just worship crusade already

  1. Auriel

    Finished [Religious/Divine Intervention] Neverending Onslaught -+- 6/8/2018 @ 3:00 EST.

    [Divine/Religious Event] [Music] "Seek not for war, for you have found it." -Crusade, Epitaph of Whispers, VIII to St. Veleti II As the Demons encroach, so to do the dogs of war, and with that, the natural abominations of our time. Those of Crusade should yet again show those who are...
  2. Kamaoe

    Finished [Private] The Worship of the One With an Axe {March 16th, 4pm est}

    -~-~-~-~- We meet in secret. None know. For honor, glory, and the bloody axe. -~-~-~-~- OOC: Finally doing a Murkztob event. Fite me. Participation is limited to those invited IRPly, and good luck getting in if you're not an Earthspawn. I don't have my work schedule for this day, but I'll put...