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Art? (insert witty title here)


Noble of Altera
Uh, I dunno, drawing is fun.

So here's a thread where I'll post my drawings, and you can have a gander if you want. Will be opening that free commission thread up again soon also, and I'll start putting them in here, instead.

Here's some examples of my 'work' that may or may not have been up on this site somewhere before.

An unfinished drawing of ZeroOrgan 's Edel:
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 14.58.59.png

A portrait I did of Star, the second piece I did after getting a graphics tablet:
Star Portrait.png

And something I did today, experimenting with a Wind-Waker style of art (it's called cell-shading, right?):
WW Star.png

Yeah, so I'll start posting stuff randomly to this thread. If I'm lucky, I might be able to chart some improvement as time passes. So that would be cool.

(Oh yeah, and go ahead and critique me if you want because I sure as hell need it)


Noble of Altera
Been really busy lately, so it's been difficult to keep practicing.

Today though, I drew Alex from Oxenfree, and I'm actually decently happy with this one, although obviously there's H U G E room for improvement. I seem to be leaning into a more stylised direction with how I'm drawing. I love drawing spirals on things :heart:

Original: upload_2017-9-30_16-27-25.png

Mine: Alex Oxenfree Colour.png


Lord of Altera
The portrait of Star makes her look very old. Most likely due to the complexion of her skin and the small eyes.

Otherwise vury good muh frendo


Noble of Altera
Early beginnings of a new commission. So early, in fact, that I'm going to scrap this and start again because I got the proportions all wrong.

Still, it shows I'm doing something, right?

Arianne Mark I.jpg