The Grand Library is always seeking aspiring authors and writers. Currently we are looking for anyone who would like to write and provide new material for the library. As it houses one of the most extensive collections, characters from far and wide comes seeking knowledge. As such, you'd have an opportunity to have your work seen by players all over Hollowworld and within Altera.

    +The Collection+
    Currently there are over 230 books contained within. While some have been gathered through the diligence of the town's mayor, Athryl Mithtanil, many have been written and donated for the sake of learning and the greater education of the masses. The categories include:

    + Cultures & Races
    + Geography & Towns
    + Fiction
    + General History
    + Religion
    + Guides
    + Studies & Experiments
    The Grand Library is honored to have the work of many famous scholars, explorers, and bards upon the shelves. Volumes such as The Lost Scribe, The Last Exodus, and The Voyage can be found here, as well as many other remarkable works.


    +New Material+

    The Library is always in search of authors and scribes to bring new work in. If any historian, storyteller, devout disciple, or scholar has any work they would like to share, it will always be encouraged to bring such works so that they may be added to the shelves.

    Any who wish to donate books can seek out Ahab Mithtanil or Athryl Mithtanil. There is also a donation hopper for those who want to anonymously donate. Upon review and approval, the books will be handed off to a scribe and then given its rightful place upon the shelf.

    Currently, the library is hoping to acquire more religious texts, as well as recent and up-to-date recordings of current events. What is current today becomes tomorrow's history.


    +OOC Information+
    - Do not remove books from the library.
    - Do not make copies of the books.
    - Be sure to put books back on the same shelf- Well, at least the same collection.

    Show Spoiler

    As an added rule, many often stumble into areas that they shouldn't. There are certain, hidden spaces that require an IC key to open. It is also OOC frowned upon to enter such spaces. Please respect this, even if you are OOC curious.

    Librarian & Caretakers:
    + Ahab Mithtanil



    • How do I donate a book?
      Seek out Ahab Mithtanil or Athryl Mithtanil In-Game. However, there are times that they are unavailable and/or unable to handle patrons. In which case, bringing any new volumes to the library where there is an OOC donation hopper.
    • Why aren't there any books on ________?
      The short answer? Probably because no one has written it yet. Why don't you be the first and write about __________? However, I do refrain from putting certain types of books on the shelves. I try to keep a certain level of quality, and of course, I try and make sure all books are lore compliant.
    • But really though. Why don't you have any books on alchemy?
      Many books on alchemy that I've seen are a mix of outdated, more focused on Minecraft Mechanics potion brewing than server created alchemy lore, and the information is best learned from an alchemist, not a book. There is an Alchemy Guild and trained alchemists throughout the server. Find and RP with them to learn the proper ways.
    • Does the library sell blank books?
      Nope. Sorry! Hit up /ch t.


    Thanks to:

    @IceandFire (For for being region owner and library helper)
    @JasonK94 (For the screenshots)
    @Agnew (
    For helping with the library)
    @ptiber (
    For starting Thiil)
    @mairinbaihn (
    For helping with Thiil)
    @Seano96x (For helping build the original library)
    @Michcat (
    For doing the expansion library remodel)
    @Spear (
    For being librarian)
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