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Applying for Whitelist

Discussion in 'Applications for White List' started by SallyPirate, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. SallyPirate

    SallyPirate Master of Hollowworld Staff Member

    Character Name:
    In-game Town/City:
    Sundown Isle
    If you're unable to post a thread or can only put a title and no content, please try using Chrome or Firefox, as Internet explorer has been known to cause issues on our forums.


    No-Whitelist! Feel free to explore our world before you decide to apply for whitelist. As an unwhitelisted player, you cannot interact with others nor fly around, you will be invisible to everyone but capable of listening to our players speak in OOC and RP.

    When you are whitelisted, use /warp whitelist to change into our default rank, then you will start in the grove like normal.


    Greetings traveler! I am so glad you found me. Let me introduce you to HollowWorld, a Minecraft roleplaying community with a medieval and fantasy theme. We have a diverse range of races and locations that makes the HollowWorld great place for an immersive roleplay experience with a character of your own design.

    I do have some conditions, and would like for all applicants to be in the right spirit.

    Co-operation and generosity go a long way and we hope that by working together you will enjoy your time with us and make new friends on your journey through HollowWorld. As with any other server inappropriate conduct could result in sanction or your account being banned from HollowWorld. We encourage all players to be respectful of one another and try to respect the atmosphere our server is trying to achieve.

    On the whole, I hope that you will be respectful of the staff who help manage our community. They cannot materialize blocks on a whim or teleport you across the map. We want to make this experience feel as real as it can and should players disregard these terms it can make things uncomfortable for the other players.

    For further information on this please consult our Tome of Citizenship. I do hope I get to meet you very soon!


    Below is the application form that we’ll be using to get you started. We suggest that you copy this information and paste it into a new thread titled “(your name) – application”.


    This application is in 3 parts:

    - About You
    - About Your Character
    - The Test

    When all of these sections are completed in full we can then consider your application.

    For further information on HollowWorld please check our Survival Guide, Tome of Citizenship and the Synopsis of Races.


    About you
    1) What is your MINECRAFT username?

    This is the name you use to sign in on minecraft.net. Please make sure this is your own account, account sharing can cause complications with griefing so is prohibited in the HollowWorld. Please specify whether it is the letter 'o' or the number '0' (zero) as they are almost identical with this font.

    2) How old are you?

    Please note that the minimum age to take part on the server is 14. Due to the era of the role play there are some more mature themes which may not be suitable for anyone younger. We can't be held responsible should you choose to lie about your age.

    3) Where are you?

    HollowWorld is an English speaking server. People from around the world are more than welcome to join us and take part provided that they do their best to use a good standard of written English both in game and on the forums.

    4) Have you read our guides yet?

    Before you start playing we recommend that all of our users consult our Survival Guide and take a look at the Tome of Citizenship to look for answers to any questions you have. Looking here first saves a lot of time and keeps our busy staff much happier!

    > The Survival Guide is a collection of guides to help with commands, common questions and resources.

    > The Tome of Citizenship is a thorough, detailed document listing all server basics. It must be read and agreed to before your application can be accepted.

    > For guidance on what races the server has available for new places consult the Core Races Synopsis.

    5) Introduce yourself!

    This section is really important for both your application and your HollowWorld experience. We hope that by telling us about yourself now we'll get to know you better and we look forward to learning more about you while you're with us.

    Again, we're not asking for any personal information that you don't want us to know. If you don't want to use your real name, that's fine and we're certainly not going to hunt you down for your bank details.

    Some examples of things to tell us:
    > About your education/work
    > What is your favourite part of your job or study?
    > hobbies and other games you play
    > What kind of games do you enjoy the most?
    > Why?

    Talking about yourself isn't always easy and we understand that. We would like this section to be a minimum of 5 sentences but if you want to talk for longer then please go ahead! Please don't fill this answer with things about Minecraft, as that tells us nothing about who you are as a person.

    6) Got any examples of your work?

    Are you a builder? Are you an artist? Do you love to write? If you have a talent then we'd love to see it. Please use the "upload a file" button or provide us with a link to your work so we can take a look.
    This is an optional section, if you don't have anything to show us then don't panic!

    Everyone is good at different things and we hope we can encourage you to create new things and find new skills while you're with us. We are not a creative server, there's no penalty if you don't want to build. However, HollowWorld is always looking for good builders to help with on-going projects and add their own ideas to our growing community.

    7) Did you explore our world prior to your application?
    HollowWorld is explorable before applying for whitelist, have you seen some of the towns; did any places leave a good impression? Tell us a bit about your exploration!

    8) Referrer: (Optional)
    List a minecraft username if someone has referred you to HollowWorld and they may get a reward.

    *** We'd like to remind all players that the use of xraying, xray texture packs and mods to locate ores are banishable offenses. We have a dedicated team supervising our logs and once caught using any of the above your account will be banned from the server. (you can delete this bit from your application)***


    About your character

    Character's name here! Nice and simple. If they go under multiple aliases, let us know.

    Past roleplay development from other servers or games and bringing it to our server is not acceptable. We prefer you start a fresh character to begin your development. Remember that your character cannot start with any advanced skill, they must start with minimal basic skills.


    Character's age here! This can be an approximate age if you're not entirely sure.


    HollowWorld has a list of approved species that you can learn about on the Core races synopsis if you haven’t already done so. There are no half-breeds of races.


    What does your character look like? If you have a picture or skin of your character post it here. If not, we'd like a brief description of the design you have in mind.

    PLEASE NOTE that some features are exclusive to races or character traits. Your application may need reviewing should our staff feel that details do not fit with the existing lore. Ignoring these suggested changes will result in your application being declined.


    The test

    To help us give your application the seal of approval we'd like to see an example of your role playing skill. This is an opportunity for us to see your story telling skills and also get to know your character's thoughts and mannerisms. Both of these things are really important to us!

    On the whole, we do not accept stories that give a violent introduction to your character. This is why we recommend players not write about:

    • Violence
    • Death
    • Murder
    • Killing
    • Burning Origin Home Villages
    • Death of Parents
    - on their Whitelist Applications. We'd much rather see what you've learned about HollowWorld's lore and the existing towns. We have no specific scenario to use, so use your imagination!

    How you want to write this is very much up to you but we encourage that you are as descriptive as possible. Remember; this is your best chance to showcase your character! Please note though that Magic is heavily restricted, so please don't write a magic character.

    > You can write this from your character's perspective like so:

    “ It must be morning now or at least I can feel the warmth of sunlight hitting my face. I open my eyes and take in my surroundings. The forest looks different in the daylight but I still feel anxious about the events from before. Wolves hunt here, I know I'm lucky to have survived the night. I start to look around for a weapon, I won't make it home without something to protect myself. “

    > OR you may prefer something like this:

    “ Even with the morning sun lighting the ancient forest, the young man couldn't help but shiver at the realization he was completely lost. It was a miracle he had survived the night after collapsing in the undergrowth when vicious creatures could be lurking around any corner. He dusted off his tattered trousers and stood, quickly searching for anything that could protect him from the monsters in the woodland. "

    It doesn't have to be very long (between 400-1000 words) and you can always come back and change it for your character profile at a later time using the edit button. However, without this section we cannot get a good understanding of your character.

    An application without this section will result in your application being declined.



    Now you sit back and relax! Thank you for your application.

    *** Please do not contact the admin team to try and hurry your application. You put a lot of time and effort into applying and we want to make sure that we give you the same respect in our reply. Trying to rush the process could result in your application being declined immediately. ***


    Well we certainly don’t want you to give up! We can support you through this if you’re not sure, please don’t be embarrassed to ask for advice.

    Here’s a list of common reasons that applications are turned down:

    > Have you answered every question? Sometimes we get forms with gaps and unfortunately that nullifies the application entirely.

    > We’re already overwhelmed by certain types of character, namely assassins that were orphaned at young ages. On the whole we would rather that you try to avoid this character type. Assassins are cool, we respect that, but there are plenty of other professions out there. It’s also worth noting that you can be an independent or unhappy person for a multitude of reasons, with or without a family. It’s a fantasy world, but we still like to think the people in it are realistic.

    > Not every character can be a supreme fighter or master of swords. Role playing is more fun for everyone involved if your character is given chance to develop over the course of their life in Altera and that won’t happen if they’re already at the top of their game. We get a lot of stories about how people are trained by old men in the mountains after leaving their fire eaten home town which gives them no opportunity to learn their skillset with others. If you want your character to learn from a wise old man in the mountains, that’s fine, but go and find that old man while you’re with us in the game.

    > Lone survivors of tragic events such as fires and shipwrecks are the most common type of character introduction. Not only is this highly unlikely, it is difficult to imagine the entire world is populated only by the lucky few that have overcome such hardship. Like the above points, we advise this is avoided where possible.


    Not to worry, you are welcome to apply again with the improved character or an alternate character if you have changed your mind entirely. However new applications will go to the back of the queue so please be patient while we get back to you.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
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