Finished A Premature Auction [April 14, 3pm EST] {Moderate}


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Lady Helewys rejoices. She prepares an early viewing of the Auction House.
Tour and procedure of a few test products.


Where: Strom's Landing
When: April 14 @ 3pm EST [ Click to see your proper times ]
Rating: Moderate


This is indeed last minute to gauge interest and to prod people on. It's not an official grand opening. If you do have a product you want to auction off, feel free to PM me the following as a letter, or post below:

IC Name:
Picture (optional):
Starting Bid:

The Baron will be taking 5% of earnings.


If you're off to a GOT party this day, I will be jealous but enjoy it.


most fun ive had at a starfall event, particularly impressed by solus's RP as the auctioneer

didnt vibe with the cultists much but we'll see


Cultists didn't provide as much excitement as I hoped beyond what I'm assuming to be cryptic exposition and possibly foreshadowing, though I don't think that was the fault of the DMs. I can imagine that it was just following the script and purpose of the event. I appreciated the opportunity for interaction that we had with them, however. Both Squid and Jasper did well at responding to the emotes of the players engaging with them. What I do want to see happen from this is the chance for players to do more investigation, and reward initiative for poking their noses into different things.

Solus, you killed it with carrying the event along. To expand on what Rygan said, your character felt like it actually had personality and was meaningfully reacting to the people and the things happening around. When there was a lull in roleplay, you filled the void and would keep us chugging along. I really enjoyed the simple auction RP and wouldn't have minded if that was the event all by itself. Thank you for the laughs!


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The auction had me 80% tempted to just sell the amulet of detect magic. See how much money the cultists would pay me for it. Great fun, even though i missed half.