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Legend of Altera
(Other names: Áedán, Jester, Coloured Man, Clown)
Status: Alive!
Current thoughts: "In the light of God, I am free."
Current mood: Restless

Age: 40
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Ó Corván
Race: Human
Occupation: Ex-vineyard worker
Social class: Middle Class
Orientation/Sex Preference: Heterosexual
Core Personality: Stoic Ignis-worshipper Dandy
1) Arrow in chest, then a sword through the gut. Burned at the pire as per Ignis doctrine. (Link)
The Favored:
If Áedán favours an individual, he will count them as allies. He would protect them with his life if it is called for.

+Arthur Ashenfeld: You could say that I used to love this a man like a brother ... but ever since his heart turned away from God, I feel distant from him. Every time I see him, I am reminded of the many times that we drank and conversed under the purple moon, and it truly breaks my heart to hear of his apostasy. I know he feels that God has abandoned him, but I know that is not the case. Ignis Synnove takes care of her children, and it is not too late for him to come back to her embrace once more. Morbid
+Fronslin: Fronslin once gave me an opportunity to join him on his voyage home as he returned from Storm's Landing to Blackstone and for that I am truly grateful. He is a man of many answers, but also many questions. God willing, we will meet again.

+ Forrest Westergard: Although Forrest doesn't seem to speak much about his beliefs or engage in social chatter often, I find him to be a calming presence and enjoy his company. LeftwardElk
+ Tohm Mechaskus: Is it wrong that I know little about him yet still consider him to be the my closest friend and ally? Tohm
+ Tirius Westergard: As the twin brother of Forrest, Tirius has proved himself that he is not only a good man, but a good friend. I truly wish the best for him in his travels thoughout the city. Tohm
+ Maceo De Courtnay: The Pontifex and Ignis blessed. Through this man, I saw the power of Ignis reach down and bless the newly crowned Kaiser into the divine church of Artois. His son was a squire to the late heretical mage Brennard Westmay and is likely a magic wielding heretic though this is unconfirmed as of yet. Surely the blessed of Ignis would not allow his son to be the squire to a known heretic. I will need to ask Longtree about this. BoredBrit
+ Kaiser Albion von Godfrey: From the skies, Ignis reached down and blessed Godfrey's Kaiserreich. If God could be moved to make divine Will known above the head of the newly crowned Kaiser, then Godfrey is held in some regard the divine light. Paint
+ Knights Haven: Filled of some imperfect men, yet all of whom seek to serve Ignis. This is the heart of the Church of Artois. Ignis resides here, I could feel it in every step that I trod, and in every heartbeat by mortal flesh gave. However, some recent misgivings.

The Neutral:
If neutral, Áedán will regard them with the same level of respect and attention that he gives to strangers. He doesn't really particularly care about them.

+ Cymic, King of Sangria, The Invoker of Jax: Tirius seemed to think that he was a friendly fellow, even though he seemed to much disregard/dislike those who follow Ignis. Why? He is however a man of the faith ... and a true asset to the Pantheon. No clue why he'd be in a tavern like the Krakens Culling though. Cymic_
+ Sir Peter Longtree "Longtree": A man who I met in Storm's Landing who encouraged me to come up north with him. I am not to sure he completely shares my beliefs however. He seemed to believe that the taint of magic was something that was acceptable in the eyes of Ignis. Tohm says that this man used to serve House Cordenth and although he was a knight he was no fighter.Sir_Arc
+Sir Pod Flanders: For such a man who claims to serve the light of Ignis, I find it concerning, as well as offensive to the divine light of Ignis, that he needs to lie about who he is when he fights in the name of God. I almost fear the influence that he wields over the Pontifex. He also claims he is Ignis blessed - but surely God would not bless a man who would lie in such a manner? SirLuamTehDoge

The Disfavored:

If Áedán disfavors someone, he believes that for some reason that they are not worth his time and effort. He still respects them, but he doesn't count them as allies.

+ "Red Earthspawn" (Jerr'co): A brute and a thug who seems to believe that his existence is a blessing upon this wretched world. He asks questions like a philosopher about the nature of good and evil yet can comprehend none of the answers in his tiny brain.

I don't know why ... but I always feel the crawl of shivers down my spine when I hear about him or when I see him.
The Tottot

The Heretics:
Áedán despises anyone who slanders the faith, practices magic, or worships false Gods and believes that they ought to repent or be burned at a stake for their sins, preferably both. Áedán would seek their exposure as heretics then their death.

+ Nwalme Fuvur: By his own hand, he has confessed to his heresy.

---- Minor Characters or Inactive Characters:
(I doubt that Áedán will encounter them again.)

+ Fortune Teller: Either a beggar who steals coins off the good folk of Storm's Landing or a heretic tempting the foolish into sin. Thank the Gods that I chased her from the city. Good riddance. Kamaoe
+ Percival: Knows Fronslin, and seems friendly enough. Creampuff Boy
My IGN is CheezAlt.

Images from:
1) (Reference pic)
2) (Text)
3) (2nd reference pic)
4) (prayer log image)
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Legend of Altera
1.JPG FaltenrockWeikunig.jpg
Eye Color: A dark brown.
Hair color length and style: A mop of generally straight hair.
Weight: A little on the heavy side.
Skin tone and type: German looking.
Shape of face: Rounded
Distinguishing marks/piercing:
+ Large burn scars on his left hand from a childhood religious ritual.
+ Wears very fancy clothing.
Predominant feature: Either his eyes which can be described as enchanting, or his left hand due to it being horribly scared from childhood burns.
Is he healthy?: Although he is on the heavy side, he is healthy.
Does he look healthy? Yes. Except for his hand.
Clothing: He is particularly fond of rich and colourful clothing. He will always try to wear the latest and most extravagant of cloths where he can regardless of the work he does or the place he is in. The more colourful, expensive and frilly the better. He takes an almost obsessive care of his clothing and appearance.
Hotness rating: 10/10
Mental state: Áedán has recently began to become restless once more. Dealings between the House of Fuvur (led by the heretic witchking) and Artois as well as rumours of the Pontifex being friendly to witches and warlocks have led Áedán to believe that the holy church of Artois has become corrupt and should be cleansed of all heresy then rebuilt from scratch.

Áedán believe that the corruption of heresy has touched every institutional position of power inside the church. Áedán is severely considering either comfronting the Pontifex and demanding answers and/or beginning to establish a church under his own direction and away from the corruption of the Holy Church of Artois.
Due to him consistently emulating the actions and appearances of the nobility (as seen from his tastes in clothing), Áedán has become familiar with writing and reading, as well as some other traits. How else can he appreciate good clothing?
As such:
Writing: 2/10
Reading: 3/10
Organisation: 6/10
Cleanliness: 6/10​

Áedán believes that showing spontaneous emotion is a mortal weakness of Man, against the will of Ignis. He consistently attempts to deny his emotions any foothold on his thoughts and mind, and due to his age, he has gotten pretty good at it. This shows as him rarely showing any emotions that are perceived as negative -- anger, sadness, jealousy or positive -- love, and joy. More on this in the Beliefs section.

As such:
Aura of calm: 9/10
Reading Emotion: 0/10​

Due to not having any formal training:
Fighting: 1/10

Other skills:
Holding down liquor: 4/10
Singing: 2/10
Foresight: 1/10
Talking: 5/10
Lying: 7/10 --- However he never lies unless to a heretic due to him being a follower of Ignis.
Drawing: 2/10
Medicinal Use: 1/10​
+ Appreciating fine clothing
+ (Some) early morning meditation to ease the mind back into its aura of calm.
Drinks (alcohol): Will drink the cheapest alcohol available, but partial to the occasional good wine (as he likes to emulate the upper classes).
+ Whiskey!
How much: Small amounts, unless he is with those he trusts and has high regard of.
Greatest Strength: Rational and logical mental personal evaluations of problems in highly tense situations (due to aura of calm)
Greatest Weakness: His love for expensive clothing
Soft spot: Good clothing, what else?
Is his soft spot obvious, why/why not: Very.
Biggest Vulnerability: N/A
Most at ease when: At a bar or tavern with his back to the wall.
Most ill at ease when: There are unfamiliar surroundings, peoples and in danger.
1) Ignis
2) Friends
How he feels about himself: My mind is a beast that needs to be contained, and harnessed.
Optimist or pessimist? Why?: Pessimist.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? Extrovert.
Drives and motives: Áedán seeks to continue to serve the divine will of Ignis, in thought and action.
- Will scratch at scars on his left hand

Short Term:
- Establish a permanent residence, and hold a job. [Done!]
- "Where's my drink??" [Ongoing!]
- Get a big sword (Got one!) or halberd (the bigger the better) and do weapons training. [Ongoing!]
- Newer, better, frillier clothes [Ongoing!]
- Don't die. [Failed x1]
- Clothes [Ongoing!]
- Pray [Log][Ongoing!]

Long Term:
- Meet the heads of the faith [Ongoing!] +Met the Pontifex.
- Convert others to the faith [Ongoing!]

- A small pouch containing a few radiants, enough to buy two cheap ales and a potato.
- A plasma rifle
- A small collection of oddly shaped rocks (To remind him to stay grounded, and to aid his aura of calm)
- A necklace around his neck with a small Ignis inspired cross attached to it. (The cross is made from iron and is attached to neck by string.)
- A large handkerchief in his pocket.
- A fist full of low quality bread.

- A 6ft greatsword (Currently with him in Valerius)
"The sword stands at roughly 6' feet. The tempered steel it is made appears to be whitish in color. The blade of the sword gradually tapers as it reaches the tip. It also has a double-fuller, which ends at the parrying lugs, ensuring a lighter weight without compromising the durability of the sword. Underneath the parrying lugs is wrapped in a black leather to ensure that the user can grip it if they wish. The crossguard of the sword has two anneus, or side-rings, that lay perpendicular to the crossguard. The tang of the blade is marked with the smithing signature of Tohm Mechaskus. The hilt of the sword is quite long, acting as a counterbalance to the weight of the blade. It is made of ashwood, and is covered in similar leather to that of the other leather on the blade. The pommel of the sword is fishtailed."
- A pair of dice (In his place at Blackstone)
- EMPTY bottle of whiskey with a marking of a Magpie on it. (In his place at Blackstone)
- An ledger which has several pages accidently ripped from it. It has various markings and tally's of farm produce (potatoes, wheat). It does not have any markings/signatures signifying who it belongs to. ... how strange ... ---- [Gave to Fronslin]
- Some chainmail which is badly damaged. (In his place at Blackstone)

+ Met Fronslin the Forest Elf in a tavern in Storm's Landing and then headed off to Blackstone in the hope of finding a job.
+ Talks to Forrest and the Archduke Bolivar I, and gets a job in the vineyards. Is also promised a job as a soldier if he talks to the commander of the Hawklight forces in the region. Gets a apartment in Blackstone.
+ Travels to Storm's Landing to aquire some more possessions for his new apartment in Blackstone. Meets Arthur at the tavern.
+Returns back to Blackstone, and meets a number of other individuals in Blackstone including but not limited to Tohm, Anaiah, and Tohm's bastard son.
+ Meets Tohm and Forrest once again back in Storm's Landing, and receives a 6ft long sword crafted by Tohm.
+ Chases out a beggar/heretic from the city docks, and gets punched by a large earthspawn, and knocked out cold. Looses temper.
+ Writes "Purification I".
+Is murdered by the Red Earthspawn (Jerr'co), with a woman standing by (Kitrana Dawn) and his body is then burned on a pire as per the Ignis doctrine. Looses temper.
+ Goes to a festival located in Thorne. (link) Wins a drinking competition, and drunkenly wrestles Tohm.
+ Áedán helps foil a robbery, (with Fronslin and a knight of Artois (Isaac Durmud)), and then finds, loots then destroys a staging area/drop off point for the gang located within Storm's Landing.
+Meets Sir Peter Longtree, and gets recruited to join a religious organisation. Has a short stop in Blackstone to retrieve his valued possessions, his sword, as well as a few other small trinkets from his apartment and then follows Peter northward.
+ Meets Lykka, Sir Pod, Kaiser Albion, Maceo in Knights Haven, and witnesses the baptism of the Kaiser into the faith. With his own eyes he witnesses the divine light of Ignis touch the head of the newly crowned Albion, showing that the light of the heavens stands with the new Kaiserreich.
+ Goes to Storm's Landing and meets Tohm who tells him that all is not what it seems. He tells him that Maceo's son is a mage (and therefore a heretic), and that the previous ruler of Valerius was an Ignite.
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Legend of Altera
This is a guide to some of the belief systems behind Áedán Ó Corván. These include a devotion to Ignis and Stoicism. These may change over time, and I will update these further if that happens.
Note currently these are kinda a mess and I will begin to make it more legible over the lifetime of the character. I haven't fully hashed all of this stuff out yet.
Nature of Ignis and the Gods:
The belief that Ignis is the center of the universe, and the belief that he represents all that is good and true is a core concept that drives Áedán's actions. This belief is apparent in his words, actions and thoughts.

Áedán believes that Ignis is the center of the Pantheon. He is, in essence, the Pantheon. All other beings that others call "Gods" like Sallana, Jax and Crusade are subordinate "angels" that Ignis uses to relate to those who worship him. Áedán dislikes how some worship these personalities of Ignis, rather that Ignis himself.

How these personalities are personified will change based on his worshipper's needs.

Jax represents man's need for luck.
Sallana his need for love.
Shallahera, his need for growth.

On what are considered evil gods:
Jishrim --- A darker aspect of Ignis, which represents the chaos that humanity is
Skraag --- When Skraag takes souls of worshippers, it is a mercy compared to the alternative.
Visage --- Represents the mystery of humanity.

How Ignis itself appears to Man never changes. But how its "faces" appear to man do.

However that is not to say that Ignis is the only power that seeks the worship of man, as Áedán believes that there are other powers outside of the Pantheon which seek the ruin and destruction of humanity. These powers are the ones which give heretics their powers, and who give them their desires and heretical thoughts. Áedán believes these powers are demonic in nature and have no place in the world of man. Áedán believes these demons and evil powers hate all that humanity represents and seek its distruction. Only through Ignis could humanity every be truly something amazing.

If Áedán thinks that he has recieved a warning or command from Ignis, he could never be persuaded to act against it. It would be as unthinkable as choosing his guide on a journey someone who is blind or doesn't know the way. He would condemn others if they ignored warnings from Ignis in their anxiety not to be dispised by others. Every desire and thought that is human is secondary to that of the command or advice of Ignis.

Áedán considers Harateth the fallen father/mother of Ignis. As Harateth was falling into the eternal darkness that is death after the turmoil with Queen Grief, he shattered into many fragments, the largest of which became what is now known as Ignis Synnove, the God of Flame and Truth.

Is Ignis male or female?
Áedán considers Ignis to be above personification. Ignis is a God, and unlike the imperfect, fractured souls that are man, Ignis encompasses everything. One cannot place human features and emotions on a God. Ignis is an impartial, and is a perfect being. However that does not mean that worshippers cannot personify the personalities and faces of Ignis. This is why Rahas and Crusade are considered to be male for instance.

Áedán does not consider this to be a point that needs clarification, and will be open to anyone using whichever pronouns they like for ease of communication so long as they recognise the flaws in using said pronouns.

How this affects RP:
These concepts may be shown through RP interactions by his slight dislike for those who directly talk about the personalities without recognizing Ignis for what he is. Áedán will also never use male or female pronouns when speaking of Ignis.

Rite of Burning:
A coming of age rite that was celebrated in the region that Áedán grew up in. It requires the covering of the arm in a protective salve against flames, building a large bonfire, and meditating with a hand in the flames. The rite is comparable to a baptism.
By meditating, the individual opens their mind, and with their hand in the flames, they are physically and spiritually close to Ignis.
Sometimes an individual will have their hand in the flames for too long and will burn their hand. They may not notice the moment it begins to happen due to the deep meditation required for the connection with Ignis.

Common ways he addresses Ignis:
- Burning God
- God of Light and Truth

Sample blessing he may use:
- May the Burning God bless your passage to the divine and breathe peace into your thoughts, mind, and presence.

Concepts behind heresy:
Áedán believes any who worship false gods (Gods that aren't Ignis, Visage, The Grey Lady, Korog, Theodora, Vermella, Crusade, Jax, Skraag, Silas, Sallana, Jishrim, Shalherana, Rahas), or practices magic are heretics. These men and women have fallen from the divine grace of Ignis, and the only way their souls can be redeemed is to be purified by burning at the stake. Such is the only way for these souls to return to the embrace of Ignis.
Áedán believes that although the heretic may not see beyond the pain in the cleansing of his soul at the pyre, the heretic's best chance at eternal happiness and contentment lies with Ignis.

Mortal desires and emotion are only temporary and fluctuate day to day, and only through Ignis can one be happy forever.

The act of burning a heretic is not an act done in wrath or hatred, but one done in pity and mercy.

Áedán believes that if a heretic dies permanently without burning at the stake, they are doomed to a painful existence in the afterlife. Ignis will turn the light from them and they will be left to be eaten away by the darkness.

Áedán believes that all magic, except for that which is God-given (Áedán calls these divine blessings) like the magic of the Sisterhood or that of divine artefacts is black magic, with no exception. Black magic is a heresy, as per the 7th law in the Divine law. Artefacts that are imbued with black magic are considered cursed. All those who practice magic are heretics and need to be burned in ritualistic flame in order to purify their soul from the sins of their flesh.

If Áedán had his way, all those who practice magic would be put to the swords for their sins as soon as they are discovered.

Stoicism is the belief that in order to be truly happy and content in life, one must rid themselves of all emotions, especially the negative ones like anger, hatred, lust and envy. Áedán takes this further by believing that he must give these emotions to Ignis, and trust in the power of Ignis to keep him sane and in control.

Stoicism allows Áedán to control his emotions extremely well. This allows him to lie, but it also adversely affects his ability to read other's emotions. Hence, anytime that someone lies to him, Áedán will unlikely be able to detect it.

Áedán's belief in stoicism, and his strict adherence to it is shown by a dice roll when he could potentially be feeling emotion. The dice rolls are repeated every few moments in any tense situation where needed.

Rolls: (on a 1d20)
>18: Áedán remains mostly calm and composed. He will not yell, but he may show some small signs of him becoming agitated like his face starting to turn red, his knuckles turning white or he fidgeting but these will not severely affect his words/actions.
<18: Áedán explodes in fury. He will now yell and get angry. Further rolls will determine how long he stays angry.

Roll Modifiers:
If Áedán has gotten angry at someone, then calmed down:
Add a +2 to the roll every time Áedán gets angry at them again. (ie 1d20+2 for him being angry once at the person 1d20+4 for him being angry at the person twice etc)
If Áedán is drunk:
Add a +3 to the roll every time he is about to get angry.

Stoicism is directly related to his belief in Ignis. When Áedán was undergoing the rite of burning as written above his message that he received from Ignis was a calming, soothing presence, as if Ignis wanted him to relax and control his emotions. Every time that Áedán manages to remain calm he is reminded of that night where he thrust his hand into the fire.

Ignis inherently is the God of Truth. Hence if Áedán makes a promise to someone he intends to keep it no matter the personal consequences to him. To lie about doing something is to tell a lie, and to lie is to insult his belief in Ignis.

However there are some small grey areas to this:
-Áedán believes that an oath/promise in duress is not a true oath, and that a breaking of such an oath is acceptable in the eyes of Ignis. An oath must be given fairly and freely, and only then will he intend to fulfil it to the best of his ability.
-Áedán believes that an oath/promise that is made to a heretic is also not a true oath as those who turn their eyes away from Ignis are not truly worthy of the weight of one. Oaths that are made to those who worship Ignis are the only ones that are seen as binding as those who do not worship him should not be afforded the same courtesy as a god fearing man.

Stoicism relates directly to his beliefs about oaths as Áedán has sworn that he will remain in control of his feelings in service to Ignis.

+ "Do not forget that your soul is for your keeping alone, and that regardless of those who seek to influence you, whether they be Kings or men of power -- You cannot stand before Ignis and say "but I was told by others to do thus" or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice." (Adapted from Kingdom of Heaven movie) --- Áedán believes that all men should act within their moral codes regardless of outside pressure.
+ "... an imperfect servant ..." --- Áedán recognises he is not perfect in his service to Ignis.
+ "Your slander offends all who walk the path ..." (Adapted from Halo cutscene) --- Áedán believes that a lie is an offence against the word of Ignis.
+ "God [Ignis] calls." --- Áedán believes that Ignis calls all men to service and to the faith. All who believe in Ignis are brothers and sisters, and are equal in the light.

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Legend of Altera
Okay so that's the General Info section up for now, feel free to look through it

hopefully I can start to rp with all you soon


The Shadow Admín
Staff member
- A small pouch containing a few radiants, enough to buy two cheap ales and a potato.
- A plasma rifle
- A small collection of oddly shaped rocks (To remind him to stay grounded, and to aid his aura of calm)
- A necklace around his neck with a small Ignis inspired cross attached to it. (The cross is made from iron and is attached to neck by string.)
- A large handkerchief in his pocket.