Finished 2nd Hunt: Upon a Midnight Dreary

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Thing Two
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+ Rumors spread that a man has died under strange circumstances at the Natri'Evar hospital. Found frozen in his bed, the staff report no explanation for or disturbances leading to his death other than a lingering duskiness in the room.
+ Dusk is beginning to come earlier, and dawn later. The night almost seems to last longer, now, in Natri'Evar.
+ Another body, of a young girl, is rumoured to have been found near the flax fields. Her face frozen in fear, her body the same as the first.

When: Saturday, January 14th, at 5:00 EST
Where: Natri'Evar
What: This event features dangerous devices. Investigate at own risk.

There will be limited interactions in the evenings preceding the event.
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When: Saturday, January 14th, at 3:00 EST
Hey man,
I uploaded my event thread yesterday at the same date and time as this one.
I haven't been notified that the campaign has a reserved time, so do you mind to get in a convo to see if we can work out a change in time for both our events to happen?
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