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Tome Of Citizenship
Guides item created by SallyPirate, Sep 3, 2013
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    1. General

    2. Behavior

    3. Roleplay

    4. Server Information

    "Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it."



    HollowWorld is a Medieval Fantasy Roleplay server. This world and lore take inspiration from Medieval Fantasy settings such as Lord of the Rings, Games of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls. Our community values aesthetics and adventure, things that shatter immersion violently are avoided. The >>King's Law<< has been made to prevent issues with this, they are the rules and must be followed completely, players will have unfortunate consequences of losing some perks if they ignore the King's Law.

    On HollowWorld, Players are given the opportunity to create events and movements that inspire change. We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage this so long as it fits into the lore. Groups and individuals should feel open to try and come up with these events and help shape HollowWorld through them. Staff do this as well with larger server events that help progress the story further.

    We have a mature and competent admin staff who play in survival mode just like any other player. We guarantee the fair treatment of every player on our server and players shall not be harassed or abused.

    Unfortunately players that have been inactive for too long will be dewhitelisted after 6 months of inactivity. This is to make sure that they are well versed in the rules if they should return.

    Channel Commands

    /ch ooc - To join or focus on the OOC channel

    /ch RP - 40 blocks, for general Roleplay

    /ch l - 100 blocks, Local Out of Character channel

    For more channels and information regarding them, go to the >>Commands/Plugins<< Guide

    Other links

    Absence thread: It's important to let friends or town members know you will be away in case of planned events or town construction. Fellow Roleplayers worry if their friends disappear without notice.

    Player Alt List: You can get your alternate minecraft account whitelisted without having to make another whitelist application. Simply follow the guide in the thread on how to do this.



    For conduct, one is expected to bring with them a mature attitude, and willingness to accept change in both rules and roleplay within the server. One expected to behave as if the server were a cooperative mission for adventure, not a vehicle for hoarding or getting everything the way you want. Obviously every player has a right to things he (or she) has mined or gathered, but if the cooperative spirit is lacking, should that player breach our rules repeatedly or severely enough will be removed from the server to protect the rest of the community.

    Activity both on the forums and on the server have the same rules, spam is seen as distasteful and will receive warnings if it is excessive, all these things are listed in the King's Law and are to be followed to prevent issues.

    In roleplay, stories, pictures, characters, it is very important that players do not use characters or ideas from movies, games, books or any other media for their own character. Characters can look similar to others of course, but using exact names and appearances is heavily discouraged.

    On a final note towards behavior. What others do over skype, on other servers or other conversation programs cannot be checked or monitored by staff. If someone from the server tells you something over skype that you do not like, you will have to block them yourself. The server will not punish for what someone says if it is not on the TS, forums or server.

    Regions have classifications as 'peaceful', 'moderate' and 'violent', and each region will follow the rules depending on which classification it has. Please read through the descriptions of what type of roleplay towns prefer and decide on where to live based on that.

    Other links

    RP and OOC conduct: When to involve staff in conflicts, it's important for players to resolve their problems themselves if they can.

    Region RP Classifications: Regions have specific rules that must be followed to prevent breaking immersion, rules and upsetting other players.

    Roleplay: Meta and powergaming is against the rules, read this roleplay guide to understand the basics of roleplay and its rules.



    We aim to offer an enjoyable playing experience for a wide variety of players - ranging from the most enthusiastic and godmod avoiding roleplayer to the casual farmer that just tends his crops and greets travelers that pass through his farm. Roleplay is encouraged however and when dealing with other players you are expected to try and enhance their roleplay and help their immersion, rather than hinder it.

    Overall we want Players to enjoy themselves and express their creativity. We give them several different ways to do this with events and participating in others events, we will always be open to discussion about how to make your events lore friendly. There will be no allowance however to change or disregard the base lore. Nor will Players know every detail of our lore planning and some Staff events, because it's part of the surprise or plot twist. Just like reading a book, you are following the story of Altera, and your part is to react to the story in whichever way your character sees fit. There will always be guidelines and boundaries, and as long as you respect those, then your time here on our server should be creative and fun.

    Please note that whilst research does assist in some Roleplay, make sure to use words that most people would understand. Using armor or weapons during combat Roleplay should not get overly complicated with details, try focusing more on how your character moves rather than what they wear. If your character has or does something obscure that's not well known, please describe it to nearby participants in the Roleplay so they may understand what you are trying to do.

    In roleplay there are many inappropriate topics and discussions that should be avoided within RP, OOC or any chat ingame or on the forums. Please do not talk about or Roleplay the following as they can be bannable {Read Here!}

    Other links

    Core Races: There are six Races of HollowWorld, each unique from each other with their appearances, buildings and cultures.

    Organised Events: Players and staff are able to create events, each type of event is cut into different sections to make it easier for a player to find an event that would suit what they like.

    Magic: Magic has been introduced into HollowWorld, however, learning it can be difficult and in some cases seem impossible. You will need to find a teacher in Roleplay and somehow convince them to teach you (Contacting them OOCly isn't allowed).

    Character Profiles/Journals

    Character Resurrection: Characters can be resurrected after death, however, sometimes resurrection will not work, and the character will be dead forever. >>Update Link<<


    Server Information
    Server address:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/ZaAappy
    Download Discord from here.

    Dynamic Map: Click Here to see our dynamic map.

    Recognizing staff:
    Staff have a yellow + before their name and a grey/red title. They are all listed here with forum names and the jobs they are able to attend to.