◈ Prayer log - Lilinoe ◈


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Prayer logs looked like fun. And I wanted to do one. Because LILO IS A GOOD GIRL.


Fireday, 2nd of Fogwater, 2293 Season of Harvest - [ Redacted ]

The highest peek of the silent mountains surrounding Vein'atuus, obtains the nearest point to the Manna's beloved skies above and strong embrace of the winds. A single, common Lei of blue and green kneels upon the stoned ground as the cool wind brushed and played her feathers, arms cradling a bouquet of flowers specially picked.

" Vatuei, Evani and Mava..

My feathers grow weary these coming days, Dear Sisters, despite my youth.. I, and many of the surviving have concerns of which seem to go unanswered. Our new worry, is that our numbers apparently have decreased and among the mountains of.. stress, this just adds to great emphasis to our minds.

You can feel the fear of loneliness, confusion and... almost as if a threat of despair lingering in the back of our minds, the constant wondering if perhaps.. Just maybe there are more Kin waiting to be found, rescued and sheltered in warmth and safety.

Sisters, why is the moon broken? Why did Vata’inu fall?.. Where are the A’keiyah?

.. I seek out guidance, help, for those of us working hard and endlessly for our lives in these lower unforgiving lands and a better future for our treasured young, elderly and generations between. "

One by one, Lilinoe released a delicate flower into the wind; letting them float and dance among the cradling current.

" In hopes you catch these tokens in the after-time, each flower holds the wishes and hopes of those who still live to your names and in Manna's will.. "

:heart: More to come.