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Whiterock Castle
  • "Ho' traveler, ye might have heard word of House Hawklight, one of the oldest Houses in the realm, been 'round since before we entered this world, and likely to outlast us all. Lorded by Axex Hawklght, the House has always been a thorn in tha' dread Queen's side, and a protector of Altera. Twas one of the first to answer the call to fight for the Queen and last to leave that warcamp. Lord Axex rules the House from Whiterock Castle, an island bastion which safeguards Heavens Reach, Capital of Hierax. Nary a visitor has ventured inside for many years, but it likely remains open still, ta all those who come in peace to the north."

    Whiterock Castle can be found in the Kingdom of Hierax, north of Tauredal and the Elvish Islands. It is the seat of House Hawklight, and one of the lands controlled by Axex.
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