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"Not only this, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering works perseverance, perseverance works character, and character, hope. And hope shall never fail."

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Character’s full name: Sir Arthur Brochion du Blaireau, The Forsaken Badger, Knight of Hierax
Reason or meaning of name:
~ The Forsaken Badger: Bastard of House Bayard
~ Knight of Hierax: Knight in and under the service of House Hawklight (Formerly)

Character’s nickname: Art (Star), le Perdu Badger (Carlos), Boy (Tohm), Arthurius (Theodosius), Abfa (Cassia)
Reason for nickname:
~ Art: Short for 'Arthur'
~ le Perdu Badger: Means 'the Lost Badger' in Lavish
~ Boy: Term for a young man
~ Arthurius: Asrakosian variant of 'Arthur'
~ Abfa: Cassia cannot pronounce his name correctly
Birth date: 21st of Breakwater, 2244
Current thoughts:
"Perhaps there is still hope for me."
Theme: "Into the Night" by Wind in Sails

§Physical Appearance§
Gender: Male
Race: Human - Lavoyarde
Age: 27
How old does he appear:
He has a much more experienced look about him now, seeming to be in his thirties
Weight: 226 lbs.
Height: 6'0"
Body build: Muscular Mesomorph, returned to his usual formidable strength
Shape of face: Squared and sculpted

Eye color: Oxford Blue
Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: None
Skin tone: Average Caucasian, not too dark or too light
Distinguishing marks: Has a multitude of scars about his face and body
Predominant features: His eyes are often noticed for the pure determination and steel they hold
Hair color: Black with hints of brown
Type of hair: Wavy with slight curls
Hairstyle: Most often a bun
Voice: Hugh Dancy - {X}
Overall attractiveness: Very rugged
Physical disabilities:
Missing a finger
Usual fashion of dress: Practical and tactical
Favorite outfit: A blue tunic of durable material, along with thick boots and a bit of plate
Jewelry or accessories:
~ Herenii Necklace: Worn often to honor his adopted brother (Lost)

Good personality traits:
+ Brave: Will never flee from danger, no matter how afraid he is of it
+ Considerate: He has learned to control his more asinine ways. They have only caused trouble
+ Forgiving: After his recent experiences, he has learned it best to forgive and forget
+ Good Hearted: Does all things based upon his strong ideals of goodness
+ Humble: Never thinks too highly of himself to avoid falling into pride
+ Incorruptible: His values of right and wrong will never change, just his allegiances
+ Kind: Is always looking to show kindness to others should they need it
+ Persistent: Is impossible to keep down, and will fight until he can fight no more
+ Strong Willed: If he sets his mind to something, he will do it one way or another
Bad personality traits:
- Absent Minded: Often will think before he acts or speaks, and often gets carried away
- Depressed: He has become more and more depressed since his father's demise
- Pugnacious: Always willing to fight, and even enjoys it for the most part
- Reckless: Throws himself at danger in the stead of others, or just for enjoyment
- Self-Deprecation: Always thinks far too little of himself and his abilities
- Self-Restricting: He has been holding himself back more than he should
- Stubborn: Will usually stick to his guns, rarely admitting his wrongs unless shown them
- Temperamental: It has become grown less and less since his revival, but is still there
Mood character is most often in: Generally still jovial, but there is a clear sadness in his eyes now
Sense of humor: Good, though his wit tends to run away with him
Character’s greatest joy in life: Being with his loved ones
Character’s greatest fear: Making more mistakes
Why?: His foolishness and anger have already cost him too much. He cannot afford to lose any more
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: There is little left that could hurt him thus
Character is most at ease when:
~ Around those he trusts
~ Engaging in physical pastimes
~ Trying to help others
~ Thinking of the few good interactions with his father
~ Talking with Karina
Most ill at ease when:
~ Given a weighty task
Enraged when:
~ The weak are oppressed or abused
~ The mighty flaunt their power
~ The cruel harm for the sake of harm
Depressed or sad when:
~ Good people are in pain
~ Children are mistreated
~ People do not respect each other as living things
~ Thinking of his mistakes
~ Do what is right above all else
~ Care for his family and friends
~ Help those in need
~ Overthrow tyrants and madmen
Life philosophy:
"It is not about what you are, it is about what you become."
If granted one wish, it would be: A world free of oppression
Why?: Every man deserves to be his full self
Character’s soft spot: Innocent people, especially in combat
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Might be
Greatest strength: Indomitable willpower
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Ever-growing depression
Biggest regret: That he could not be there for his father
Minor regret: That he could not effectively serve either Hawklight or Artois
Biggest accomplishment: None as of yet
Minor accomplishment: Carrying Harley across the North
Past failures he would be embarrassed to have people know about: As a boy, there was an old woman who sat on a street corner and was never anything but kind to Arthur. One day, he witnessed her being attacked by a pair of thieves, and he ran away like a coward
Why?: He failed that woman when she needed aid, and he feels her blood is on his hands
Character’s darkest secret: How broken he has become inside
Does anyone else know?: None that he knows of, he hides it better than most

Completed = {X}
Incomplete = { }
Abandoned = {/}

Drives and Motivations
Immediate goals:

{X} Karina
{ } The Project
{ } Obtain his suit of custom armor

{X} Figure out why he froze
{ } Help people in these dark times
Long term goals:
{X} Meet his father
{ } Defend the helpless
{ } Find the Nameless Knight who inspired him

{X} Find and bury his father
{ } Overcome his demons
{ } Take care of Aimie in the long run

How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Through hard work and perseverance
How other characters will be affected: Hopefully for the better

Hometown: Rouge's Hearth
Type of childhood: Incredibly rough
Pets: None
First memory: His mother singing him to sleep
Most important childhood memory:
Something warm, yet absent
Why?: It changed his entire life for the best
Childhood hero: The Nameless Knight with the kind smile
Dream job: Great king or hero
Education: Non existent
Religion: Devout Ignite
Finances: Dirt poor

Current location: Astrakhan, though he spends much time in Linlea
Currently living with: Karina, Aimie, and Creatile
~ Creatile:
A hawk which seems to be Arthur's constant companion, following him no matter where he goes. The raptor seemingly watches him always
Follows only the memory of Rahas
Occupation: Knight of the Free People
Finances: Middle-Class

~ Left home to seek a life
~ Went to Compendium to study

~ Saves Olive from Brennard Westmay
~ Meets Forrest Westergard, Tohm Mechaskus, and Isaac Dunrad, visits Thorne, meets Saffire Harcourt, adopted Batard
~ Meets Maceo de Courtnay, moves to Thorne
~ Employed by Henri Bayard as Bodyguard, not aware of the connection between the two of them, obtains Courageux
~ Saves Francis de Courtnay in the Lost Frontier, receives giant chest wound, obtains an evil axe
~ Helps care for Adiella and Astrid Cor in Knight's Haven, meets Podric Flanders, meets Carter and Elijah du Beaumont
~ Meets Cymic Seymour, made teddy bears for Astrid and Elijah
~ Attends Noble's Ball in Queensport, shot by Brennard
~ Meets Star and Carling Herennia, attends Famiglia de Ombranari
~ Saw the Scion, shoots at him, adopts Crêteaile
~ Joined by Harley Mardin
~ Goes to the far North for two years with Harley, Courageux is shattered
~ Attends Hiems Gaudiem, meets Daniel C. Herennius, falls out with Maceo
~ Tohm reforges Courageux, teaches Arthur
~ Receives anonymous letter telling him of his parentage
~ Confronts Henri, learns the truth
~ Shoots Maceo, leaves Artois
~ Moves to Blackstone, meets Carlos de Courtnay, proposes to Harley
~ Begins training under Hierax, spends three years in solitary training
~ Returns home, befriends Carlos, knighted by Drake Hawklight
~ Serves under Hierax, married to Harley
~ Harley falls ill, left the church of Ignis, bounty set on his head, falls out with Carlos
~ Harley dies, reunites with Saffire and Daniel
~ Reconciles with Carlos, learns of Rahas
~ Captured by horde of bounty hunters, taken to Artois, tortured by Maceo
~ Imprisoned for years under Maceo and Podric
~ Henri dies, Maceo dies, Arthur is executed
~ Returns from the dead, seeks out Daniel, learns of plague
~ Makes peace with Podric, reunites with Daniel
~ Pulls James Varyn from a pile of entrails
~ Fights horse-spear monster in the cave
~ Meets Thôrdil Bárúmur, commissions armor of him
~ Retrieves Henri's body, brings it to be buried in Artois
~ Takes up the Bayard name, dedicates himself to the People
~ Attends a festival in Astrakhan, moves there
~ Gives Batard a new home with Laisa
~ Gets the fingers on his right hand back

~ Attends Daniel's wedding, has an odd moment of what he can only describe as "freezing"
~ Sends letters to Segar, Thôrdil, Citrine, Theodosius, and Carlos
~ Meets with Segar, gains his support
~ Finds Aimie outside of Stoltfar, takes her in himself

~ Gets advice from Laisa and Ronak on what to do with Aimie
~ Adopts Aimie as his daughter
~ Helps investigate the Dark Order

~ Speaks with James Varyn about his Project
~ Meets Karina Harcourt, gives her lodging and gets to know her
~ Has a moment with Karina
~ Meets with Tohm and Forrest, talks about supplies
~ Grows closer to Karina, starts to feel something for her
~ Attends Segar Strand's festival, witnesses a miracle, meets Sir Reynard
~ Goes South to help with the Blight effort
~ Encounters the Keeper(s), dies fighting them
~ Returns from death for the second time
~ Learns of Segar's demise, promises retribution to Reynard
~ Returns to Linlea, proposes to Karina
~ Speaks with Podric, lets go of his hatred for Ignis
~ Meets Constantine and Sigmar, intrigued by Sigmar, makes Constantine an offer
~ Watches Francis get a smackdown from James, sees him imprisoned, goes with the Varyns to Queensport

~ Begins planning his wedding with Karina
~ Talks more with Ellie, Forrest, and Tohm
~ Invites Sugar and Isaac personally to the wedding
~ Attends Kublai's book club, meets Cedlas Feredir and Uriel, makes them offers concerning the Project

Mother (Deceased): Igraine Ashenfell
Relationship with her: Missed
Mother (Adoptive): Saffire Harcourt
Relationship with her:
At peace
Father (Deceased): Henri Bayard
Relationship with him:
Brother (Adoptive): Daniel C. Herennius
Relationship with them:
Spouse (Deceased): Harley Mardin
Relationship with her:
Fiancée: Karina Harcourt
Relationship with her: Enamoured

Children: Aimie
Relationship with them: Adored
Aunt: Delilah Ashenfell
Relationship with her: Appreciated

Color: A healthy, Bayard blue
Least favorite color: Green
Music: Ballads
Food: Rabbit
Literature: Enjoys fables
Form of entertainment: Hunting
Mode of transportation: By foot
Most prized possession(s):

~ His sword Courageux, given initially by Henri Bayard, reforged by Tohm Mechaskus
~ A cloak of Northern Wendigo fur, made by Carling Herennia

~ A necklace with a House Herenii symbol on it, given by Daniel C. Herennius (Lost)

Hobbies: Training, Hunting, Sparring, Merrymaking
~ Common: Fluent
~ Lavoye: Fluent
~ Rede: Conversational
~ Asrakosian: Learning
Plays a musical instrument?: Tried to smoke from a flute once
How he would spend a rainy day: Doing what he does any other day. It's only rain
Spending habits: Practical
Smokes: Enjoys a bit of tobacco every now and then
Drinks: He can hold his liquor like a champ
Other drugs: Does not do drugs
What does he do too much of?: Combat training
What does he do too little of?: Reading
Extremely skilled at: Swordsmanship
Extremely unskilled at: Writing
Nervous tics: Can keep a straight face when nervous
Usual body posture: Straight and bold
Mannerisms: Tends to be very approachable and kind, and often voices his opinion
~ Sometimes does not understand when others begin or finish speaking
~ Can never seem to look an escort, prostitute, or dancer in the eyes
~ Often expresses his repressed anger in unexpected ways, from stony cruelty to crazed violence

~ Will have odd momentary fits of disconnection when a family member or close friend is hurt
Illnesses: None at the moment
Allergies: Slight pollen allergy, but nothing more than an occasional itch or watering of the eyes
~ Numerous varying scars all over his body, inflicted by wild animals (healed)
~ Massive scar across his chest, inflicted by an Undead Giant (healed)
~ Small circular burn mark on his left thigh, inflicted by Brennard Westmay via magic (healed)
~ Sickle shaped scar over his right eye, inflicted by a Northern Wendigo (healed)

~ Two circular wounds in the chest, inflicted by bounty hunters via crossbow (healed)
~ Letter "A" branded into the right side of his chest, inflicted by Ignis torturers (healed)
~ Missing his middle finger on his left hand, inflicted by Podric Flanders (
Sleep schedule: It varies heavily
Energy Levels: Seemingly inexhaustible
Diet: Decently balanced
Exercise routine: Is always exercising in one way or another, be it training, hunting, or straight up working out
Memory: About average, with certain memories more prominent
Mental stability:
Certainly not mad, but two deaths has clearly affected his mind

Peaked Skill = ~
Improving Skill = +
Struggling Skill = -

Archery, ~8/10

"Draw back, breathe in, don't blink... then let go."
Has used a bow since his childhood, and has always had a natural aptitude for it

Crossbow, -5/10

"A bit too complex for my taste."
Despite his skill at archery, he struggles with a crossbow

Swordsmanship, ~9/10

"Skill of sword is stability of mind."
After training day and night for years, he has grown into a fantastic swordsman

Tracking, ~9/10

"All things can be found."
A natural born hunter, he can track animals for miles without losing their trail

Cooking, ~5/10

"I could be worse."
Despite cooking for himself many years now, it was never anything special

Reading, +7/10

"I begin to advance in this."
He is grasping this tool denied him in his youth with both hands

Writing, +6/10

"Easier than I thought at first."
With his training helping improve his hands, his penmanship improved as well

Parkour, +6/10

"Agility is a valuable tool."
Was always capable of pulling feats of dexterity, but is far from an acrobat

Social, ~7/10

"Speaking is but thinking that others can hear."
Comes off as competent, but is great company in the end

Falconry, +6/10

"Wings on the wind, bow in the hand."
Having a hawk constantly follow you is at times an advantage

Hand-to-Hand, ~8/10

"Roll with the blows, and give what you get."
Has been beaten and punched since his childhood, and can last seemingly forever

Horsemanship, -4/10

"Not overly fond of horses..."
Has never been good with these steel-shod steeds

Polearms, +4/10

"I think I may get the hang of this..."
Certainly not his best weapon, but he can still use it

Axes, ~5/10

"Rather brutish weapon, but effective."
He has used one in the past, and is reasonably competent with it

Strategy, ~7/10

"We should flank them, but keep reserves at the ready."
Having had to cram-learn it for his training, it has proved valuable



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It took a lot to get here
Optimist or pessimist?: Has become more of an Optimistic Realist
Introvert or extrovert?: In the middle
Daredevil or cautious?: Leans toward daredevil
Logical or emotional?: Emotion is what drives him
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Neatness is preferred
Prefers working or relaxing?: Working and improving
Confident or unsure of himself?: Tries to act confident
Animal lover?: Yes, very

How he feels about himself: "I am not naive enough to think myself 'Righteous'. None are righteous. Only aware of their flaws."
One word the character would use to describe self: Idiot
What does the character consider his best personality trait?: His perseverance
What does the character consider his worst personality trait?: His anger
What does the character consider his best physical characteristic?: Physical prowess
What does the character consider his worst physical characteristic?:
His missing fingers
How does the character think others perceive him: Something feared and disliked
What would the character most like to change about himself: His temper
§Relationships with Others§
Opinion of other people in general: "I pray for their wellbeing."
Does the character hide his true opinions and emotions from others?: Far more often now
Person(s) character most hates: Himself

Best friend(s): Carlos de Courtnay, Daniel C. Herennius
Love interest(s):
Karina Harcourt
Person(s) character goes to for advice: Maybe Karina?
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: People in general, Aimie, Karina Harcourt
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Karina Harcourt

Person character openly admires: Sir Tohm Mechaskus
Person character secretly admires: The Nameless Knight
Most important person in character’s life before story starts: Igraine Ashenfell
After story starts:


§In-Depth Relationships§

The Beloved~

Delilah Ashenfell: "May you live to be one hundred, you lovable old wench!"
Arthur's aunt, and his only living blood relative. She has known him basically since birth, and has always tried to keep him from trouble

Aimie Greystone du Blaireau: "I will keep you safe, my dear little pup..."
It is decided, and it will not be undone. He will raise her as his own, and offer her all the love that entails

Karina Harcourt: "I have never been so happy in all my life."
The time has finally come. Arthur is finally getting the happy ending he has always wanted, and he will always thank the divine for this wonderful woman (Angel)

The Trusted~

Carlos de Courtnay: "At least I'm the fun kind of heretic, eh Leon?"
He is relieved so much to be once again on friendly terms with Carlos, even though they now share different religious views. Arthur is always glad of the young lion's company, especially when so deeply troubled (MrMine) {Theme}

Daniel Cristian H.: "People have differences of opinion. I am alright with that."
Arthur's adoptive brother. He wishes that Daniel would understand his mindset, but cannot blame him for how he sees the world. He just hopes they can agree to disagree (Blorbis83) {Theme}

Tohm Mechaskus: "Commander, your grit never ceases to astound me."
Arthur looks up to Tohm as a gruff uncle figure, very commanding, and expecting of perfection. Despite his general scowling and stony exterior, Arthur knows the old man has a good heart and sound mind (Tohm) {Theme}

Forrest Westergard: "It was an honor serving with you, mon ami. Thank you."
He is glad that Forrest was understanding of his situation in leaving Hawklight. He will always consider him a close friend, and a trustworthy confidant (LeftwardElk)

The Befriended~

Thôrdil Bárúmur: "It would seem that I truly did get 'ahead' of myself in those caves, non?"
Arthur has grown decently fond of Thôrdil since the Blight, even owing him a good amount for saving his sword and keepsakes from being stolen or lost. Still, he is a bit wary of Lord Bárúmur, as it almost seems he is being kept about for a reason (Jazzper)

Laisa Dawnriver: "I hope Batard is happy with you, and you with him."
Arthur views Laisa, while peculiar in many ways, as a good person at heart. She is blunt, but that is no crime, and she is at least honest. He trusts her with Batard's care

Isaac Dunrad: "I am glad you have chosen to aid us."
Despite a rather rocky past of Maceo's doctrine holding him back, Isaac finally seems to understand what the Pontifex really was at this point. He is a good, sturdy man with a solid set of morals, things Arthur admires (Joseph12Q)

Carling Herennia: "You work wonders with such simple needle and thread!"
A very kindly woman who has provided Arthur much help in terms of attire, she has stitched much of his wardrobe herself, and he is very grateful for it. He always enjoys watching her and her children go about (MelodyComplex)

Ronak Rothguard: "You are quite the hardly little fellow, mon ami."
A dwarf Arthur met in Linlea who accompanied him to see Thôrdil. He seems to be quite amiable and good natured, and Art seems to enjoy his company (Mongoose )

Eleanor Strand: "I am glad you are feeling better now."
Having recently grown closer to Ellie, he has learned she has quite the spirit. She may have some seeming self image issues, but Art still thinks she is as pretty as ever, even if her hair is a bit close-cropped (Samiwashere)

Segar Strand: "It does not matter what you did. What matters is why, and I will respect that."
After Segar's return from beyond, Arthur has found him good company. He may still have some doubts as to what happened between Segar and Reynard, but he leaves it be (French Roast)

Tania Ulamyer: "You are truly impressive for one so young. You'll make for a formidable warrior in time."
As someone of great skill and good heart, Art has very high hopes for Tania. He views her as a worthy young woman with much to provide to the world as a whole, and a larger role to play (StarWillow2000)

The Amiable~

Kam Hakaiz: "You never seem to speak much."
Possibly the only Earthspawn Arthur has ever met, she seems to show up very often in the oddest of places. This, however, could simply be because she is a constant companion to King Cymic (Kamaoe)

Cedlas Feredir: "Perhaps you can do better if given the chance."
Arthur can relate to the elf in many ways, especially having heard of his past transgressions. He can understand Cedlas' want to redeem himself, and is happy to help on his path (Swiftspear)

Theodosius Herennius: "I can tell that I already quite like you, 'cousin'."
One of Daniel's many family members, he and Arthur have a lot in common as far as most things go, being men of similar morals and attitudes. He hopes that the Asrakosian ruler finds some comfort in his people (Blorbis83)

Elizabeth Kane: "It is to you to redeem the name of Kane."
With the loss of both of her parents, Arthur has found himself pitying the girl more and more. Understanding great loss himself, he has promised himself that he will show her nothing but kindness from now on (NIAH)

Kublai Kull: "Another ale for the dwarf king of the pages!"
Arthur loves nothing more than good company, and Kublai is among the best company a fellow could ask for. With his cheery optimism and interesting stories, he is certainly worth buying a pint for (Bartooliinii)

Cymic Seymour: "Your... highness...?"
By far the strangest and most unorthodox monarch Arthur has ever met, Cymic never ceases to find new ways to surprise him. He will never be able to fully grasp that Cymic is actually King of all Sangria (Cymic_)

Sugar Silveira: "Your kindness was most needed, I'll say. Merci."
He does not really 'know' Sugar in a personal sense. He knows very little of her, in fact, only really knowing that she is a good hearted woman with a motherly approach to people, not unlike to Saffire (Ruu)

Winter Silveira: "A harlequin is always lights up a room a bit, eh?"
Sugar's daughter, Arthur finds her incredibly amusing to be around. She seems to have a boundless, manic energy that most people he's met have never seen the likes of. In all, she's great fun (mokwar)

Andre Ursae: "I thank you so much for your enlightening words!"
A priest of Rahas who, with a bit of aid from a friendly Caparii woman, managed to show Arthur the way he had been seeking. He seeks very much to speak more with the venerable knight-cleric of Slyannen (UmbraSicarius)

James Varyn: "Your reasonable ways impress me, Monsieur Varyn."
Initially wary of the Varyn name, Arthur was pleasantly surprised by his interactions with James, finding that he seems a good, stalwart man (TheDeester)

The Neutral~

Elijah du Beaumont: "Almighty, I feel so old!"
A young man who Arthur knew as just a little boy, he is surprised beyond belief that he has grown so much. Granted, the surprise is pleasant, as he seems a good, generous man

Constantine: "Perhaps the promise I see in you is valid. Only one way to know for certain."
A young lad he met at about the same time as Sigmar, he sees a lot of himself in the boy, and wonders if he will be a good candidate for the Project (MoralityMan)

Kitrana Dawnriver: "Smile every now and then! No need to act as though the world is only darkness."
It is a very interesting relation that Arthur and Kitrana have. The two do not mix well at all, Arthur being far less serious than Kitrana and all, but times force them to work together anyhow (French Roast)

Sigmar: "Non, I am certain. I have seen your face somewhere before..."
Curiosity floods Arthur's mind at the thought of that boy, with the oddly familiar eyes and features. He does not know why, but somehow, Sigmar instills in him a sense of... guilt...? (Archbishop)

Uriel: "A truly interesting dagger, mon ami."
Yet another young man with a sense of intrigue surrounding him. His questions concerning the knight's profession as well as his background has led Arthur to take a special interest in this boy (BoredBrit)

The Uncertain~

Pod Flanders: "We were once friends, comrades. We will never be thus again, but I hope we may at least not be enemies."
If he is ever to truly get past his guilt with Artois, Arthur must somehow make amends with Podric. Sadly, it would seem that is nearly impossible at this point (Luam)

Olive Kov'Gra'Sek: "Should I truly have saved you?"
He recalls among his first recent memories that he once saved this girl from certain death at the hands of the Kanes, yet he never 'met' her personally. He begins to wonder if that was a good choice (Smurf)

The Nameless Knight: "I wish I could thank you..."
The one man who inspired Arthur's gallant and righteous dreams, all he can recall of the Knight is a blue cross and kind, starry eyes

The Disfavored~

Sir Reynard: "You might have made a decent point, had you not tried to hide your deeds with death."
Reynard initially seemed to be at least an honest man. However, he has now committed crimes which very much mirror Arthur's own, and it would seem both will pay the price (TheDeester)

The Abhorred~

Francis de Courtnay: "How is it that you are less tolerable now than you were before?"
Francis is still alive, and Arthur is, to be honest, less than enthused. He could never bring himself to hurt Francis in the past, but he has sorely wanted to (BoredBrit)

Alison Kane: "And here I had thought the Blight was our greatest enemy."
Despite having been resurrected from the dead himself, Arthur is far less pleased that Alison too lives once more. He makes no pretense about his wish to return her to the grave (Elz)

The Departed~

Igraine Ashenfell: "I long for the day when I can hold your hand one last time..."
Arthur's mother, the woman who raised him, a harlot, and the one wound which time cannot heal. She is the reason Arthur can never look a pleasure woman in the eyes

Henri Bayard: "Rest easy, father. Your name will live on."
He will never fully get over losing his father, but he has no choice but to move on. At least now he has finally been laid to rest in the country he built, by the people he loved (Archbishop) {Theme}

Maceo de Courtnay: "For both our sakes, I hope your rest is peaceful, and eternal."
Arthur chooses to just accept that this is what had to happen. Maceo may have been among his greatest enemies, but he chooses to remember the noble knight, not the madman who came later (BoredBrit)

Saffire Harcourt: "You will never be a memory. Mother."
Saffire had done so much for Arthur, taking him in, caring for him, helping him any way she could, and he will never forget that. All Saffire ever wanted was a family, and Arthur is proud to be a part of it (Angel) {Theme}

Brennard Westmay: "Perhaps you were not unlike myself, once..."
Duke Westmay was the one man Arthur ever had it within himself to genuinely fear. It was not his magic or his power that frightened Arthur, but that he could see himself in Brennard's eyes. Only time and war will tell (Mitch)

Star, the White Wolf: "Too many lights go out in this world. You were one of them."
The White Wolf was always someone Arthur respected, as she was among the happiest, most kindly people he knew. Her loss is a true blow to those who called her friend, and he will truly miss her (ToastySpam)

The Absent~

There have been many Arthur has met throughout the years, and many fall to the back of his mind for the moment. Though remembered, they are little more than that

Drake Hawklight (Jak
Irinei Veon (Levansy)
Dum'ni Plug (dUMMY)
Tirius Westergard (Tohm)
Marcelo Scorpetti (pyrocide)
Octavia Jones (Samiwashere)
Áedan Ó Corván (Jase)
Lavender Caraway (Ambillis)
Adiella Cor (bettemus99)
Astrid Cor-Seymour (Ruu)
Katla Croft (Arcana)

The characters who have inspired Arthur Ashenfell are many, but the four who make up his main personality are King Arthur Pendragon of "Le Morte de Arthur", Alexander Hamilton, Anakin Skywalker of "Star Wars", and T.E. Lawrence, better known as "Lawrence of Arabia". As far as physical characteristics go, he is a blatant and unabashed ripoff of Jon Snow from the HBO and George R.R. Martin TV series "Game of Thrones"
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Courageux (Longsword)

Arthur's longsword of Lavoyard make, it is made of durable steel, and is always kept beside him. Its grip has engraved upon it the words "I Am the Sword in The Darkness", and it bears the bronze head of a badger for a pommel

Courageux, with scabbard
Sheathed and tied
Head of the Badger

Buteur (Longbow)

A sturdy oak longbow made by Arthur himself, he has kept it up and improved upon it over time. It has a good draw strength, and can fire an arrow with lethal force


Mon Espoir (Rapier)

The only weapon he found in tact near his father, Arthur took it as a sign of hope, and a memory of his father. It is well balanced, and seems to have good craftsmanship. Though not as powerful as Courageux, the rapier is far lighter, and is an effective weapon in close quarters

The blade as a whole
The ornate grip

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and here i was, thinking that the only reason the deal was accepted was because neither of them had any knowledge of it at all. the only one who knew for sure was dead.


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Elizabeth Kane (Niah)
"I had hoped of more from you, but you are just another Kane."

It's too late at this point, she's just another Kane to cut down, and Artair sees no reason not to.
Aww. I dont remember any direct interactions since Compendium. Sad day. :(


It took a lot to get here
Aww. I dont remember any direct interactions since Compendium. Sad day. :(
Most of what he knows of Elizabeth has been told through others. He hasn't seen her himself, but he's not heard anything good.