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The Honey Badger
  • General: 'Tha Hunny Badga' is the pride and joy of Bimhe Onyxheart and due to its central location in Tambry it has become a major meeting spot from which to do business or just enjoy a brew or two.

    Owner: Bimhe Onyxheart @oounstopabl3oo

    Capacity: It has 18 rooms (one of which is permanently occupied by Wollston Cerendor @Silversurfer105 ), 1 cold-dorm with 12 bunkbeds, and one apartment on the 3rd and 4th floors.

    Brews: The Honey Badger comes fully stocked with almost all the brews on the server and even has a built-in brewery, the 'Herliefr Brewery'. A few of the local specialties include the three varieties of Tambry Champagne (Brut, Demi-Sec, and Sec) as well as an assortment of wines. We
    also carry teas, several beers, vodka, golden mead, whiskey and spicy rum

    Fare: Cooked River fish, local pasture-raised and grass-fed beef steaks, a few roasted chickens (a local specialty and inside joke given the Cluck Tower just outside), baked potatoes, roasted carrots, and seed-cake for dessert.

    And Fare: only 40 rads a night for a single, 60 if you want a meal included! 80 for a double and only 20 rads for the cold dorm!

    Side note: We have an entry stairwell that leads directly to and from the public Tambry stables!
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