Finished [8th Sept] Subterranean Stash [21 GMT]


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"What's this, guys?!?"
[Grounds of time dungeon 3/4]

I'd like to invite you to join me on retrieving that which has been stolen from you!
If you want to know about this event IC, please find the dungeon site IC or talk to someone who's been there before. (We've had two well-visited events in this event-chain, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone.)
Make sure you don't pass further down than where the sign says: "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"
I won't be joining with a character, but I'll be DMing.
Since last time there were around 15 people joining, I've made the rooms much bigger this time ;)

I won't say too much about it, for the sake of the event, but I can tell you this: this event will entail:
Searching for items with personal meaning to your character, solving puzzles beyond minecraft mechanics, some good loot, and getting to the end of it all alive for one purpose:
Getting the key to the next and final dungeon, which is definitely going to change some things! (the big fireworks ending eh?)
Teamwork is a necessity!


  • TIME AND DATE: TBD date, 21:00h GMT / 5pm EDT (subject to change)
  • MEETING PLACE: In front of Rahm's Labyrinth (Walk west from spawn along the road / river)
  • TO SIGN UP for this event, go to this thread:
  • It is a big quest and will take possibly 2 - 3 hours to complete. Take this into account.
  • You all have permissions to build/destroy and use levers/buttons/pressure-plates etc. YET! You may not use these permissions for the duration of this quest unless otherwise specified.
  • For those with shaders while playing: Bring a torch for awesome experience.
  • For those without shaders: Put your brightness to 'moody'
  • During the event it is very important not to rush into a room. I'll say this once: If you do not proceed carefully into rooms, there is a chance your character dies instantly from traps. So, be careful.
  • Characters will not die based on rolls, but may be hurt as far as you consent for it.
- will be added after the event of course!

Links to the other two events in this chain:
The first; the riddler's challenge:
The second; the cave crawl:
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Lord of Altera
Most probably won’t be able to make this one folks. Best of luck to those who do attend and even better luck to those who try to steal Prince Drake’s crown again


The Cinnamon Roll
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So wait - is the first one the one that Azgir threw someone? If so, Ayda is down to come again. Yes, what with the My brain will gain me sweet loot again thing.


The Artisan
I might have to move it to an indefinite time cause I'm having a serious increase in social life at the moment. But I don't want to let you down either, so I'll put it on TBD and leave it like that until I'm able to set it up and organize it properly. I am very VERY sorry!


The Artisan
This is coming up, I have it all planned out! Got a great surprise in store for you and I hope to see you there :)