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Artifacts of Altera

Discussion in 'Artifacts' started by Solus, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. Solus

    Solus Solzilla Staff Member Server Owner

    Character Name:
    Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
    In-game Town/City:

    Relics have begun to spring up in Altera. They harbor special features, albeit far from powerful. They mostly seem to be visually appealing and are akin to parlor tricks. These are the special item unit and their holders. All info is to be learned in-game!

    ☄️ Divine Doohickey

    Blessed by select members of the Pantheon to strengthen faith, these instruments can only be used by those who favor the divines. They tend to be thematic and carry more sentimentally religious tunes than Arcane artifacts. Cannot be used by an Arcane Student or Mage. Some are only specific to their divine faith.
    ✨ Arcane Baubles

    These artifacts vary between the Four Schools of Magic and tend to be more free-form. Cannot be used by a Divine Booned Character.
    One cannot attune to more than one artifact at a time.

    To use an artifact, one must be willing and must then harmonize with the object of favor, first. It requires a short moment of meditation with the object touched throughout it, approximately 10 minutes in Roleplay. Equivalent to a short rest. Upon attuning, the object's contents would then make the wearer or holder aware of its uses. Essentially, a mortal is able to only attune to one artifact at a time.

    To un-attune, one most simply remove the object from their grasp and touch. They cannot attune to another object until a full OOC day.
    Reprisal (Backlash):
    The body of the character trying to attune to an object is rejected. The artifact begins to burn hot and a bright flash emanates between the body of the holder and the object, stunning them. The object violently escapes their grasp as if an invisible force rips them apart, knocking a character off their feet for a good while.

    After effects: The character is under emotional distress for a few days.

    A reprisal occurs under these conditions:
    +Someone who is blessed by Divines with a boon is trying to use an Arcane Artifact.
    +A Mage or Magical Student is trying to use a Divine Artifact.
    +Someone attuned to one Artifact is trying to attune to a Second.
    +Someone who un-attunes one artifact would then attempt to attune to another in the same OOC day.
    +Someone who disrespects the Pantheon attempts to attune to a Divine Artifact.
    The Magical Artifact loses its status. It can physically be destroyed, a divine removes its blessing, or it reaches its maximum usage if it has a cap to its abilities. It then becomes mundane fragments of what it used to be.
    (OOCly- if the object is causing a ruckus, is OP, or overall Lore/Event Council/Staff wishes to remove it, a Clamor occurs IC).

    The Format:
    Name - Can be anything.
    Physical Description - Visual.
    Ability - Roll d% if relevant. What it do.
    Attuned to - Player Character. N/A
    TheDeester For discussion and limits
    Solus For putting it all together
    Lore Council for ideas and artifacts
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
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  2. Solus

    Solus Solzilla Staff Member Server Owner

    Character Name:
    Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
    In-game Town/City:
    +Please do not make up artifacts with special powers. And don't pester a Staff member to add artifacts or give you one. The ones approved by Lore are listed below.
    +This thread is public so that there is no miscommunication on the uses of these artifacts and so that we can keep track of it.
    +Please do not metagame the holders of these artifacts.
    +If you have an artifact below and it was stolen, it broke, it was given to someone else, or other, please contact a Staff member so that they can update the status of the artifact below.
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  3. Solus

    Solus Solzilla Staff Member Server Owner

    Character Name:
    Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
    In-game Town/City:

    Name -
    Physical Description -
    Ability -

    Attuned to -
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  4. Solus

    Solus Solzilla Staff Member Server Owner

    Character Name:
    Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
    In-game Town/City:

    Name - Incandescence
    Physical Description - Sword engraved with 'Truth Illuminates' in Old Arcturian.
    Ability - At will, the blade may glow with an inner radiance sufficient to light his surroundings. When glowing, the sword may also cast the weekly use of [Sunburst] from it as if the other conditions were met. In this case, contact must be made between the sword and the intended target, at which point the sword flashes brightly and does the smite.
    Attuned to - Ignis' Blessed (BoredBrit)
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2017
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