1. Blorbis83

    Upcoming [Moderate] A Springtime Hunt (Astrakhan, 2/24/2019, 3 PM CST)

    Posters such as these are put up in Storm's Landing, Mockingbay, Astrakhan, Queensport, and anywhere else that it is allowed.. [THEME] GOOD TIDINGS! At long last, the Arboribus Custodes have declared that the Forests of Astrakhan have fully recovered from the Destruction of the Blight! As...
  2. French Roast

    [Religion] Faith and the Hunt

    The clan is built upon devotion to Theodra - The Huntress, Divine of the Quiver, Truest Aim of them All. As it currently stands, this is far from a mandated religion, though the worship of certain gods, namely Jishrim and Crusade, is forbidden on lands controlled by the Strandi and outlawed...