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Andre walked up the the rahas shrine in the cathedral as he started to clean and polish the stones and altar itself ensuring it was clean and well kept, he slowly picked up the blade off it and the shield taking out the oils for the metal and a rag he began to slowly polish the blade softly.

“What do I do Rahas there is chaos in a town that was razed and burnt down in the middle of my lands belonging to another. People are at eachothers throats and fighting each other trying to kill each other” he sighs softly looking up at the shrine itself pausing a moment before resuming to polish the blade.

“The woman I fell for is finding happiness but yet hurting at the same time,who wants to fight and battle against those of other lands. My mother is away tending to herself trying to figure out her past, I am alone in this city so large.” he squeezes the hilt of the blade firmly for a moment as he let out a slow breath.

“I have done my best to keep everyone in check to keep this place a place for all to help all but it gets harder day by day. The more I stick to my ideals the more it doesn't seem to matter or to care. I still am treated like a joke and laughed at more than not, I killed my brother for your ideals for what he had done and that makes me a monster to some.For a thing I struggle with everyday in life a family member I will never known or be able to get a chance to meet again. ” he says softly as he let out another slow controlled breath to fight back the sadness.

“I am at the end of my rope in all things run down worn ragged but i made a promise to my people so i cannot run away I must be strong and hide the pain and sadness for them all” he sighs as he sets the sword and shield back onto the altar.

“As long as they are happy and taken care of in life that is all I ask for Rahas just protect them and keep them safe, even if it costs me everything” he pressed his hand to the altar before walking away
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Lord of Altera
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Lord of Altera
Andre Slowly moved threw the towers on the wall the cool bay breeze blew over him as he moved in silence garbed in his robe as always the only sound as he moved along was the tap tap tap of the cane before him as he moved. His hand slide along the smooth stone walls as he moved in the darkness, though the light day shone all around himself, the bandages wrapped around his eyes were kept the light out the pain of constantly adjusting to indoors and outdoors was troublesome. But the stark reflection of being lost in the light right now was not lost upon him as he moved along slow and steadily at a measured pace, he came out onto the training grounds they stood quiet and stark in the daylight the soldiers and men taking the day off in remembrance of their former commander. Andre moved along at his pace his fingers moving over the posts and fencing outlining the sparing pits he paused,looking over them just staring at it, the memory flooded threw him Kitrana and him sparring over him calling her nicknames in public and her letting him calling her lion heart after beating him.

Andre shook his head side to side as he moved foward slowly and steadily the clack clack clack of the wooden cane on the stone as he moved forward he paused as he reached the training dummies staring at the temple of Rahas itself, Andre smiled remembering the day Kitrana took the mantle of Grand Master the ceremony and the pride in her that day he saw. His heart began to ache as he began to walk up the stairs and up behind the temple and along a path up the mountain itself. After along climb andre came out onto a small clearing around it was roses planted in small square outline he moved over to the center of the clearing where sat in the earth was the stone image of a female knight, below it was the words written.

"Here Lies in remembrance the Armor of Grand Master Kitrana, may she protect those she loved in life in death from all harm and serve rahas eternally" Andre stopped and slowly knelt down placing a rose down at the base of the grave itself, as he took a moment as he looked up then out over the scene below them. Spread before them in full view was the city itself work and buildings raising as workers moved about thier tasks, the blue water of the bay shown in the sun as trade ships moved to and fro. The grave rested over the city and the temple of Rahas overlooking it like a loving protector, Andre reached down running his fingers over the words.

"Many asked why you went why you rushed head long to go and duel Maceo why you didn't think of others when you did it" he paused as he smiled softly "You were his protector his knight his sword, that is why you went it was your calling to defend him and the insults against him" he said softly he sat next to the grave looking out. "I wont lie you broke my heart immensely when you chose Leo but at the same time I swelled with pride that you had found someone that made you happy" He looked up at the sky lightly the bandages started to look wet at the corner of where his eyes were.

"You did your best what you could Lion Heart and I am proud of you always will be in all you do in life I lost you long ago and that is my fault everything it seemed I tried to do to keep you close only pushed you further from me. I lost everyone and everything mostly in life" he says softly tears moving down his beard dropping to the ground "I cannot say goodbye to you, you were like the piece of me that I could not be that I wanted desperately to be for Rahas it feels like I lost a piece of me a portion of myself that I will never get back." he smiled as he kissed his gloved hand and pressed it to the foot of the grave itself as tears flowed down his cheeks, deep inside he knew she was gone but he refused say it or admit it.

As the bay wind swept along the mountain side the roses swayed around him, as the rose at the base moved slightly sliding closer to a dozen or so other roses that had been placed there at the base by him over the visits to this place.

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As andre moved downstairs he heard the familiar tones as he leaned in and listened before rounding the corner he over heard of the engagment he paused as he moved around and outside. Sighing he moved to fetch his items from the ship and pulled out a quill and ink and quickly wrote something down before heading back to give the items to Kitrana.

Love holds no bars
It never hates
it never scolds
With each new breath it grows
When you look into eachothers eyes
When you get engaged
You will experience a new high
You will face the unknown
Life will change drastically
Love will only grow more beautiful
Time will stop
Time will slow
As long as you have eachother
As long as you have your love
You will feel forever feel youthful together.
Bound in happiness
Bound In love For all time

I was once told that a great mage and philosopher once said “That science cannot be held accountable for love for it is unknown” for it is immense and special and nothing that one cannot re create in its moments of pure beauty. For when you both are together in your life alone or with family, creating new life to behold and care for it is like magic that stops time. For as long as your with one another you time itself will seem to have frozen around you, and the moments will last for all eternity.

This is alls i can give you right now my words and these items.
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