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  1. balenciagah

    Frost's Writings & Journal

    [!] frost's bio [!] Entry 1 (no dates) My lack of socialization is becoming a point of being borderline embarrassing, honestly. I'm unsure of my next moves, I have met all but two people I actually would consider befriending. One is a young elf, she seems very sweet and interested in similar...
  2. isannor

    Active Kali Verald

    Kali Verald | isannor's Character ~ Name: Kali Verald Titles: Miss -- Age: 20 Race: Halfling Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Current Residence: Storm's Landing Social Status: Peasant/Artisan ~ Physical Appearance Height: 3'4" | 101 cm. Weight: 40 lbs. | 18.1 kilos Eye Color: Brown Skin...
  3. Gildefyre

    [ Journal ] Beril Esterich - Gildefyre

    29th of Floodlock, 2293 I bought this journal in town today. I know its pages will guide me. As much has happened in this week as in this year. I was sitting in the dockside tavern of Storm's Landing as I often do, listening and watching the patrons, when a peculiar show began- a Dwarf...
  4. Levansy

    Active ❂.:Irinei Veon, The Thorned Rosaceae:.❂

    ___ ___ Name Irinei Orione Veon Full Titles Miss Irinei Veon Nickname/Alias: Irin/ Vee --- KEY INFORMATION: Age Irinei is twenty one. Gender She is Female. Race Human. Social Status Freemen. Sexuality Irinei does not exactly know, as she has not had to think about this much...
  5. I am Wake

    Gromm's Journal

    *Gromm's Journal is a large book which contains his thoughts, feelings and log of adventures. It is a severely large book that has been crafted of dyed red leather, gold and iron to seal the paper book securely. It is something he keeps to himself and tells none about.* [[ NO POSTING ON THIS...