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Character Chart
Character’s full name:

Andre Charles Ursae​

Reason or meaning of name: Andre was named by his mother after the split from his father happened, he carries his mothers Family name and the Telarion name was not attached to him in keeping with the bloodline with his mothers side.​

Character’s Titles:

King of Telarion

Moghul of the Broken South


Propitiatory of Sanardu Bath House


Reason for nickname: Andre was giving his titles and names over time he was given the nickname Strawberry by cassian himself one day in a tavern,while the titles of Moghul was granted to him by Nwalme who also in return for him joining restored his families royal lineage to him. Mage came soon after as he was struck with lightning in mockingbay. While the owner and operater of the Sanardu bath house came after he bought the place to run and manage to make additional income from besides the flourshing sea trade at home.​

Physical appearance
How old does he/she appear:early 20s
Weight: 140
Height: 6ft even
Body build: Lean and muscular a dancers body on him
Eye color: Brilliant emerald green
Skin tone:He is evenly tanned being a forest elf he enjoys spending his time outdoors working
Distinguishing marks:Bright red hair, and the scars upon his back
Predominant features:Beard,hair
Hair color:Red
Type of hair: Smooth and well kept
Hairstyle: His hair is kept long to his neck line and a braid lines the left side of his face
Voice: He speaks in a gently but firm tone,while remaining quite almost like a whisper
Overall attractiveness:up to you decide
Physical disabilities: None at the moment
Usual fashion of dress: He dresses in purple well trimmed pants, and white shirt a gambenson is worn over this shirt, while purple robes are worn over this to help hide the gambenson clasped with a simple silver clasp of the icon of the grey lady. He wears knee high well made riding boots.
Favorite outfit:His dancing attire
Jewelry or accessories:A small bell on his hair

Good personality traits:






Self- Displined

Bad personality traits:

Failing to build strong interpersonal relations.
A tendency to lean towards pessimism.
Easy to Rise to Anger

Mood character is most often in:

Cold and Calculating mood

Sense of humor:

Not to great it rarely shows itself

Character’s greatest joy in life:

His children are his greatest joy

Character’s greatest fear:Losing his children

Andres father was never around and after failing his first child it is his greatest fear to fail his new children.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?

The Lost of his children or those he considers family,anyone who takes them away would see andre in a mood he does not like to show and would hunt the person down to the end of the earths till they would pay for harming or taking them.
Character is most at ease when:

When he is around those he considers family.
Most ill at ease when:

When he is around strangers or those he is not used to.
Enraged when:

Insulted or made fun of
Depressed or sad when:

He cannot separate the two anymore

The rebuilding of Slyannen,and healing of its people

The raising of his children

His magic

His duties to the empire

Life philosophy:
Andres life philosophy is simple to himself and he enjoys the view finding that with the more he learns with magic that all things are in a balance, life death power and loss. All these things are together and in one a strong mind is required as well as a balance of emotions,acquiring the ability to reign in these feelings and to not let them overcome you.

If granted one wish, it would be:
The one wish if he could have it in his entire life would be to fix those he has caused pain in life that he loves.
He holds himself to the fault to the bone for every ounce of pain sadness or tension in every way to those he has hurt,seeing himself unworthy of having causing them that pain.

Character’s soft spot:
His children

Is this soft spot obvious to others?
Very much so.
Greatest strength:
Andres Greatest Strength would have to be his Surgical skills.

Greatest vulnerability or weakness:
His Greatest weakness is his short temper

Biggest regret:
How I hurt you Ayda
How I hurt you Rose

Minor regret:

Biggest accomplishment:
My Children
Minor accomplishment:
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about:


Character’s darkest secret:
Wouldnt you Like to know this ooc ;)
Does anyone else know?
No one knows his darkest secrets


Drives and motivations:
His drive is to leave a good life for his children and their children
Immediate goals:
The raising of his children
The healing of his city
Long term goals:
The continued building of the Cradle
Study of Magic
Cataloging of medical knowledge

How the character plans to accomplish these goals:
To be methodical and careful in all that he does conducting his research and studies in safe places.

How other characters will be affected:
Should not be effected adversely


A castle in the north.

Type of childhood:
He raised himself finding himself lost in the new world Lady Ashna gave him work as a hunter for the city of Linlea when it was still a camp, he still affectionately thinks of her as the Grey lady the first person who was ever kind to him in life.

Hedge hogs

First memory:
Stealing from Linlea camp to survive and ashna catching him

Most important childhood memory:
His first catch on the cliffs of Linlea

It symbolized his first great success after so much struggle.

Childhood hero:
Grey Lady
Dream job:
Has attained it
Was poorly educated in life, did not find much use for books.

Grey Lady

Enough to scrap bye


Current location:
The Cradle

Currently living with:


Grey Lady


The wealth only a trade hub of the south can bring he wants for nothing.



Relationship with her:
He holds her dearly and close finally reunited with her he spends as much time as he gets as they learn about each other after being separated for so long.

Eimar Telarion

Relationship with him:
he dead boy,never knew him


Relationship with them:
I killed you for your crimes

Relationship with him/her:
Brair Somnastra Ursae

Relationship with them:

Brair: You are my rose and my light in the dark the good and happiness I myself cant seem to find I will do everything I can to be the best father I can be I love you.

Other important family members:



Least favorite color:


Steak and potatos

Medical Texts
Form of entertainment:
Horse back riding

does not have any

Mode of transportation:
Most prized possession:
His blade made by akasha


Horse back riding

Plays a musical instrument?

Plays a sport?

How he/she would spend a rainy day:
He would spend it either with his family first or in research

Spending habits:
Hording money till he sees someone who has genuin need of it.


Rose and Ayda wont let me anymore.

Other drugs:
nope drugs are bad okay

What does he/she do too much of?
Drinks to much not anymore though

What does he/she do too little of?

Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Smithing and crafting things

Nervous tics:
His ear flicks

Usual body posture:
Straight back and poised

Polite and quiet

Very quiet and tends to spend time at the edge of things of late


Optimist or pessimist?
Introvert or extrovert?
Daredevil or cautious?
Logical or emotional?
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?
Methodical and Neat
Prefers working or relaxing?
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?
Animal lover?

depends on the animal


How he/she feels about himself/herself:
He trusts his skills and his abilities in both medicine and magic,while he is not sure about himself when it comes to dealing with others and diplomacy.

One word the character would use to describe self:

One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:

What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?
His Loyalty when he gives his word ina oath he will not break it.
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?
His anger
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?
His red hair.
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?
the scars upon his back
How does the character think others perceive him/her:

What would the character most like to change about himself/herself:

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general:
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?
Person character most hates:
Best friend(s):
Love interest(s):
Person character goes to for advice:
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of:
Person character feels shy or awkward around:
Person character openly admires:
Person character secretly admires:
Most important person in character’s life before story starts:
After story starts:

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Lord of Altera

Eimar Telarion
Rebecca Lynn Ursae
Great-Uncle Tybalt Marr


Ansgar Telarion

Sel Hawklight

Drake Hawklight

His twin sister
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Lord of Altera

~The promise~

"I would be happy if i could protect everyone with my own hands"
-Roy Mustang-​

Andre slowly moved his hands as he worked over the pig before himself wearing a leather apron and form fitting leather gloves drenched in blood. The sound of medical tools could be hear in the quiet of the room. The glow of the glow stone light casting his shadow as he worked diligently.

The pig was slowly being dissected open as andre worked persperstion forming on his brow as he cut and worked removing the various organs taking his time as the scalpel cut away flesh,muscle and blood vessels. Her pursed his lips lightly as he worked the silk mask cutting the smell down.

He reached over and set down a scalple into the tray as he picked up another fresh one, and some forceps and used them to hold a vessel as he began to cut it away painstakingly. Even as he worked diligently thoughts worked their eay in his mind, doubts and questions that would never be solved. Even if he could master at being a surgeon how many could he save he couldn't save every patient that came to him.

He cut away some tissue from the pig as he movied to of the viens over under a magnifying lens. Starting to practice stitching the two pieces back together with the piece of tissue he had taken. His thoughts focused the best he could the doubts worming their way despite his best.

Would he be able to save Cassian if he lost his temper to much and picked a fight that he couldn't handle. What about Kitrana if she got hurt or her little ones the gods forbid the opium gangs got to her or them. His stitching slipped and he hit his glove putting pressure but not breaking as he swore. Narrowing his eyes at the now ruined progress he had worked on.

He growled lightly in his throat leaning back as he closed his eyes he had to do something about the opium gang. He had to protect those he cared for and kitrana had the child now and was a parent. He let out a slow breath thinking about the opium dealers, and suddenly grabbed the lens and threw it across the room to shatter. As he began to remove his gloves and apron. Walking over to the washing bin and washed himself clean, as he looked in the mirror seeing dark circles in his eyes.

How long had he been working he had lost track he would be no good to anyone if he was to tired to even control his anger. He would have to head back to the landing in a day or so. Besides the outfit he had the tailor make for kitrana should be done soon and she had to try it on, so that last minute adjust,ents could be made.

He would have to inquire and go see his son as well it had been to long since he had seen the young lad. But for now what he really needed was a bath food and then sleep. He would not loos anyone he cared for none would be hurt or die on his watch even if had to kill others to stop them from harming them. Rahas help him with that the darkness was around him so cold.


Lord of Altera

~The Dance~
As Andre led Kitrana out to the dance floor he placed his hand upon her lower back as he took her other hand. The pair began to the traditional dancing that was often seen at a ball as minutes ticked by the pair whispering to each other softly. It wasnt long before Andre soon led her out to the part of the dance floor as he suddenly changed his stance.

He snapped in place as he led her in a Telarion dance the pair began a fast pace lively dance as Andre moved her with skill hammered into him in the past weeks. Kitrana soon found herself suddenly spun several times and then dipped down, as andre leaned down his face trailing down her body before he raised her back up just as quickly.

Andre and Kitrana flowed across the back of the ball room moving to their own kind of music as he gripped her upper shoulder and hand and suddenly lifted her up in the air. Spinning her around before setting her back down, spinning her to face away from him. It lasted for but a moment as she was spun back their noses barely touching.

As he slowly moved her downwards and in a wide arc as he moved her back up faces never parting as he did so. They soon moved again gliding aroudn the floor, before Andre grabbed kits waist and she went up and over his shoulders. Around the back of his neck as he caught her on the other side sweeping her down and around him.

As she came to rest down upon the floor Andre dipped kit one last time, as he moved his face down from her face to rest at her stomach as he held her dipped. The pair were out of breath as Andre was covered in sweat from all the work, the pair moving to go and get a bit of wine to drink smiles on both their faces.
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Lord of Altera

Andre had decided to visit kit and liasa andre greeted them and talked for a bit before asking to play with the baby while supervised. Soon liasa was swaddled in blanket and pillows in the middle of the floor, as andre had built a small city out of wooden blocks, setting up little toy figures amongst it as he talked to her.before he started to make birb noises and start knocking down blocks and such as he made tiny screaming noises. Andre then began to have a epic duel with the small toy army making it overly dramatic and over the top for the babe. As he finished he moved over and sat down next to the baby and pulled out a small book and began to read her a picture book about rahas and his ideals and stories of saving the defenseless and poor.taking time to do the various voices and sounds for the baby as he handed her a medium sized replica of rahas as he spoke. After awhile he soon fell asleep next to liasa sleeping soundly with the book upon his chest with her near him.

The next day andre sat out in the middle of his small encampment on one of he benches. The sun shining down upon him as the people moved to and fro on the street next to him. His hands worked lightly and with skill as he sewed the doll taking his time. This site was the first place people stayed when this land had settled and how far it had come. As he finished a stitch he grabbed some wool and stuffed it into the leg, smiling softly. He got called uncle andre the other night and that made him smile as he worked gingerly.

For as much as they had their spat the other night the small group of friends had all made up quiet well. He sighed softly to himself as he resumed his stitching he had ruined his chances but that was alright, it hurt inside but it always did. He would always love her but accepted the fact they would be friends, and he would be good and do his best for liasa and her and cass as well as adya.

The young babe reminded him of so much of himself as he worked he was older then she was five years old when he was separated from his family. Not knowing his mother and father or any of his fellow family members. He had grown up hunting and stealing his way to survive at linlea. Though he did get caught by the moore woman who he called grey lady momma, she let him go as long as he hunted for the town

He chuckled lightly all the years spent just roaming about bieng raised by the various sailors and other men that made their living on the rough parts of town. Not knowing where his next meal would come from, that would not be liasa she had kitrana and cass as parents. She had him as a uncle he would be damned to the nether if he ever let her go threw the kind of life he had.

Andre stopped sewing for a moment as he leaned back looking up at the sky rubbing his injured leg. His ear flicking lightly as he smiled softly he had come so far from that rough life. He chuckled shaking his head lightly at what these friends of his were pulling out of him, rahas help him and guide him. He was going to need it to do good for them.

He looked down at the large stuffed rahas he was making for liasa and smiled warmly. He would do right by them all and protect them with his life if he had to noone would ever be hurt that served him that he promised to himself. He womdered about what marian had told him his mother he wondred if it could truely be som to think he might of found her after all this time.


Lord of Altera

Andre lifted up the wood slowly as he did so carrying the lumber towards the houses that were bieng built in the city. His thoughts were adrift on a rollig sea still coping that he just found his mother a figure he had been always hoping to find one day.

As he came to the pile were the workers moved about he set them down gently going to grab one and he headed to help them. He had only spoke. To her for a few moments and stil knew so little, and yet wanted to knoe more. In a single moment he had his greatest wish and yet had a million more questions.

Andre worked dilgently for hours and by the end he had resolved one thing in his mind he had to go to tauradel and fins Mairian she seemed to know her if anyone could awnswer thigns she could. Somnastra he could only hope as time moved on he would prove to be everything she wished for in a child and son.


Lord of Altera
Andre had a long three months in the wilds of slyannen he had taken lady mairins advice and sepnt time in the forest working on his anger and distraction. Meditating for hours on end between getting back to know the land and nature around him more.

He had emerged a changed person much of his elven childish behaviors gone as he had reigned most of it in. Andre rubbed his chin the red whiskers running three his hand as he sat cross legged before the altar of Rahas.

Andre was dressed diffrent then usual in a deep azure blue outfit, a hood attached to it in the back. Leather pauldrons and a knife sheath upon his left shoulder, a light blue sash around his waist.

The event to bring together all of rahas and those not of his teachings so that they could learn of what his intentions was moving foward turned out intresting. He had felt the touch of soemthing inside his chest, he did not know what but he would have to find out some day.

Andre bowed his head as he picked up the bread mutering quietly over it as he did so.
"May this bread sustain my body giving it the sustanance it needs" he spoke before he ate it. He then picked up the simple silver goblet filled woth wine and spoke over it as well.

"May this wine nourish my blood and sustain my soul giving it all that i need so i do not thirt." He then drank from the cup setting down undoing his scabbard he set the point into the floor as he bowed his head and began to pray a oath before the altar.

" I will Be loyal of hands and mouth, and serve every man as best I may. Seek the fellowship of good men, hearken to their words and remember them.

Be humble and courteous wherever thou go, boasting not nor talking overmuch, Neither be dumb altogether. Look to it that no Lady or Damsel be reproach through your default, nor any woman of whatever quality.

And if I fall into the company where men speak with disrespect of any woman, show by gracious words that pleaseth you not, and depart.

The office of Cleric is to promote faith in the Rahas and the pantheon, teaching all to follow its divine law. To protect all those that seek to worship in their name upon the face of this realm.

I shall defend the innocent and protect the weak from those that would take advantage of them. Or that would harm those that cannot defend themselves.

I will remain steadfast brave, and without fear in the face of my enemies granting mercy when requested to see them to proper justice.

To be just and fair in all my dealings and not let pride nor my own opinions cloud my judgment in them.

I do wholly swear to support and believe in the teachings of the of Rahas.

If any concern arise of the validity of the teachings, I shall work to address the problem in a respectful and productive manner with what is in the best interests of good light and order as my primary concern.

I shall uphold the teachings of Rahas in my every word thought and deed.

If i falter i shall willingly submit to whatever punishment is warranted for the action.

And i understand this includes expulsion, i swear to dedicate my life to his teachings.

And shall willingly take on whatever task is necessary to further the goals of him for good and for innocent.

I shall defend the order of Rahas from those who would seek to malign its name, or seek to harm it in any way.

I shall not misrepresent rahas position in any dealings westher they be personal or public forum.

I understand and agree that chaos evil, and darkness are forces that are dangerous.

And as a Cleric of Rahas i must work against these forces and never grow lax in my vigilance against their machinations.

I swear this with a clear mind and full understanding that i will beheld to these words." He said finishing as he stood as he back himself hard as he could

"And that is so i remember it Ave Rahas" he bowed his head and refastned his sword and made his way to go help the local farmers with their crops.


Lord of Altera

The wind blew threw the trees the leaves rustling as the water rippled in the small pool of the castles courtyard. under the shade of the tree sat Andre upon the bench. His long sword sat upon his lap the pommel silver with a lions head on the end,the sigil of rahas worked into the sides. His thumb ran over the crest as he let out a slow breath, the sounds of he castle filling his ears. The city had grown so much quickly in the time, he only hoped he continued to prove his people hopes and expectations.

They had chosen and voted him able and fit to take his lordly title back and his house. Andre stood up re tying his scabbard to his waist as he looked up at the castle.The last time anyone lived here a tyrant and mad man had reigned and slaughtered hundreds, then ran from facing it and the decisions of his actions.

Andre took a deep breath and walked up the steps and threw the doors, the most anyone had walked these halls, was to be shown around or the council chambers. His footsteps echoed along the walls of the throne room as he made his way across it.

Light shown through the stained glass windows dancing across the floor and his frame, as dust moved thru the air kicked up from his steps. Andre came to stand before the thrones looking over them, hanging from the throne on the left hung a crown. Not having moved since his half brother had placed it there andre stared at it for a long time.

Taking it into his hands gingerly as he turned it about before smiling softly as he took a pillow from the throne on the right and set. The pillow upon the seat of the left throne and sat the crown upon it with care.

“To place you upon my head like my brother did so foolishly and arrogantly would make me a tyrant as well. My council and people choose me as lord of this city, and though we may argue and fight at times. They are my family and i respect their decisions even if i do not agree. I serve my people and their will to protect them and stand unified together. Though i have titles and nobility they give me the right to lead, and if by one day threw my actions they deem me worthy enough to wear you I will. But not before nor after for I will right the misdeeds my family have caused and break the curse they have wrought.” He spoke bowing his head letting out a sigh of relief as his face tilted up as the warmth of the sun danced over it. The weight shifted and seem lighter on his shoulders as he came to accept and face all aspects of what to rule his people meant.

Andre walked over to the locked door near the thrones producing a key he slide it into the lock and turned it, the door resisted slightly before swinging open with a creak of its hinges. Taking a torch from the wall lighting it andre stepped over the threshold, of halls long cast into darkness and corruption casting light into it to fight back the darkness and to serve his people as the lord they choose.

"Rahas guide me and keep me true" he spoke softly making his way deeper relighting the torches breathing life into castle with every step. He moved threw the abondoned parts of the castle, unfinshed and long none dare tread what the whispered tainted halls.

Andre moved out into the top floor walking out into the dry and empty bath house he walked under the stained glass roof as a warm breeze floated threw it. When he saw somehing in the tower door way beyond. He moved toward it slowly as he pushed open the heavy door. It slid open slowly and painfully groaning like a ghost as a shadow, scurried upwards as bones scattered downwards.

Andre paused drawing his long sword as he advanced looking at the bones of birds and other small animals rats and mice. Andre looked up moving up the stairs as the crunch of bones echoed in the silence, he emerged out up intot he top of the tower the smeel of feceses and filfth was strong.

Moving the torch he spotted a ramshackle sleeping are and something in the corner. As he moved foward slowly it lunged out quickly. Andre moved slaming his fist into the side of its head as the thing flew down to the side. It curled up coughing and cowring in fear.

As andre moved the torch to see better he noticed a piece of its ear missing, and as its eyes turned andre leveled his sword. Blue eyes looked up at him as long white hair swayed, in its face andre stopped dead not beliving his eyes as the thing cried its scrawny elven features speaking out weskly.

"Mm mm mercy, have have you come to bring me back home home to my akasha, she she needs me i am to protect her never leave her like her fsther. Pleas brin me home" it said like a scared child andres blade wavered, and he shesthed it looking over the pityful creature before him.

Andre undid his cloak and knelt down the elf moved back cringing slighty as andre put it around the naked elf. And rubbed his shoulders helping him up slowly. "No brother i cannot take you home but let me take you down to a room and clean you up, so that you can look good for her. And maybe one day you can see her and live happily" andre began to lead him down as Ansgar nodded in his arms.

"Th thankyou i cant wait to see her its been so long my akasha we used to smith together i love her so much" andre nodded and led andre down to the cells palcing his brother in one and locked it, instructing him to be cleaned up.

The council would have to decide weather he lives or dies the elf was mad it was clear as andre looked on as ansgar rocked back and forth and hummed softly stroked a imaginar head with such care and love.

How could he judge a tyrant and a murder so much to death when the mind was not there he needed guidance, as he turned and left to think upon the fate of the brother who had protected and taught him to rode and played with him in praelidium.