Finished [23th March] Third W.A.R. Bookclub


The Artisan
The fifteenth book has found its way to W.A.R Company by the hands of a certain E.L.O and, as promised, we shall host a book-club for all those interested.
The five books are:

~ The Bunny, Rabbit and Hare - by Sylva Atkinson ~
~ Wurbeld & John Jangles - by B. Olini ~
~ A Warning - by The Convenant of the Heavensend ~
~ Unpredictable I - by Împoväratis ~
~ Everlasting Fire - by E.L.O. ~

Four of these are novels, it seems W.A.R. Bookclubs start to make a name for themselves as moments of fond story reading and discussion.

The third set of five books of a growing collection! A reason to celebrate by an organized book-reading.
The books will be available for free reading, and the authors have been invited to talk about the books and answer questions.
Anyone may come to read the books. Afterwards you may pick one book to bring home for free.
Plus, you'll have a chance to buy any other book from the new W.A.R. collection for a discounted price at the event site.
All books from the first W.A.R. bookclub will be free to take home, to celebrate this third bookclub.
It's a relaxed setting to read and discuss the topics of the books among ourselves and with the authors.


Date: Saturday, 23th of March, 2019
Time: 21:00 GMT+1 // 3 pm EST
Place: Linlea's W.A.R. establishment
Who: Everybody is invited, Kublai'll host

Please let me know if you intend to come, so I can copy enough books :)

Tagging authors:
Kamaoe Niko Jase @pukurinpurin (who is that on the forums?)

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The Artisan
Changed the date to Saturday instead of Sunday due to me having to say goodbye to some people before I got to Norway.
It's practically the same time as Jazzper 's event. So if anyone who was planning to go to Jazz's Smithing party also would like to join this, I can still switch times and dates.
I reckon the audience for a book club might be quite different than smithing, hence I took the chance to do it simultaneously.
Lemme know if this is inconvenient!