1. HollowWorld

    [Culture] The Frostpeak Clan

    T H E - F R O S T P E A K - C L A N ---=--- "In days long since passed, when the children of Korog were numerous, there stood the great Dwarven Kingdom. The days of Yearnen are oft remembered as our people's finest hours. In those days we were united under one banner. Oh, the glory that was...
  2. HollowWorld

    The Spectral Plane

    Seven Realms of the Afterlife The Forgotten Realm - Figments of the gods and immortal kings who died swim here.. They have no form, no semblance of identity and no power. It is a small realm, filled with teal/grey mists of sorrow, desperation, and woe. There is no light and no warmth. Realm of...
  3. NIAH

    [Lore Contest] Constellation Art

    Hello lovelies! A long time ago, Faelin made a thread about constellation names for Altera { here }. Later she released the post about Astronomy, and as some of you may notice, it is still incomplete. I am coming to you with a new Lore Art contest! Below I will list a large number of...