Upcoming (16/02/19)[Public] Confessions of the Living.


Bring back angry react

Once more the Fourth Apostle, Ventare Seymour, offers confessions to those who have sinned, so that they may alter their final judgement through the act of forgiveness and eventual change.
The confessions will be held in the graveyard at Storms Landing, due to the recent vandalism of the Confessors Circle outside of Halbed.
A short prayer will be given before the proceedings to ask for the Grey Lady's ear so she may hear the sins of those who confess.

Priest: Ventare Seymour
Public/Private: Public
Temples or Shrines involved: Graveyard Temple at Storms Landing.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved: Yes
Where: S.L Graveyard
When: The 16th of February at 3pm Est
What: Ventare offers the rite of confession to those who have sinned in the belief that it will alter how they are judged by the Grey Lady for the better.
Each confession gets a maximum of 10 minutes OOC so it doesn't drag on.

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