A Brief History of Altera

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Before the beginning..
there was naught but the primal forces,
begotten, not made.

They thrived in the nothing that is the End. They shaped and become all that is known in the universe. They had no consciousness of their own, but as the universe expanded around them, some grew and began to ponder all of what they created around them. Those that pondered grew to have thought, and once one had developed consciousness, they could not be one with the primal forces any longer.
They were created into a being.

These were the creators who created… and the destroyers who destroyed..
Because that is what they do. It was always in their nature.

The Beginning. Creations evolved. The Immortal Kings came into being. The birth of the first Gods, different realities, and the creation of life and death came. High Elves, Humans, Caparii, Dwarves, & Halflings, among others, first walk their worlds.

Chaos struck the Immortal Grief’s creation, a planet turned to ash. She becomes its lone survivor and pleads to King Cherbert, a prominent Immortal, with her sad tale. A tale of life without the Corruptors or the Gods, where man ruled alone. Where they created their own gods in the absence of real ones. Where they seized power and land with armies in attempts to better themselves.

Eventually, without the corruption to stop them, her people entered a golden age of technology, passed space exploration, instant teleportation, and floating homes.. Where they harnessed the power of stars and the ability to create life from nothing. Inevitably, through greed and ambition, they turned the power of stars upon each other and killed one another.

They destroyed themselves with their knowledge.

The King heard and heeded her words of wisdom and vowed that this would not happen to what they created. They would keep their planet in a constant state of fluctuation, between the dark ages and the renaissance. They would hinder technological advances, sciences and magic- but still allow for personal growth, creative expression and development.

They would attempt this by allowing the people to develop to a stage just before industry began to take off and then hit them with plagues, famine and chaos if they developed too far. They allowed them to misunderstand the world and not question it too much.

And so their story began.
Era of Grief

PC 0001 | The creation of Altera.

PC 0047 | The first Nether Portal is opened.

PC 0057 | The Great War of Altera begins, the Armies of Naught are realized. The Greylings, Moors and Earthspawn are created.

PC 0068 | The Sisterhood of Shalherana is formed.

PC 0098 | The Battle of Five Rivers. Many Alterans die.

PC 0101 | The Knights Radiant form from the shattered ranks of other units.

PC o156 | The Siege of Port Silver.

PC 0157 | The Siege of Port Silver is Broken, many dead from battle, starvation and disease.

PC 0159 | Queen Grief is imprisoned, The Armies of Naught are pushed back into The Nether.

PC 0160 | Rebuilding begins.

PC 0200 | An age of prosperity begins.

PC 0250 | The first University of Altera is formed.

PC 0201 | The Sisterhood of Shalherana stops rejuvenating Alterans.

PC 0564 | The Plague of Boils sweeps across Altera. Two thirds of the population dies. Altera is thrust back into the dark ages. Crime rates double. Riots ensue.

PC 0965 | Stability is achieved.

PC 1100 | The Age of Dust, Famine starves over half of Altera.

PC 1316 | The battle for Castle Corbenic.

PC 1510 | The skies open and crops once again produce a much needed bounty.

PC 2000 | The first Greylings and Earthspawn emerge from The Hollows since the Great War. They bring with them grim tidings of Grief's return and seek asylum from the imminent slaughter.

PC 2001 | The Cataclysm. Altera's population barely escapes with roughly ten percent of their original number to a hastily prepared world.

PC 2050 | The Exodus Plan is resolved and worked into Alteran society.

PC 2055 | The last sighting of the Immortal Kings.

PC 2090 | The world of Altera remains a violent place as mortals fight one another to fill the power vacuum left by the disappearance of the immortals.

PC 2201 | Sacrifim The Ancient recieves his first visitings from the Gods and becomes Altera's first Oracle. The High Church of Altera is formed.

PC 2210 | The Exodus is executed. Minor casualties but nothing horrid. The Gods of Altera lead their people to the promised lands.

PC 2214 | The March of Heroes.

PC 22xx | Greylings become endangered.

PC 2232 | The Game of Crowns. King Draco Lonmar I is crowned. His reign was short and Queen Leminth ascended.

PC 2233 | Fall of the Church of Might and Inquisition.

PC 2240 | The Second Great War. Defeat of Queen Grief with the sacrifice of Queen Leminth.

Era of Corruption

PC 2259 | Elementals begin to make more prominent appearances in the world.

PC 2261 | The Return. Harateth wields Corruption in anger and greed for power. He corrupts a few, fellow Gods and they rally to convert willing Alterans for their plans.

PC 2262 | Port Silver is run amok with Corruption tendrils.

PC 2264 | Clash of Divine Power ensues. Some fall, some rise. The Shoreless Gulf arrives to drown Port Silver, whole. Battle of Light in Norvus Harlaus. The Fall of Harateth and Birth of Ignis.

PC 2267 | The Pantheon of the Fourteen is solidly formed. Heresy is rejected by the majority of Alterans. A few revolt against wiff of any new Inquisition and there is panic in the air.

PC 2268 | Kavdek is in ruins. Nakam become endangered.

PC 2269 | The Unease. Cold air shifts and the Gods warn of their power shifting once more. They grow quiet.

PC 2273 | The Age of Exploration. The Jax Luck sets out to map the unexplored seas of Altera.

PC 2274 | Earthspawn dwindle and become endangered.

PC 2275 | Alterans Rebuild once more as the Gods grow absent. Kingdoms fight among each other and conquest is pursued.

Era of Aeon

PC 2279 | Clain arrives. The last claimed Exalted, seeks to bring back the Gods to aid Alterans once more. Unbeknownst to them, mad whispers plague his ears.

PC 2280 | Fall of the Bastions. Wards that protect the Northern Kingdoms weaken. Skraag’s Undead take advantage and surge to consume the southern half of the main continent.

PC 2281 | The Great Migration. Many lives were lost and death loomed ever closer as Skraag’s plague took the majority of Alterans. A party of Anhald ships sailed eastward, below the Sea of Storms, to find safety. Those who still lived, migrated and followed, taking as much of their belongings before the Undead swarmed their homelands.

PC 2283 | A Period of Pioneers. Land-ho! The Eastern Continent is discovered, protected by the seas from the Undead. Strange creatures are spotted and hunted, seen unlike ever before.

PC 2285 | A small group of warriors return to the Northern Kingdoms to find the rest of the Bastion stones that once protected the land. Upon the fourth, the Shoreless Gulf battles the Sea of Storms for the right of making the Northern Kingdom their territory. The group of Alterans flee back to the Eastern Continent, uncertain of the victor.

PC 2286 | Elementals become aggravated, forcing small groups to find a pedestal that could protect the Bastion Stones. Three stones are protected by Shalherana’s will in a Sisterhood Temple. Alterans feel at peace, though are wary.

PC 2289 | Storm's Landing is built. Arcane Magic begins to take its roots into the world, anew.

Era of Incursion

PC 2290 | A rift is opened to the Nether. Demons arrive and disappear in turn. Strange beasts litter the new world.

PC 2293 | The Sisterhood Temple is attacked. The Moon soon turns purple after a tricky affair. The floating Island of Vata'inu, hidden from the eyes of groundlings, crashes. Makani walk on Alteran soil.

PC 2304 | The Holy War. The son of Visage, Aldred, is revealed to plot the destruction of the gods. Alterans fought back with Divine aid and defeated him. The gods stepped back in light of these turn of events, some losing parts of their companions, others gaining more power.

Present Time

PC 2305 | The fauna of the Eastern Continent seem to see some disturbances.. Birds are watchful- carrying piercing stares. A plague of strange properties begins to spread between the foliage and crevices of forests and townscapes. ..The land seems eerie..


Fitz for old Timeline and Ancient Lore
Immerael for submitting summations
Solus for weaving it together
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