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Lord of Altera


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[ Ass (Edger), Heretic (The Old Inquisition), Dad (Arya), Warden of Cape Crow (it's a title, bitch), Lord/Warden Crow (Various), Master of Coin (it’s a title/occupation, bitch), Aezero/Hairy beast (Lilinoe), Future King (Citrine), Idiot (self yes), Breadmaker (Valtae) ]

Status: Alive. Depressed. Alone. Focused. Excited. Stressed.


- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 26
- Height: 6'2"
- Face: Somewhat rectangular face. A strong jawline. [x]
- Weight/Build: 205 lb, well sculpted. He prides his muscular physique but doesn’t flaunt it. [x]
- Eye Color: A greenish-hazel. [
- Hair Style: Kept manageable, but not too short. [
- Hair Color: Dark brown- almost black. [x]
- Facial Hair: Beautiful beard/mustache. [
- Hygiene: Clean, washes regularly.
- Voice: [x]

General Stuff
- Alignment: Chaotic Good
- Preference and marital status:
+ Heterosexual
+ Single.

- Languages: Common (Expert), Elven (Proficient)
- Finances: Upper-middle class
- Mental State: Decide for yourself IC
- Titles: Lord
- Organizations: The Guardians
- Current residence: Linlea
- Religious habits: Apatheism, but he rarely reveals that.
- Philosophy: He resides in a healthy medium ground between optimism and pessimism. A realist.
- Personality: Asero is a mix of many things. While he is open minded for the most part, he can be strong willed when in a mood. He is logical, thinking things through and considering various options. Even though he is a great fighter, he tries to use his words before drawing his weapon. He only reveals a soft or vulnerable side to trusted people, not voicing his problems to strangers. He doesn't strive to gain titles or power, being far more attracted to the prospect of pulling strings from the shadows.
- Occupation: Demon killer // Monster hunter // Tattoo artist // Alchemist // Artist // Carpenter // Guard
- Birth: Sometime in winter, up north.

Identifying Marks
Current Injuries:
- Sore. All over.
- Asero’s face is covered with deep and shallow cuts, painful bruises, and random swelling. The cuts are stitched and worst of the bruises are tended to.

- Three long gashes on the front of his left thigh from a wendigo.
- A bite scar from a vendryl murqkel on his left shin.
- A wolf bite scar on his right cheek. [
- Three wolf bite scars. Two on his left leg, one on the right.
- A scar across the side of his right bicep
- A scar from an axe on his left shoulder.

Bad Habits:
- He's back to emptying his flask throughout the day
- Not able to sleep too well

- Tattoo of an arrow, underside of his right forearm. [x]
- 'Memento Mori' on the back of his right hand. [x]
- A compass on his left wrist. [x]
- Two intertwined snakes on his right bicep. [x]
- A crow in front of a triangle/C, left forearm. [x]
- Stylized dragon on his right forearm. [x]
- A (Hawaiian) design on his left shoulder/upper arm. [x]
- A tattoo of flying birds that wraps around his right arm. [

General Inventory:
(Some carried in a messenger bag)
- Medical supplies
- Two Healing I potions

- Two Harming I potions
- Two Regeneration I potions
- Fancy flask, given by Edger [
x] (Edouard2000)
- A small assortment of food
- Drawing pad and writing stick
- Gloves
- Two folded sacks
- A Wendigo corpse. A bolt in its head and chest, a deep, singed slash across the chest, and a small gash on its knee
- A white carnation!
- A note by Fronslin

- Steel Schiavona [x][x] [Description]
- Steel Dagger [x] [
- Steel shortsword [x]
- A fancy dagger~ [x] (Asirel Luik)
- Tempered Steel schiavona [x]
- Tempered Steel longsword [x]
- Throwing knife [x]
- Best sword [
x] [Description]
- A new crossbow [x] [Description]
- A steel dagger. Not the best quality [x]
- Another nice knife [x]

- Chainmail shirt [
- Hauberk [x]
- Morion [x]
- Guard armor (Ddaug) [x]
- Enchanted steel plate boots [x][x]
- Bitchin' armor. The helm is damaged. [x](main)[x](helmet)[x](gold accents) [Description]

- Northern. (Brown/Tan) [x]
- Fancy. (Black/Light blue) [x]
- Usual. (Black) [x] (w/o the hood)
- Black gloves [x]
- Casual. (White/Brown) [x] (w/o shoulder pads or gauntlets)
- Fancy. (Burgundy/Black) [x] (Samiwashere)
- Fancy. (Navy blue/Burgundy/White) [
- Casual. (Black/Grey/Brown) [
- Fancy. (Burgundy/Eggshell/Grey) [x]

- Simple grey and black ring. Not worn. [x]
A silver ring with a crow engraved in it. Not worn. [x] (Asirel Luik)
A simple necklace. The bone pendant has an engraved crow. [x] (Legendary Fiction)
- A silver ring with a black half heart on it.
Now kept as a memento of good times. [x] (Asirel Luik)
Golden ring with a black stone. Always worn. [x]
A leather wristband with a charm attached, a citrine gem on it. Always worn. [x] (Samiwashere)
A silver ring with a leafy design and sapphire gem. Always worn. [x]
- Not even sure how tf to describe it but this. [x]
- Membership ring. Always worn. [
- A diamond/citrine earcuff, on a necklace. Not worn. [x]
- A gold, silver, and black ring. Worn sometimes. [x]

Name: S.K. (Second Kitty)
Sex: Male
Age: 3 year
Likes: Asero (Still a bit wary though), sunlight, sitting by Asero (sometimes), playing, chasing birds and mice, milk.
Dislikes: Strangers, Kitty. S.K. is quite friendly tbh.
Name: Two
Sex: Male
Age: 3 year
Likes: Asero, Citrine, his sister (Cuddles), wrestling with Three, nipping at hands and exposed feet, nuts and berries.
Dislikes: Loud noises, thunderstorms, being alone, meat.
Name: Three
Sex: Male
Age: 3 year
Likes: Asero, Citrine, his sister (Cuddles), sitting by Asero, looking at things, milk.
Dislikes: Strangers, surprises, his ears being touched.
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year
Likes: Asero, Citrine, playing with Two and Three, sweet food, rolling around in rugs.
Dislikes: Belly touching, leaves, bright lights, morning-time.
Name: Breadmaker
Sex: Male
Age: Eight weeks
Likes: TBD
Dislikes: TBD


- Has been to through the demon portal, twice. Survived it with minor injuries.
- Survived a rather nasty Wendigo encounter.
- Survived being run over by a giant bone monster.
- One of the first to see the Makani.
- Managed to annoy a floating skull-demon. Survived.
- Fought a couple Scorpies.
- Built a home at Cape Crow.
- Became Master of Coin.
- Casual fun times with a Queen.
- Long term fun time with a Queen. :heart:
- Survived a bear encounter.
- Engaged to a Queen.~
- Creatures killed: Two Kaiser Scorpions, hundreds of demons, multiple wolves, Woodland Wendigo, Road Walker, Desert Spirit, (Ant-thing).

List of Creatures Fought:
- Numerous demons
- Giant skeleton monster(s)
- Northern Wendigo [
- Kaiser Scorpion(s) [
- Giant insect(s)
- Bear(s)
- Cave Wendigo [
- Kinslai [
- Vendryl Murqkel(s) [
- Wolf(ves)
- Woodland Wendigo [
- Arbori(s) [x]
- Road Walker [x]
- Tremorback Devil [
- Desert Spirit [x]

- (Ant-thing)
- (Gemstone golem)

- Animal: Cat~
- Place: Cape Crow
- Color: Black, red, gray, gold, silver.
- Person: Edger, Citrine
- Drink: Wine, Whiskey

Least Favorite
- Animal: Northern Wendigo
- Place: N/A
- Color: N/A
- Person: N/A
- Drink: Poison

Characteristics and Skills
- Thirst for knowledge
- Quick learner
- Literate and educated
- Calm in almost every situation
- Logical
- Great artist
- Loyal and compassionate
- He knows how to make people feel special or valued
- Great fighter
- He is skilled in wide array of things
- His slight paranoia makes him plan out various scenarios

- He can be quite rude or arrogant, if he is drunk or in a bad mood
- Sometimes, achieving his goals wins over doing what is right
- Closed, emotionally. Only revealing his true thoughts and fears to one or two people who he trusts dearly
- His loyalty is true, but it isn't blind. Though it would hurt him, he would take actions against someone who he considers a close friend if required
- His slight paranoia can cause him to think too much into stuff
- Loneliness is his worst enemy

- Dying before achieving anything important
- Confinment
- Having his loyalty betrayed
- Losing any of his abilities, physical or mental

- Catching the disease (again)

Acrobatics - {5/10} [I can jump around.]
Stealth - {5/10} [Improving!]
Strength - {7/10} [Getting there...]
Balance - {7/10} [When I'm not drunk, I'm fine.]
Swordsmanship - {8/10} [I’m pretty good.]
Polearms - {2/10}
Blunt Weaponry - {0/10}
Spears - {0/10}
Axes - {1/10} [Did it once.]
Archery - {0/10}
Crossbow - {8/10} [Target practice is fun.]
Defence - {7/10} [I practice this a lot.]
Knife Throwing - {6/10} [Throw, throw, throw.]

Alchemy - {10/37} [Alchemy is enjoyable~]
Herbalism - {0/10}
Medical - {4/10} [Clean, bandage, repeat?]
Smithing - {1/10} [Wooo! Learning.]
Fletching - {0/10}
Culinary - {10/10} [Now if I could find someone to share with...]
Brewing - {0/10}
Agriculture - {8/10} [Dig, plant, water.]
Fishing - {2/10} [Boring...]
Mining - {2/10} [<backstory>]
Excavation - {0/10}
Tailoring - {1/10} [Sewing sucks!]
Woodcutting - {2/10} [Need to do more of this.]
Architecture - {0/10}
Literary - {9/10} [Reading is fun.]
Piano - {9/10} [I am getting better!]
Tattooing - {9/10} [Seems easy enough...]
Wood Carving - {8/10} [Improving!]
Sketching - {10/10} [Do it all the time~]
Forgery (handwriting) - {7/10} [Practicing for a while!]
Lockpicking - {0/10}
Pickpocketing - {0/10}
(Thank ya, Arcana)

Short Term Goals:
- Figure it out
- Experiment

- Continue fighting
- Get his helm fixed
- Heal

Long Term Goals:
- Learn magic
- Learn medicine and healing
- Don't die
- Get rich (quick)
- Learn various musical instruments
- House Crow
- Master alchemy
- Continue to stay alive
- Get her back.


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Lord of Altera
By Lady Alec

Romantic Interest
- N/A

- Citrine: “We were perfect, you were perfect... we told each other there was no one else for us, and while I can’t seem to let go of that, I guess you may not have meant it as much. But I am the one who screwed up, and I feel... empty...”
Asero gradually fell for Citrine. She made him feel things he didn’t know he’d feel, and forever changed him for the better. Even years after their split, he is broken hearted and longs for her love.

- Edger: "I wish to see you more. It’d make me... happy, again. It’s good to know you’re just a letter away, though."
Edger is Asero’s closest friend, pretty much a brother. They’ve been through so much together, sharing many fond memories. Asero finds Edger to be part of what keeps him afloat.

[x] (Edouard2000)

- Iskvandar: "You're not dead!! I’m glad to see you again."
Even though Asero and Iskvander got to know each other through Asero's shady side business, Asero found that Isk made a great conversation partner and philosophy buddy. He enjoys their chats, as far and few as they may be.

- Veriswen: I’m sorry if what I did will effect you in a bad way. But I had to do it.
Asero has known Veris for a quite a while. He feels that she's changed, however, and disliked her recent behavior towards him. He hopes he can get back to the usual friendship they had.


- Vorar: “Our chats are never dull, and I enjoy learning from you. I wonder when we’ll talk again.”
Asero is a Vorar fanboy.

- Star: “I am really annoyed with you. You better not die.”
Asero met Star when he hired her as a guard for Aelmere, and promoted her to his personal guard when he got to know her. Her recklessness and hero complex gives him quite the headache, and reminds him of his youth. He wants to be a father to her, but doubt and thoughts of failure hold him back.

- Gilligan: “I’m glad we met. We share some interests and I feel that I can talk to you about things without consequence. A condfidant, if you will.”
Gilligan is the only person to ever become Asero’s friend in such a short span of time. Maybe it’s because of his anxious behavior, but whatever it is, Asero enjoys this Caparii’s company and finds him to be a good listener.

- Remi: "You were a good leader... too bad Memi weakened the Empire. Where are you now...?"
Asero believes Remi Wise is a good leader, fit to rule. He enjoyed his time working with him, and regrets not having spent more time doing so. He wishes he could talk more with the Emperor.

- Nireth: "You are quite calm, and nice to be around. I want to talk more- maybe not about such personal matters though..." Asero's interactions with Nireth have all been quite nice. He wishes to get to know her more and possibly learn from her.
(Lady Alec)

- Valtae: "I like you; You’re a good listener and a valuable acquaintance. A friend, even, if things go well."
Asero met Valtae through his art business, and he's come to see her as a friendly individual. He hopes she can push through this sickness to pursue her passion of being a healer.


- Kam: "I am sorry about your eye. You’re a brave warrior though, so I doubt it’ll hinder you. Let’s go hunting some time!"
Asero loves Kam's company. He thinks she's awesome, and quite the badass. He wants to get to know her more.


- Leofaren: "Brave, smart, and a brilliant researcher. I’m glad we have you on our side."
Leofaren seems like good company to Asero. They are both researching the disease, and Asero hopes to work with him soon. Perhaps on some alchemy experiments.


- Elarinya: "We were good friends... what happened?"
When they first met, Elarinya was a quivering woman that was used to being quiet. Asero is proud of how far she has come. Though at one point he was romantically interested in her, they were both better suited as friends. He wonders when he’ll see her again.


- Melarue: "You’re tough, logical, and a great healer. I don’t mind taking orders from you."
Melarue has earned Asero’s respect, as he feels she’s is giving her all in the effort against the infection. He’s glad to help her however he can.


- Podric: “I guess I’ve warmed up to you, somewhat. You aren’t burning every non-worshipper in sight, at least.”
Asero thinks that Podric is a brave and dutiful man. While he does note that Podric patronizes him at times, that doesn’t shake his views.


- Fronslin: “I think you’re great... we seem to understand each other in a perfect way, and it feels as though I’ve been fighting alongside you for years, even if it’s just been a few months.”
Asero hopes he and Fronslin become friends. They share interests and goals, and are strikingly alike in many ways. He feels excited at the prospect of future missions and adventures with Fronslin.


- Kethron: “We are seeing one another much more now, and I’m quite happy about that. You’ve got guts, man.”
Asero doesn’t know Kethron too well, but he’s been pleased with him so far. Seeing Keth’s bravery and skill on display during the wendigo fight left a good impression on Asero.


- Laisa: "I guess you're not as odd as I first thought. Still a bit... weird, but in a good way. I mean, what kind of person likes /frogs/ this much?"
Asero enjoys talking with Laisa and learning more about her. It seems there is more to her than he assumed.

- Lilith: "It seems like the feeling isn't mutual... however, I still think conversing with you is fun."
Asero finds Lilith to be mysterious. He wished to begin some sort of relationship with her, but he's put that aside. He'd still like to forge some type of acquaintance, perhaps.

- “Vanessa”: “Hm... you’re definitely something else. Mysterious, yet still approachable. And fun.”
Asero is certain he doesn’t entirely know “Vanessa,” but he intends to get to know her more. While she doesn’t seem to hold his interest, he does have fun when with her.
(French Roast)

- Joseph: "I see potential in you. My criticism may be harsh, but I mean it in the best way possible."
The ranger kid. Asero plans to watch Joe throughout the infection ordeal. He feels Joe needs to act like a leader.

- Akasha: “You’re still quite grumpy, but I guess it is a bit fun to annoy you sometimes.”
Asero isn't quite sure if he really enjoys talking with Akasha or not. He has yet to decide if he likes her or not.

(Lady Alec)

- Thordil: “Hm. You are an interesting one- it seems you have everything you want, and you know everything you need.”
Asero finds Thordil interesting, and hopes to talk more with him.

- Theodosius: “I am indifferent. It bores me to talk with you.”
Theo hasn’t earned Asero’s respect in the time they’ve known each other. Asero think Theo is nice, but he knows that niceness alone doesn’t make a ruler good.


- Raalvara: “Another brave fighter. I won’t admit it to you, but playing dares with you has been one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.”
Asero and Raal haven’t interacted much, but from what he’s seen he thinks she’s quite agreeable. He’d be happy to chat more with her.


- Kopii: “I feel you are somewhat wary of me. This is most probably due to a mistake on my end... hopefully I may right it.”
Asero views Kopii as a soft spoken, kind-hearted Formist. He hopes to get to know Kopii more, having heard many good things about him from Nireth.


- Cedlas: "You first tried to steal from me. I thought I taught you a lesson, but no. You went on to try and steal from Ela and Lillium. Try it again, I dare you..."
Cedlas tried to steal from Asero, and Asero punched him in the face. At a later arrest for attempting to steal from Lillium, Cedlas spat on Asero. And then Asero punched Cedlas in the face, again. Suffice to say, Asero likes punching Cedlas in the face.

(MTG Pro)

- Arianne: "Why would you attempt a pact with a foreign entity? You cost us an important asset, one many people suffered to get."
Arianne is Asero's first lover and ex-wife. He found himself indifferent to her once he got over her, but once again felt at odds when she joined Maceo's church. He has been reminded to stay wary of her nature due to the recent incident.

- Jaden: "I find you to be arrogant and violent; brutish. I’ve heard from a few that there’s more to you than that, but I’ve yet to see such for myself."
Asero has never liked Jaden, however, due to recent events, Asero feels that the man is at least a good, risking his life to protect the people in Linlea.
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Lord of Altera

- Stoltfar
- Storm's Landing
- Learns of the war and recent attack
- Meeting Haefer (Samiwashere)
- Meeting Arianne (Bobert)
- Compendium- sees one of the monsters, a quest for more knowledge about them begins.
- Hears of the portal attack organized by Sif, he goes and helps fight. Comes back with only minor injuries and a broken leg. "I went to hell and back... twice."
- Healed by Tzemik- is intrigued in magic
- Meeting Edger (Edouard2000)
- Learns of Ari's death
- Writes a book on the Osvajaci (demon things) and gives it to the Edric for the library
- Aelmere
- Linlea attack. Gravely injured.
- Arianne...? Arianne. (Bobert)
- Bounty
- Turns himself in- he is forced to learn of Ignis
- Gets out, fuck these religious folk
- Emyn Arnen
- First tattoo!
- PROPOSING. Hope Ari says yes... (she did)
- Rhaenil is not Albright's kid... she is me and Arianne's.
- Arget Isles?
- Married! Yay!
- Moved to Arget Isles, as a family "Seems like a damn good place."
- Arianne reveals that her love for him died months ago. She leaves him, just days after the wedding. (Bobert)
- Meeting Velatha. (Asirel Luik)
- The attempt.
- Velatha helps him with his sadness
- Moved on, off to new adventures.
- Aurum! "I think this place seems nice..."
- Velatha~ (Asirel Luik)
- Meeting Velatha's brother, Dominar (Dominar)
- Leaving Aurum, off to Crow's Perch
- Taken up residence in Crow's Perch, now training under Dominar
- Thinking back on the pact he made and the jar, he is now confused on whether or not he is right in being a heretic
- Meeting Arya (FeignedMusician)
- After telling that her parents abandoned her, Arya decides she wants Asero and Velatha to be her new parents.
- Giving his first tattoo (Asirel Luik)
- Courting Vela! (Asirel Luik)
- Joining House Wise
- Confused about religion...
- Nope, I made my mind up.
- Learning piano! (StarWillow2000)
- Cedlas tried to rob him. Cedlas gets za face punch
- I may train Posey... (Catena)
- Meeting Citrine (Samiwashere)
- Ela's wedding celebration! Cedlas tried to rob Lillium and was apprehended, some man started doing fire tricks, and it ended with Ela giving birth. What an event...
- Venturing into Queen's Port woods with Edger, Dominar, Iskvander, and Dray to investigate people snatching... and not only being attacked by a bear and losing supplies, but also being attacked by a demon deer creature. Isk died... (Edouard2000, Dominar, Vincentius, StarWillow2000)
- I gave her a ring. And she said yes! We're engaged!!! (Asirel Luik)
- Became Warden of Cape Crow through Lord Remi Wise. (Ddaug)
- So many scorpions to fight!
- Stupid trial.
- That was one helluva night!
- Masquerade ball (Asirel Luik)
- Led a successful expedition into the desert to save Remi, Edger, Kyiat, and Viktor.
- Became Master of Coin for House Wise
- Thorne ball
- Working things out with Velatha. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but in the end you know you would never change the past.
(Asirel Luik)
- Coronation
- Befriending Citrine (Samiwashere)
- The spelunking adventure! (Piratep00f)
- Uh-... I think you may have drank too much. (Samiwashere)
- The lil getaway-vacation
- Got some new stuff from Vorar! (Baron)
- Please don’t die. I NEED A NEW ADVENTURE BUDDY. (Ruu)
- I swear on my sword.(Samiwashere)
- I’m ready. (Samiwashere)
- The island adventure
- Citrine disappears- after a few days, a party is formed and they rescue her from bandits
- Possible war... making trips to Queensport for peaceful solutions
- Going public with her. (Samiwashere)
- The attack on Queen's Port
- Coming back, phew
- A cave adventure! Yay- oh- fuck- SHIT, A BEAR
- Recovery.
- Arget... and... PROPOSAL! (Samiwashere)
- The damn break...
- And the breakup. (Samiwashere)
- Building a house at Cape Crow.
- Kitty’s death.

- Another bear encounter?!? In a tavern?!?
- Moving to Compendium for research and hospital help.
- The hunt for diseased animals from Storm's Landing. Asero kills a Wendigo and saves Jhaeros.
- Being led to a wolf’s den by a Whisp. Asero takes in a wolf pup.
- The wolves, bear, dragon, and arbori attacks.
- The evacuation
- The events in Linlea.
- Getting infected at the cave.

- Cured.
- Telling her.
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Lord of Altera
Alright. This is my new character- I can hope I will enjoy him as much as Althalos.
Anyone who RPed with Althalos before he got all... dark and cynical, may see some similarities ;)