[20th] Burial King Erik Stoneshield <semi-private>


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waitwaitwait, he's not just dead, it's an actual event :'( if it's not in the events section of the forum, how can people find this event to join us?
Deaths subsforum is for funerals as well as death announcements. The subforum is riddled with examples.


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*poster are now hung at Tambry, Crossroads, and the major capitals of Elven, Halfling, Caparii and Human settlements*
The overall message that the text conveys is that, nontraditional, all individuals from any race with a friendly demeanor towards the Dwarves are invited.
* odd? *


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"We're on, bois!"
~Khorug Stenahurr to the other Dwarves as all other races assemble in front of Rimtar