Rumor An Update to the Murder Bounty


... is very scientifical.
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The bounty upon Jerr'co and Raven is still valid. As neither have been tried in a Fuvurian court, they are still at large insofar as the Fuvurian jurisdictions over the matter are concerned.
What money they put toward the Fuvurian bounty is now lifted thereof, but that amount shall now be paid in Fuvurian Scales, keeping the bounty total the same.
If they present themselves to the emperor's justice instead of to the Clan's, then this is liable to change.​


Lord of Altera
Is this only valid on Fuvurian lands or..?

(Not that Theo can do or say anything in his current predicament)

(Also #FreeMyManJerry)


The Green One
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she told ashna to cut off ur sons arm idk if she’s a good eg......
She may have done that, but not without a reason. And now it seems like she's trying to end it as the punishment/justice she seeked has been done and does not seek further retribution.
Therefore, for not seeming to further pursue revenge, she is a good egg.