Aedelric af-Adahn


Loyal Servant of Altera


Character name: Aedelric af-Adahn
Concept: Philosophical Frontiersman
Player: Dominator046

"I am a man, and I've but these hands. For all these years that pass me by, I've still more foolishness than sense. Let it be so, and all these years fall like autumn leaves. With these peasant hands, I will stand tall to do as I must, and if so - die with my head held high."

Character Name: Aedelric af-Adahn, also called Aedelric Adahnsson
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 51
Date of Birth: Born PC 2245.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current Residence: Thorne.
Affiliations: Mortals of Altera, City of Thorne, friends and family.

Social Status: Commoner
Education: Informally Educated
Literacy: Barely literate; sounds out almost all reading/writing.
Temperance: Quite permissive and unashamed.
Courtesy: Respectful, hospitable, but very unsophisticated.
Language: Very strong oral communication skills, quick to gestures; very poor written language, and technical linguistic skills.
Finances: Makings ends meet, with a good roof overhead, and a small surplus of resources.

Hair: Long, braided hair; flaxen color
Facial Hair: Full beard, braided below chin; flaxen color
Eyes: Bright, forest green eyes.
Skin: Fair, almost pale complexion:
Identifying Marks: Significant scars on left half of face.
Hygiene: Well groomed, frequently washed.
Voice: Deep; such as Vladimir Kulich

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 229
Fitness: Active, and fit for his age.
Build: Broad of shoulder, long of limb, generally robust.
Grooming: A bit hairy in general, with some split ends on his head and in his beard, but typically clean and well cut.
Expression: Typically a bit somber, and calm. But not indisposed to smiling or laughter.
Posture: Very straight, upright, and with even shoulders.

Aedelric af-Adahn is a fully grown man taking in the bold features running in contrast to the typical image of a low-born pastoralist, weened under a naked sky. He stands at a height of approximately six feet tall, with thoroughly muscled build honed from his life outside of city-walls, and his long life of shield and spear and sword. Aedelric’s shoulders sit broadly upon his frame. His face maintains a square structure, set with a moderate jaw, undefined nose, proportionate eyes of fair center on his face. His features are set with a full beard, often forked into braids. Atop his head is an autumn mane of long flaxen hair, flowing wavy and strong. Sitting in their sockets are two deep green eyes with all the hues and strength of that wilderland that birthed him. Upon this form run several scars, suggesting to the dangers a man may withstand; three scars in particular show on Aedelric: three different laceration scars placed upon the left half of his face; the smallest one dangles just below his left eye, another rides just below the cheekbone, and another runs from beside his chin all the way across his face to end underneath his ear. Aedelric keeps hold of most of his teeth, not perfect, but fitted and colored reasonably so due to good hygiene. All the while his imposing nature is backed by a fire in his eyes, and his voice beckons deep with the strength of the indomitable mountain forest.

"When I was a young man, I wore steel and roamed the countryside in wars before the Exodus. And then I found a wife, we had two children, and I nearly died a dozen times to protect them. Now I am older, but I would fight for them just the same today."

Character Backstory:
The evening brought the passionate breath of autumn that swept about the crisp leaves of amber, gold, and crimson. The brilliant light of the twilight sky flickered like flames across the forest and surrounding meadow-hills, all while Aedelric sat atop a small, weathered boulder and simply watched in silence. Much had changed in eight years, since the bloody days of the Exodus, the time of ceaseless death and splintered shields. Long had Aedelric been a soldier, days during the fighting of Port Silver, the Pantheon of Fourteen's establishment, and the feudal infighting. Even still then did Aedelric face the black grasp of doom, as it spread in the years after. Aedelric could not remember the sleeping, nor the sprinting of those days. Only the silent flashes of terrified faces, whose soundless screams came from flight or death at the hands of the end. The risen dead, a black tide to end all that they knew.

Aedelric's eyes flickered like those of a hawk in flight, towards the clattering of stone against the placid water of a nearby spring. A young man, much of his own image, skipped stones idly while his father ruminated wordlessly. Aedelric's son wore a face of focus, making to trick the stones into swift paths across the reflective pool.

All was not lost in the end. Many were gone. Many of Aedelric's friends, and presumably all of his birth-family. No great heirlooms of ancient tradition did Aedelric carry, nor the simple things of childhood innocence long burned into memory. The only thing with Aedelric now, after the dread nights of the old world, was his family. A doting woman who was his wife, their two children, and those to whom Aedelric kept as close as kin. To them, they were his world, those which he would have given his life a hundred times to that horror of unliving hell. That dreadful image of walking corpses which still plagued his nights some. The ceaseless hunger which did very near almost claim him, and his family whole.

New days dawned, with the promise of life yet to live. Aedelric had long laid down his arms, his armor gone to wear and assault. Now was the time of sowing, of tending, of bonding. Lurking uncertainty and hope of great days to come again. Aedelric smelled just as well as the hickory which caught the brisk autumn wind, that terrifying prospect; hope.

"Father," Aedelraed spoke turning to his father, "why is it that when we sit out here you say so little?"

"Well," Aedelric said back to his son as he rose, "it's a certain silence that comes as the sun burns upon the horizon. You know I am not much a godly man, my son. No learned reader. No kingly blood have I! I listen as the godsmen say of the omens, and I live my life as any man may. Even so, I feel that as day dances into night, the spirit of those things gone from this world may touch those that yet linger here. The times when gods and men echo evermore."

Aedelraed had never met his grandfather, and so the conversation became a loud silence. The young man was but a boy when Aedelric's world seemed to end, and what he recalled of those days was perhaps murky. Aedelraed's sister was even younger, and she could at times recall the oddest details. Vallory would remember the color of sails on the boats and how they fluttered, though barely were her legs able to walk the deck. Aedelric's wife, Verilia, had spent her years with the children while Aedelric worked, at times travelling far to provide in times of strife. Times were not so much easier, with a new world needing built out from the sheer land itself. Though, Aedelric never did shy from hard work, and fortunately he had passed that quality to his children.

"Well, I think that makes sense, though your stories sometimes make more or less sense than what the priests say. But, father," Aedelraed said after running a hand through his blonde hair, "what do you see when twilight comes? Are you looking for something?"

Aedelric mused at his son's question, impressed by the manner in which his own child seemed to grasp ahead at the curious taste of mystery. The older man would give a small laugh. "I see many things Aedelraed. In one hand it holds peace, in the other it clutches sorrow. I do not think I look back to things that are gone, but that they look to me. I yet live, and so I owe it to them to live as best I can. That involves handling a wily young man while his mother cooks, and the sister pesters his mother with just as difficult questions!"

Both men laughed, smiling before coming together in arms. Aedelric knew that days ahead may need a shield, or a plow, or a few words groomed from scarce grey hairs. Aedelric could only greet each day as it came and passed into the twilight. For tomorrow was never a guarantee, and ever onward do those who live walk in the shadows who came before them.

Character Inventory:

Personal Weapons are carried about in daily, pedestrian life, and may very well be carried in combat. They are easy to wear, access, and make use of while predominantly doing other things.

Battlefield Weapons are carried about specifically for protection, or engaging in a fight. These are not normally carried about while doing other tasks, save for situations like being on campaign, having duties like guarding, or expectations of trouble.

Personal Weapons can be carried with Battlefield weapons in many cases, so long as they are not specifically replaced with something identical, or the person would be taking too many things


Aedelric's Weapons:
Primary Personal Weapon:
: A cruciform arming sword, forceful and mighty when held in his hand, serves Aedelric well as his personal sidearm. The blade is of an Oakeshott Type XVI at about 36"/91.5cm. The hilt is assembled with long, slightly upturned quillons reminiscent of a Style 6 in Oakeshott's typology. The grip is finished with an Oakeshott Type T1, flat scent-stopper pommel that sits comfortably in either one-hand or two. A stately example of a fourteenth century arming sword.

Primary Battlefield Weapon:
: Being a veteran of battle and having faced it himself, Aedelric will often carry a tear-drop shaped kite shield with him where he expects trouble. It is a mighty thing, made strong with resilient ash planks, and covered with a layer of rawhide. This is a shield that would inspire pride in a mail-clad knight of the realm, this shield in Aedelric's hand is sure to be his most useful tool. Aedelric has since painted the shield in two-tone colors, with traditional runes surrounding a knot-art owl.

Secondary Battlefield Weapon:
The spear is a fearsome weapon, and this example is a fierce example of one. A shorter spear than one intended to be used in two hands, losing in length what it makes up in versatility, can be used just as well in one hand and paired with a shield, or thrown. For the spearhead, a pronounced, reinforced stabbing point is all the spear needs to send a message; with no wings, lugs, or langets for more intricate polearm fencing. And when paired with a steel butt-cap, it's easy to see how an item like this could be the choice of an army's vanguard

Secondary Personal Weapon:
A simple wooden buckler with an iron boss, inset wooden handle, wrapped in linen, and edged in rawhide. Aedelric has painted traditional knot-art animals on its surface. When Aedelric carries a shield, it's not necessary for him to carry his buckler.

Tertiary Personal Weapons:
A wide-gripped, long-bladed baselard dagger hangs from the right side of Aedelric's waist. Its straight, bright, steel edges angle to a reinforced, acute point. This dagger has a small, but effective hand-guard that holds a hand tight. It is a vicious dagger specialized for fighting and combat.

[IRON SEAX KNIFE]: A bone-gripped seax dagger hangs from the front of Aedelric's belt. Its straight, single-edge clips away from the spine of the blade just a couple of inches from the tip. This is an acute point, but not one robust enough for armored combat. This seax has no handguard at all. With no back edge, it can serve for utility just as well as deathly combat. Additionally, it also has an eating knife and skewer on its sheathe.


Aedelric's Clothes:
Aedelric's clothes match that of the simple, common folk. Aedelric's underwear layer consists of linen braies, and a light linen tunic. Over this layer, chauses go onto Aedelric's legs over the braies, usually in mixed colors to match or contrast with what else he's wearing. Over Aedelric's torso is then worn an arming jacket that runs subtly quilted almost half way down the thigh; the color is typically split in half down the front of the garment. Aedelric's feet wear simple turn-shoes that fasten about the sides, and have points for armoring. Atop of Aedelric's head, he wears a bell-shaped hat. After this, Aedelric can put on whatever accoutrements he so chooses.


Aedelric's Armor:
[LINEN ARMING JACKET]: A biparty arming jacket, with the colors divided down the middle of the torso between green and cream-white. This arming garment was tailored in the markets of Thorne, where it was fitted to his body and made to move without any restrictions. Some of the specific techniques employed include a grande assiette sleeve, splits down the side, horizontal padding, and a raised collar.

[HAVEN-FORGED KNIGHTLY MAIL]: A fitted harness of riveted-and-solid ringed mail. Complete with a hauberk, an aventail from an ocular-ed bascinet. The mail is tightly fitted to the body, and its density is optimized for certain parts of the body; with a third-layer of mail in the form of a collar around the neck. The mail is fitted with rondels atop the shoulders, to protect the armpits, fitted down into gauntlets, vambraces, and arm-cops. The skirt of the hauberk falls just above the knees, where knee-cops, greaves, and sabatons. This high-status form of mail, which could be fitted with a cuirass or coat of plates, denotes a professional warrior. A look that suits Aedelric well.


In Aedelric's Pack:
  • A pewter mug, iron fork and eating knife hooked onto a belt..
  • A pack and bedroll.
  • Aside from food, in his pack are simple toiletries, such as a brush, an ear-spoon, face-cloth, nail bit, and more.
  • A woodsman's hatchet, candle lantern, and a small hammer of blackened iron hang from his pack
  • A firemaking set with tinder, char-cloth, a striking steel, and flint-case.

In Aedelric's Cellar:
  • [IRON SWORD] A cruciform arming sword, forceful and mighty when held in his hand, serves Aedelric well as his primary weapon. The blade is of an Oakeshott Type XVI at about 34"/86.4cm. The hilt is assembled with long, slightly curved quillons reminiscent of a Style 7 in Oakeshott's typology. The grip is finished with an Oakeshott Type K wheel pommel that sits firmly against his hand.

  • [WOODEN KITESHIELD] Being a veteran of battle and having faced it himself, Aedelric will often carry a tear-drop shaped kite shield with him where he expects trouble. It is a mighty thing, made strong with hearty timber, and covered with a layer of linen. Whether expecting massed battle, or a scrap with some local toughs, the Shield is Aedelric's principle tool and the item of his greatest skill.

  • [IRON SHORT SPEAR] Being a strong man with long sturdy limbs, Aedelric will often carry a spear to serve in pitched battle against his foes. The spear is Aedelric's favored tool for use in serious combat, as with it he can still use his shield to devastating effect. Often his spear is shorter than the typical one used in two hands with large formations. Still, his is quite substantial enough to do the job, in formation or outside of such.Nimble, accurate, and able to put a significant thrust where it counts.

Character History / Achievements:
BEFORE 9-1-17:
Become whitelisted and introduce yourself on the forums.
After the Storm: Arrive in Storm's Landing
Of Giant Melancholies: Venture into the Sorrowlands
Sound the Horn: Successfully invite friend(s)!
Making Ends Meet: Make your first resources-to-emeralds transaction.
It's your Count that Votes: Amass enough Radiants to acquire character bonuses.
To the Tavern!: Attend Roleplay in a Tavern.
The Tradewinds Blow!: Attend a market event.
The Market Provides: Be teleported or use event-specific travel to attend an event.
A Starting Investment: Trade with a player for an item in excess of 300 Radiants.
Invitation: Be invited to attend a group personally.
Noble: Exchange introductions with a Noble Lord.
Wayfarer: Travel to a distant city on foot.
Skirmisher: Repel a small invasion or siege of your camp in the Sorrows.
Settling the Wilderness: Make friendly interactions with another person/group in the Sorrows.

Welcome! ...Again!:
Be re-whitelisted after a significant absence.
Drowning My Sorrows: Acquire a foothold in the Sorrowlands.
Back to the Old Grind: Sell Cobblestone in the Slums for Emeralds.
I Left That Life Behind Me, I'm a Farmer Now: Build basic farm infrastructure once again.
I Used to Ride in a Gang: Regain lost Portable Horse Saddle.
Shadow and Quicksilver: Breed two tamed horses.
The Paleo(jang) Diet: Breed sheep, cow, pig, and chickens.
By THIS Axe I Rule!: Build an Anvil, and create unique models with it.
One Word at a Time: Relearn how to use the ch-channels.
Nothing is Impossible to Him That Will Try: Sign up for major server plotline, with PK's possible.
There and Back Again: Reach at least one edge of the Sorrowlands.

Under the Black Shadows of the Eastern Sea: Enter Linlea for the first time.

New Friends: Make acquaintances with new players and characters.
Old Friends: Make acquaintances with players or characters you'd previously known.
Family Night: Meet other characters who also have a family.

On the Hills of Artois: Re-Enter the city of Thorne.
Lightbringer: Meet the Lightbringer's chosen, Podrick.
Peasant Hands: Take up the effort to replant Thorne, and feed the world again.
Breezehome: Acquire a home within a walled city; within those walls.

Venture Forth: Join a party on a quest.
That's Not Santa...: Speculate wildly on a successful perception-check for a nearby enemy, and be proven right..
Dread Lumberjack: Kill an Arbori.
Vanguard: Be the only party member with a shield, and negate at least one attack on an ally who is out of combat.
Earthborn Fortress: Enter Bol'tn'thar.

Phoenix Slayer: Kill an Enraged Emberlark.
Address the Line: Assist in bringing isolated members of an adventuring party back into formation, or the main group.
The Man Who Wears the Mitre: See a Tier-3 Divine Favored without the glamour or essence of their blessing.
A Friend in Need: Reengage an enemy, with a small portion of the main adventuring party, to assist one an isolated member of the group.
A Friend in Deed: Assist members of your small rescue detachment avoid harm before the original target is rescued.
A Knife to a Sword Fight...: Swap weapons to your dagger, when your sword was just as accessible. Proceed then to succeed that encounter in the next roll/action.
In Ignis's Gaze: Fight alongside the Lightbringer's chosen.
The Vine is Spoiled: Destroy animated vines with nothing more than physical weapons.
The Vine is Spiced: Destroy animated vine with fire.
Case the Joint: Loot a noble manor.
Mine By Rights: Loot something alongside a nobleman
Charitable Burglary: Find a piece of unique, named loot, and then pass it on to someone else.

A Mysterious Stranger: Meet a shadowy traveler on the road.
The Crypts of Thorne-terfell: Attain a resting place for your family in the Thorne Mausoleums.
Where Paths Cross: Encounter a Sentinel in pursuit of a target that you've interacted with.
Hear the Truth: Be affected by a Tier-3 Divine Favored non-combat ability.
...and Nothing but the Truth: Be affected by a Tier-3 Divine Favored ability in a process of interrogation or investigation.
The Betrayal: Discover a friend's true identity, and the one you know to be fake.
Comes From the Deep: Discover a potential threat, or powerful disturbance, in a foreboding, underground location.
I Left That Life Behind Me, I'm a Warrior Now: Attain a full suit of armor, and effective steel weapons.

Character Family & Relationships:
Aedelric's Family:


[WIFE] VERILIA AF'ADAHN: A daughter born of a prestigious knightly house, Verilia was the first-born child to Vedastus and Marina Vekon. Aedelric met Verilia while he was a mercenary captain, and the two soon fell in love. Aedelric eventually won the right to ask Verilia's hand in marriage through valor displayed upon the battlefield. While Aedelric's features are square, bold, and blazed with blonde hair, Verilia's are acute, refined, and gifted with majestic, curly black hair. They have two children together, Aedelraed and Vallory.



[SON] AEDELRAED AF'ADAHN: The firstborn child of Aedelric and Verilia, Aedelraed has grown into the spitting image of his father at that age. Save perhaps for the hue of his hair, which is far closer to his mother's. Aedelraed is a fit, active, and responsible young man. When he isn't waist-deep in his own fancies at high-adventure, mind you.



[DAUGHTER] VALLORY AF'ADAHN: The second child of Aedelric and Verilia is their daughter Vallory. While in appearance, she matches all the beauty and poise of her mother, save the striking blonde hair of her father, she is easily as spirited as her brother. Almost as active and physical too. Thankfully though, she is also more measured, as well as quite witty, and crafty to boot.


Aedelric's Relationships:


Personal relationships are complicated! Take this as a general rule, and not something incredibly binding. You likely know your circumstances, if you're listed here, far better than this metric can display.

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