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'I am what I am.’

• General Information •

Name: Achilles Major
Other Names: No current nicknames yet.
Titles: None acquired yet, previously 'crook' or 'thief' would have applied.

Age: 20
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Various Taverns. No stable residence found as of yet.
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Ex-Nobility, now just a disreputable traveller and stranger.
Alignment: Chaotic good.

• Physical Appearance •

Height: 5'2
Weight: 58kg
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Olive, tanned
Shape of Face: Heart shape
Distinguishing Features: Notable scars along right eyebrow and left upper lip.
Build of Body: Small and nimble, lean.
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Hair Style: Shoulder length bob.
Complexion: Smooth skin, other than her scars.
Posture: Usually relaxed due to confidence, but not rude.
Voice: Gideon Aldon (Violet) ( x )

• Personality •


+ Archery - She's not very good.
+Lying and trickery - It's how she came into this world. It's how she'll leave it.
+Anything that could be frowned upon - Gambling, drinking, pranking. It's more fun that way.
+Stars and space - Don't comment on it though.
+Nature - You'd often find her just observing, and she can find a single tree in the midst of a city like a dog with a bone.
+Acquiring - Yeah. That's a nice way to put it.
+Silence - She won't say anything if there isn't anything to say.
+Bread - see later.
+Playing the piano and singing - She doesn't do it often.

+ Archery - She's not very good.
+Being lied to - How ironic.
+Sunflowers - Too damned bright.

+Crowded rooms and parties - Weirdly intimate, but also too busy.

+Talking her way out of problems - And by the divines does she need it.
+Generally good character judgement.
+Curiosity - Mostly how she ended up being a thief.
+She's rather Machiavellian, unfortunately.

+Her family. Compare her to her brother. I dare you.
+Making friends.
+Perhaps too indifferent at times, causing distance between her and others.
+Too reckless.
+Becoming like her estranged brother.
+Disappointing her father - As much as she denies it.

+Loyalty - She's as loyal as a dog, and expects it back, too.
+Power and money.

Education: Home schooled and well, at that.


General Attitude: Indifferent.

Religious Inclination:

+Favoured: Jax, Visage
+Disfavoured: n/a
+Unconcerned: Sallana, Shalherana, The Grey Lady, Silas, Jishrim, Skraag, Vermella, Crusade, Rahas, Korog, Ignis, Theodra
General Intelligence: She thinks she's pretty nifty, to be perfectly honest.
General Sociability: To be discovered.
Short Term Goals: To join a town, and 'become less of a bandit,' as her father puts it.
Long Term Goals: To please her father.

• Possessions •

Wardrobe: Centred around being warm yet light as she is now on the road alone. She is normally seen in an olive green cloak, and a loose fitting off-white shirt. She wraps the bases of her trouser legs with white cloth to tuck them into old, lace-up ankle boots.

Jewellery: Various pieces of stolen jewellery, including a silver bracelet, ruby in-bedded ring. She also has a golden necklace around her neck with a strange golden medallion hanging from her neck, with a silver anchor engraved on it.

Pets/Animals: None yet.

Owned Homes: N/a

Carried Inventory: Coin purse, a book or two, journal.
General Inventory: Iron sword. Bow and quiver full of arrows. Bread.

General Wealth: A fair amount. Enough to be able to travel, perhaps not to buy a house.

• Health •

Illnesses: N/a
Allergies: N/a
Sleeping Habits:
More or less nocturnal.
Energy Levels: Depends on the activity.
Eating Habits: Temperamental.
Exercise Habits: Never heard of it.
Memory: Good. Remembers where not to go to avoid getting her hands cut off.
Unhealthy Habits: Theft, being aloof.
Drinking Habits: Habitual enough.

• History •

Birthplace: Small town up north, the colder regions.

Family: Nerien Major (Father), Ballard Major (Brother, estranged).

Childhood: Fairly happy. Poor. She got along with her brother and father back then.

Teen Years: This was when her family began to acquire money. They became wealthy through perfidious ways and social climbing, becoming friends with nobility in neighbouring cities.

Adulthood: She doesn't act like one yet, is what I'll say.

Past Places of Residences: N/a

Places Traveled:
Storm's Landing.


• Combat •

Peaceful or violent: Tends to avoid it conflict but when necessary is quick and a force to be reckoned with.

Weaponry: Iron sword.

Combat Training: Only what she learnt from her father and grandfather, and what she taught herself. Other than that, not a lot.

• Training & Skills •

+Sword work - (5/10)
+Cooking - (6/10)
+Quick thinking (8/10)
+Archery (2/10)
+Speech (8/10)

• Other Trivia •

Occupation: n/a
Favorite Types of Food:
Have I not made it clear enough?
Favorite Types of Drink: Ale, wine.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Star gazing, playing the piano, singing.
Favorite Colors: Blue. It seems to run in the family.
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• Relationships •

Relevant Family Members: Nerien Major, Ballard Major.
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends:
Friendly With
Favoured: Lothaire (Mitch)
Loose Acquaintances:
Disfavored Individuals:

Wary Of:
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a brief introduction:

She sat on the edge of the docks, the tips of her boots just grazing the gentle ripples fleeting underneath the wooden boardwalk. Whether she was doing anything particularly interesting with her time was not at the interest of the locals. However, to her interest, she definitely wasn't.
'Stop getting yourself in trouble.'

'It's a one time thing.' Achilles mused, looking at her seated father, 'It never happens with hands and wits as fast as these. Either way, we've always known I've got Jax's blessing.'

'Empty your pockets.'

Laces of pearls followed by strings of gold and copious shining rings that were spotted with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds flowed from her pockets. She placed her satchel on the table too, where silver coronets, medallions and golden goblets spilled out of it.

And so she sat down, opposing her father. Though a reserved man - and a well respected one at that - he often snapped at the actions his disorderly children.

'You know what happened to your brother.'

Achilles remained silent and slumped into her chair. He continued;

'The same will happen to you, love. I tell you this because I care for your well being. I cannot protect you anymore; in the real world you will realise this. The only reason why you get away with your thieving is because you are from a respectable family.'

'I'm good at what I do. That's why I get away with it.' She corrected, flippantly.

'Perhaps. But I've been told to reign you in. I've begged you to learn new skills. Respectable ones. Please, love.'

And so time slowed when she locked eyes with her father. What is she now to her own father? An animal to be reigned? Those piercing blue eyes that both of his children inherited held so many curses and blessings. Her father had somewhat mastered how to use them though, and had mastered wriggling out of prison sentence after court hailing after bar fight, something that Achilles' brother didn't inherit. She knew what her father meant by reigning it in, and it included being sent from home. The silence became shrill. The streets outside were empty of people, there were no birds in the rafters, no cats scratching at the door posts.

Achilles began to spin her stolen silver ring around her finger in anxiety turned anger.

'Ballard was a drunkard. This isn't fair! Theft and social climbing is how we became wealthy- my first words were 'fake it 'til you make it!''

'Achilles,' he hushed, 'It's already arranged. You're going to Storm's Landing, to learn how to not act like the bandit you seem to have become. You have to adapt. No. More. Stealing.'
Achilles winced at the memory, turning her head to the side. She looked down the bustling pier towards the small boat with white and blue sails that swished in the gentle wind.

'Guess this is where I start.'
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An Achilles moodboard ( x )

(( + some small updates and shifts around including a new section called 'Achilles' Account' where I hope to do some more writing as RP and ideas for her pop up c: ))
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