To Be Resumed [17th March] Shards of the Gods: Jishrim's Birth - Floor 1


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I am afraid I'll have to cancel this event.
I owe you an explanation, Luam Jazzper Ayda Cukie1 Azur BoredBrit Electric Cymic_ JoeJoe

I started these new Jishrim Series under the promise of Lannis that he'd work with me to make it more special than my other dungeons. This promise was made in a convo with all event and lore staff in it. To DM a God or grand me something extra for the attendees to find. Something God related, to make these dungeons more significant than a mere player without staff perms and powers could make.

So, I requested an artifact on the 14th of February and was told staff members were discussing it, but I never got a yes or no to this day, regardless of my several 'bumps'.
Because the matter of the artifact took so long, I requested something else. Since the series is called 'shards of the Gods', I requested the following:
"Would it be possible to have a single crystal shard as end loot per dungeon, which glows in the color of the God that the dungeon tells a tale about?
Ideally, the shard of [for instance] Shalheranna would have some very weak property like: plants that grow within a 1 meter radius of it cannot become sick / diseased.
I requested this on the 3rd of March and when I bumped the question on the 11th, I was again told a discussion was being had and that 'they would get back to me'.

I could not finish the dungeon, because I didn't know what item I was gonna get for the final room. And to be honest, I think it's a real pity.
This is not only my problem, this is not a single case: I've heard plenty of stories of other people requesting and asking things and not getting a reply, or only getting the reply 'we are discussing it, we'll get back to you.'

I'm not saying it always happens like this. Squidziod puts a lot of effort in good communication and I really appreciate him for it. I had great communication plenty of times too, let's not only name the bad things here. But we must recognize that there is a pattern, this is a recurring problem. I think there are plenty of willing players who'd have no hesitation to join the staff team to become some sort of communication team which channel questions and requests from players to the right staff, and get back to them on time so things can get done and answered.

The problem I just described happens too often... Sometimes, you might get a reply after bumping it for a week. The last dungeon I requested someone to lorify some items for me, and it was only done within the hour before the start of the event after me repeatingly saying I'd be more comfortable if I knew it was all done and ready to go. For this one, though, I decided to not spam the staff after Solus told me they'd get back to me on monday. The result is this canceled event.


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Responding to you was my responsibility, but I have been occupied with my own life, plugin issues and other staff inquiries that constantly come up. Squidzoid and Lannis managed to reply to all your other questions. But I just need a break some times. I apologize as I did not realize your event was today.


The Artisan
I want to clarify that I'm not angry btw and I do not blame anyone personally. I just think it's a shame of potential when creative ideas get this treatment.