1. Auriel

    Finished [Religious/Divine Intervention] Neverending Onslaught -+- 6/8/2018 @ 3:00 EST.

    [Divine/Religious Event] [Music] "Seek not for war, for you have found it." -Crusade, Epitaph of Whispers, VIII to St. Veleti II As the Demons encroach, so to do the dogs of war, and with that, the natural abominations of our time. Those of Crusade should yet again show those who are...
  2. Auriel

    Enactment VII: Unbound Steel

    "Silas did not fall in combat for nothing. He will be remembered as one who brought a new era to Human Kind. Divines bless the Pantheon. Divine bless us all in this trying time." "You need not the blessed of the failed God of Neutrality to understand such an art, you need only the force and...
  3. Auriel

    Finished Dominus Et Bellum; 4/6/2018 [Semi-Private]

    4/6/2018 6:00-?:?? Central Standard Time Crusade Sermon, Divinity Hopeful; Moderate-Violent "Dies Irae." Solus Lannis [OOC: Circled area is where stuff is expected to happen, who knows.] OOC: The point of the event is yes, surely, to hit up Crusade, one of his attendants, or...