Poster A Warning


Lord of Altera

Posters are hung up all around the City of Linistel, couriers sent to foreign lands to give word throughout the South and North as heralds spread the word of warning. Along with it was a missing person announcement.

While the minds of many are eager to see the fall of the Blight, another plague continues to commence under our wits. Kidnappings continue to spread throughout the land, beginning from the Isles of Linlea towards the Southern City of Linistel by individuals wearing the attire of Jesters and mask related. Let it be known the Duchy of Linistel warns foreign countries and houses to be watchful for the unknown person and of the safety of their citizens.

Furthermore, the last kidnapper exposed their face to one of the previous victims by the description of a tall woman of Silver Elf origin with blue eyes and white hair, the left side of her face is scarred. Anyone coming across this woman is encouraged to arrest and interrogate her without hesitation. The kidnappers and this woman if discovered on Silveira lands are hereby sentenced to death on site by guards and persons of authority with granted permissions of the Duchy for:

1: Assault on the citizens of Linistel
2: Disturbing the Peace.
3: Assault and torture on the Ruling Family
4: Capital crime of Kidnapping and Torture, including the endangerment of youth.

Posters of a missing person flyer roam about in the midst of this announcement. Each flyer is a detailed sketch of Chieften Segar Strand.
" MISSING: The newest victim of kidnapped individuals. Should anyone find this man, sent a letter to Duchess Sugar Silveira or Eleanor Strand or bring him to Linistel. "
*There be a neat draw of the dood here.*

Sophe Hyliade
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The Jesterator
Good job Kidnappers. This is Spicy

Also, struggles because I know where Segar is but I'm only a tiny stupid halfling, who will look for him alone.
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Lord of Altera
Hah! Jocasta’s fears were right all along! Now she can be prejudiced to public entertainers guilt-free!!