A Guide to Using Multiple Characters

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A Guide to Using Multiple Characters

Hello lovely HollowWorlders! Many folks wonder about the rules and guidelines for using multiple characters, and while the answers exist across many threads, we've decided to condense threads regarding the use of multiple characters on one thread. You can find links to the original content in the post below, but you will also find everything you need in one post.
Multiple Characters on One Account

Not everyone can afford to purchase a second Minecraft account, and we don't want to punish those who can't by saying they are not allowed to have multiple characters. If you want to have different characters on the same account, that is perfectly okay. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines we would like to address.

  • If you plan to switch between characters, you should shelve one for a full week before switching back to it. Shelving means that the characters is not use at all. Switching between characters from day to day is prohibited.
  • At most, you should only have 2 characters on one account. Any more than that really needs an alternate account.
  • "Temp" characters or one-off RP characters are fine every now and then. If someone needs a servant or chef for an event, it's fine to make one for that single RP and then go back to your regular characters.
  • You can use "Event" characters, if they're characters that you've played before and want to bring out for a certain event and then switch back to your main without any issues.

Using Alt Accounts
{ Player Alt List }
It is important to remember that your alt account is for you, and you alone. An alt account should never be given to a friend as a means to "try out the server." Account sharing is a bannable offense. If you would like to permanently give your alt account to someone, talk to a staff so that they can dewhitelist the account and your friend can do the Whitelist Application.

However, if you are wanting to a second account for Alt characters, contact a staff member via a forum conversation with the following form:

Link: https://hollowworld.co.uk/threads/player-alt-list.42204/
Main name:
Alt name:
Main rank:
Want this on the list?:

If you do not want your alt account listed, that's fine. Just keep in mind that Staff will still be aware of your alt account.

Additionally, donators will be able to share their rank with ONE other account. If you donate and would like the rank to carry over, send a forum convo or a PM to a Staff member.

Rules On Getting an Alt Account:

1. Players must wait one month after being whitelisted to whitelist an alt, this is to make sure they become used to how the server runs first. This also counts for people who have been dewhitelisted from inactivity.
2.Due to physical limitations and preventing issues with roleplay, players can only whitelist 3 alts maximum (That's 4 accounts including the main).

Rules for Using Your Alt Account

It's fun to have an alt account, on a slow day you can hang out with people that your main or other accounts cannot or have them interact with each other (As many staff do on a regular basis-).

While having alt characters can be fun, it can veer into the realm of metagaming if a player isn't careful. Below are some guidelines for alt characters and rules for interactions. It is important to read this section in its entirety if you frequently use alt accounts.

You are free to Roleplay with others with your alts and main of course, however, if your alts communicate in a manner that is unusual for both of them, as explained below, it is completely unreasonable for a good Main to speak to your Alt if they are evil, or do things against your Main accounts beliefs. Does your main frequently talk or hang out with people like your alt? No? Then stop it.

Metagaming is knowing something in RP that you have learned about in an OOC manner. If your Alt knows something that you want your main to know, it might seem convenient to just use your alt to bring that information to your main... but this is metagaming. Using your alt to get something like information about someone, a location, events, is in the end, metagaming.

If your alt was someone else, think about it, the chances of you knowing is very low.

So yes, starting today this will become a rule in the King's Law. You can use your Alt to give yourself something to do, have fun, but you cannot use them to gain special items or things your main cannot access. (Vice versa applies, Main's cannot gain things for Alts, and for people who needs specifics: Alts cannot get things for Alts.)

Especially if one is evil and the other is good. Come on.

You cannot use your Alts to:

  • Get revenge on someone for killing your character.
  • Attack someone for being an enemy to your Alt. It's your main that has the enemy, not your alt (or vice versa)
  • Stealing an item that your main knows is important. Your alt would have no idea.
  • Using your Alt to make your main more powerful by gathering them weapons/enemies or learning skills/things they are unable to. (If your main needs an archer/hunter/spy, you can't create one to serve that purpose.)
  • Using an alt to heal a main or vice versa is equally considered to be abuse of our multiple characters policy.
Anyway, above is an example list of Meta-gaming. This can apply in many terms but please think before you do something with an Alt. Are you just doing it to benefit yourself? What would your Alt character really think/decide to do.

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