1. lycana

    New Art Who Dis?

    Hey Guys! Nera here and in the last 4 years since I've been gone, I thought I'd share what I have been up to- ARPG groups. ARPG stands Art Role Playing Game which in the long run means you build and write stories through your art. It has helped my skill A LOT and I have made many characters that...
  2. AkteDutch

    Akte's Art

    Um!! Hi!! I do a lot of painting, so I figured I'd share from now on- I do take commissions! The information about that is here. Here are some of my recent works.. 4/28/2018 12/16/2017 2/15/2018 1/10/2018 I promise I do more than just faces and busts!! Though at this point, usually only...
  3. French Roast

    A salty hipster’s photos

    I made a new on because I cringe too much from looking at my old photo thread. This is going to be mostly cell phone photos for now, I’ve got a DSLR but I don’t have access to photo editing software on my computer currently so.... sorry for poor quality on some of them lol Gonna start with a...
  4. Kamaoe

    Kam jumps on the art auction bandwagon

    I decided this looked like fun, and was something I wanted to do so I'm doing it. With a bit of a twist ;) Bidding will start at 1k, and anything under 2500r will get a sketch. However, should the bid exceed 2500r, the art you could ask for will bump up to the next most expensive thing on my...
  5. Bartooliinii

    Closed non-digital art auction

    Heya! I've seen other artists around HollowWorld forums do the same. So I'd like to give it a go. I don't draw a lot of digital things, so I'm gonna keep it in my old style, with pen and photoshop to do some after effects. Here are some examples of my style and how I draw. I haven't done a...
  6. ForestRose

    Art Auction - come and get it while it's hot

    so I don't feel too confident with my colouring capabilities but I wanna doodle some interesting characters Top two highest prices at the end of the auction will get a single detailed character sketch from me - yes two people are in with a chance to win this crappy art I am willing to do smut...
  7. Vincentius

    Oxymoronic Perseverance [Content Warning | Art]

    This is partially a vent thread by some definition. I've given up on a lot of things for myself. Art was/is a big one. I developed a complex of isolating that of which I draw/write out of self-doubt and “cringe.” Had me repelled from Hollowworld at times. So here's the thread title: I'm...
  8. NIAH

    [Lore Contest] Constellation Art

    Hello lovelies! A long time ago, Faelin made a thread about constellation names for Altera { here }. Later she released the post about Astronomy, and as some of you may notice, it is still incomplete. I am coming to you with a new Lore Art contest! Below I will list a large number of...
  9. Catena

    Catena's Art Bank

    In honor of becoming fairly decent at drawing, I thought I'd share a few on my most recent drawings. Edit; OOF i look at my old stuff and i cri. if you're new, check out the most recent pages of my thread :' )