[Announcement] Continuing a Legacy


Lord of Altera

The Lady Fleur de Courtnay III, Matriarch du Cheval et Lyon, Lady of Ackerland, Rammbar's Motte, and Haven, hereby declares the Branch du Cheval and Branch du Lyon to be once more joined under the House von Courtnay under the guidance of her Grace, the Duchess Fleur von Courtnay. She does so in the wake of her cousin Duke Maceo de Courtnay in order to ensure the health and prosperity of Courtnay after his untimely passing.
She also announces that a private ceremony is to be held in Haven within the fortnight beneath the eyes of God herself by Sir Podric Flanders, the attendance limited to his closest friends and family.

Credit to Jak for the art.
Credit to Boredbrit for format/etc.

{This is an IC proclamation. Disregard/react IC as you please.}

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