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  1. Rossu

    [Public Notice] +=Salvation=+

    ____________ The salvation shall come eventually. Your bodies shall pass, and your souls damned to the incompetent grasps of the Grey Lady. There is but one God whom has truthfully spoken. The God of Truth has blessed an individual that slays the devout of other Gods, and yet has done nothing to...
  2. French Roast

    Finished [Moderate] Solace of the Faithful {May 11th}

    The Blessed of Theodra calls the followers of the Huntress, families, friends and strangers to Stoltfar. They will gather to pay respects to Her as they wish, and make offerings as well as give prayer and receive wisdom and guidance, through meditation and prayer and through one another...
  3. French Roast

    Rumor A Champion Responds

    A warrior who wields a Rahas-touched blade has accepted the challenge. The proud knight will duel Maceo de Courtnay, Ignis' most faithful champion. The knight waits in the neutral grounds of Storm's Landing to face the challenger, To defend the honor and worship of the Leader Rahas. For the...
  4. Rossu

    Rumor +=Notice=+

    A thin sheet of papyrus hangs from the Storm's Landing notice board. A skull similar to all the other posters relating to Skraag is drawn above the following words. _______ "We still remain and listen, watching patiently for the moment you will need saving yet again. Join in the holy praise of...
  5. 223hero7

    Upcoming [Thursday, April 26th] Beneath An Ever-Watchful Gaze

    They convene enshrouded, reverent, to enact worship and perform dark rites, before the Hunt comes to a climax. May He be pleased. ---o--0--o--- Date: Thursday, April 26th. Time: 4:00PM EST ---o--0--o--- ---o--0--o--- Location: :) Public/Private?: Private Priest: Saint Masquerade Solus Lannis
  6. Rossu

    Finished +We Do As He Desires+ [Private] {April 18th}

    Whilst the mindless fight their petty wars, we must continue to be ever reverent to our savior. They shall not shake us, not him. On this evening, we ask for guidance. _____________________________________________________________ OOC: Another private Skraag event at the Sorrows altar. The event...
  7. French Roast

    Poster The Wilderness Comes

    *A bearded northerner familiar to some approaches the Storm's Landing notice board and pins a single poster with the black silhouette of a stag head drawn at the top before moving off quietly.* The Wilderness comes. In light and dark, it comes for us all. In youth and old age, it comes for us...
  8. Jdog418

    Finished {Private} A blessing of a new Sallana church {Feb 21st}

    We call upon the Mother of us all to bless this newly built church of worship to her and her honor. What?: Private prayer and blessing of a new church to Sallana before it is open to the public. When?: Feb 21st at 7:00pm EST Rating?: Moderate Where?: Natri'evar Additional Info...
  9. Vincentius

    Finished {Private} To Deny Thy Mother's Imperfections {Feb. 19}

    ____________________________________________ On this evening, we Transcend the fortifications between Life and Death; a fourth fragment enters the fold. Ignorance shan't Obscure. Heed the Calls. Deathe to being leaveth yet in lonesome, yet Unnecesarie to trifle upun...
  10. Ruu

    Finished { Peaceful } Cleansing of Astrakhan [ February 10th | 5pm EST ]

    -=-=-=-=-=- Keenly yet delicate preparations were being made in the town of Astrakhan as tiresome townspeople grow ever weary from the strain of tension. Ambivalent words were only whispered amongst outsider's ears, every rumor having a small mention of a cleansing under the eye of Sallana...
  11. French Roast

    [Public Declaration] Theodra's Realm

    And you attacked a blessed of Theodra, the matron deity of your order whose words you curse and dishonor with your recent actions. You are incredibly moronic, Jaden Seeker, and a disgrace to our Goddess. This was not a sermon of Ignis. This was Maceo de Courtnay interrupting a sermon to Skraag...
  12. Vincentius

    Finished {Private} Beyond Our Bindings {Feb. 2nd}

    ____________________________________________ We congregate to be born anew, conceived in the body of One without the ire of ignorance. We shroud our body in His breath. ____________________________________________ OOC: Just making a thread : ) What? Consider this a private religious sermon...
  13. Rossu

    Poster [Public Notice] =Skraag=

    +-+ Hung under the cover of night in Storm's Landing, on a new day, a poster hung quietly, written in thick ink. "Let it be knowne upun thyselves, thy Soul Stealer hath shown himself ande lifted thee visiage. Joineth in most holy triumpfh. " --===-- Skraag‘s Doctrine: 1. Knoweth upun thyself...
  14. Rossu

    Finished -III- The Continuation [January 20th]

    -III- ____________________________________________ What comes next is a mystery, but it is certain what must be done. The Faithful few congregate soon. ___________________________________________ OOC: This is a private thing, just making a thread for this. What? This is a religious sermon of...