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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
-Marcus Annaeus Seneca

✠ Physical Traits and Key Character Information ✠

Rodrik Wayn

"Rodrik the brown",

Waterday 27th of Ghost-Moon, 2259.

Thirty-four years of age.




Rodrik possess a naturally athletic body build, although with age he has become slightly stockier; he is in good physical condition, weighing nearly thirteen-Stone.

His hair is of a dark-almond colour, he has a widow's peak and a receding hairline; most noticeable around his temples. His hair is often left unkempt. While groomed however, Rodrik usually keeps his hair parted towards the right.

His eyes are Light gray in colour, often displaying his emotions quite well.

Rodrik is naturally fair skinned, however time outdoor's has tanned his skin to a discernible level, like most others hailing from the plains of North Western Plains .

Known Languages:
Common Tongue.


Lawful, Good.

Wandering Sellsword, Professional Soldier.

Originally hailing from a small hamlet outside of Haven, after becoming independent he began to travel the realm as a sell-sword; to better increase his wealth and utility.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”
-Alexander the Great

✠ Physical Appearance✠

Rodrik can often be spotted wearing a torn and tattered red ox-blood padded aketon with beige wool breeches. Around his neck sits a worn and battered protective iron gorget and pauldrons ; both with no evidence to support intricate craftsmanship or design. During special occasions, Rodrik can be seen wearing a light-green coloured wool gambeson with a subtle teal ascot wrapped tightly around his neck, sporting umber coloured trousers.

Originally of low-birth, Rodrik was accustomed to living with poor hygiene, having done so much of his youth. However, over the years his hygiene increased substantially.

Rodrik's voice is meek and sincere, often speaking in a humble tone of voice.

Rodrik has several discernible scars, having fought valiantly performing his duty for his liege lords and patrons.; earning him quite the collection of scars over the years.

Rodrik does not have any serious illnesses or disabilities, however with age his senses have slightly faded; no longer what they were in his youth. A pattern to likely continue in future years.

Physical Qualities:
Rodrik's face is narrow and his features are gaunt; he has strong chin and wide jawline. He has quite a prominent Supra-orbital ridge and deep-set eyes. Rodrik was once considered handsome in his youth, however with time his good looks have faded, gaining several stone in weight; his once gentle features no longer distinguishable as they once were, his complexion darkened over the years. Rodrik maintains his facial hair; keeping his beard and goatee trimmed and well-groomed. However, he has been known to shave when the need arises.

Due to his status as wandering sell-sword and soldier for hire, During his journeys, Rodrik had acquired a oxblood-red protective padded aketon. Lying on top of the protective aketon lies a protective iron gorget with matching pauldrons. The Aketon itself provides a goods defense against slashing and superficial damage, however it is quite susceptible to the use of magic, blunt force weapons, most projectiles and piercing attacks. The gorget and pauldrons protects the wearer’s upper-torso, neck and shoulders from more serious damage and fares well against most light attacks. However, they are susceptible to magic, fired crossbow bolts and heavier weaponry.

“Observe your enemies, for they first find out your faults”
- Antisthenes

✠ Character Views and Personality Traits ✠

Political Alignment:
Rodrik is aligned politically with none; Looking to serve a new Lord.

A follower of Valiant, Rodrik is highly spiritual.

Intelligence Level:
Having been of low-birth, Rodrik does not hold much intellectual ability in terms of arithmetic or linguistics. However is he far from dim-witted; possessing a well developed sense of foresight and worldly-wisdom, gained over several years in service to various lords, landed-knights and patrons during said time.

Rodrik posses a natural predilection to swords, However with age his skills have dulled substantially with no practice to hone them. He posses reasonable talent with a longbow.

Rodrik is a very courageous man, chivalrous and diligent; although solemn in demeanor. He can be quite daring and enthusiastic at times, as he was quite adventurous in his youth. Rodrik has a strong moral compass, and abides by a strict code of honor and chivalry. Rodrik is incredibly hardy, enforcing his already strong determination. Although known as a serious man, he has been known to have a softer side; at times portraying a well-rounded sense of humor and a certain, pleasant kindness. His pride has occasionally been known to get the better of him, sometimes placing him in difficult situations.

Rodrik has little insecurities; content with his position and confident in his skills and capabilities as a man, swordsman and mercenary.

Short Term Goals:
His short term goals include finding a new master or lord, and to serve him dutifully.

Long Term Goals:
Rodrik wishes to valiantly and chivalrously serve a Lord of power to the end of his days, proudly serving justice in the name of the his Lord's and his Kingdom. Willing to sacrifice himself for the Kingdom and it's people.


Born as the low-born son of a wainwright, Rodrik showed promise as a swordsman at a young age. As a youth, Rodrik spent his days learning his father's trade, working as his father's apprentice. But as the saying goes, "Boys will be boys"; a saying that young Rodrik would uphold. As a boy, he dreamed of being a great knight; participating in the great tournaments of the kingdom and earning the affection of the realm's fair maidens. As a man, he would often recall the warm days spent of summer's past. He and the local children would pretend to be great warrior's, mocking their elder's movements with sticks and branches as they sparred. Rodrik's father, Cyril Wayn; recognized Rodrik's predilection for combat and did his best to encourage young Rodrik's ambitions. After all, being of low-birth; Cyril did not want his son to follow in his footsteps. There was no glory in being a wainwright, and he felt he had accomplished very little in his forty-two years besides achieving a family. On his sixteenth name-day, unbeknownst to Rodrik; Rodrik's father had engaged with a un-landed Knight errant of low renown who had been by chance, travelling past his hamlet. The knight had identified himself as a "Ser Roger Wylde of Vale". Ser Roger was an older man, perhaps close to fifty; Ser Roger felt that his time in Altera was close to an end, and was more than happy to take the boy under his wing as his squire. It would be the last time Rodrik would see his father, as he would perish the following year. Rodrik would spend several years with Ser Roger; travelling Altera and learning from the old errant. Rodrik would look back on the time spent with Ser Roger quite affectionately, considering him almost as a father figure; a placement left void by the lack of his father. Rodrik had merely turned twenty-four years of age when Ser Roger Wylde had passed away quietly in the night. Ser Roger would receive a modest burial, with only a loose assortment of nearby rocks to mark his grave. Un-knighted and without purpose; Rodrik would venture out on his own, eventually finding himself without proper clothing or coin; spending his days wandering from town to town looking for work as a sellsword. Fatigued and broken, Rodrik would look for any opportunity to show his worth; waiting for the right person to help him regain his passion and poise.





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