1. Bartooliinii

    A fantasy nighttime song

    I was just playing some chords and got some melody that reminds me of John Mayer for some reason, have no idea which of his songs but I am pretty sure I accidentally stole some of his tunes. Either way, I wrote a song to it and it fits pretty well with the HollowWorld theme and I do have some...
  2. Bartooliinii

    Song of Halbed Music-Video

    I am very proud of what it became in the end. Here you have it, as per Cymic_ 's request: The song of Halbed! In the video: Samiwashere Kamaoe Rang3r0wns94 and ShaolinPunk Lyrics: Halbed, this ain’t the last time. Wherever I may go, you’re on my mind. Halbed, like the last time, is...