1. Bartooliinii

    [Campaign song] These times are dangerous

    I made another song. This time about the Blight Campaign. It is called; 'These times are dangerous'. I hope you enjoy! :) ,.~-/=\-~., Always watching, and when we talk it knows Always lurking, out of sight in the unknown Talking of the deep one, it will soon be the end of us The year of...
  2. Bartooliinii

    A fantasy nighttime song

    I was just playing some chords and got some melody that reminds me of John Mayer for some reason, have no idea which of his songs but I am pretty sure I accidentally stole some of his tunes. Either way, I wrote a song to it and it fits pretty well with the HollowWorld theme and I do have some...
  3. Bartooliinii

    Song of Halbed Music-Video

    I am very proud of what it became in the end. Here you have it, as per Cymic_ 's request: The song of Halbed! In the video: Samiwashere Kamaoe Rang3r0wns94 and ShaolinPunk Lyrics: Halbed, this ain’t the last time. Wherever I may go, you’re on my mind. Halbed, like the last time, is...