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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Face: Somewhat rectangular face. A strong jawline - [x]
Weight and Build: 205 lb, athletic and muscular physique - [x]
Eye Color: A greenish-hazel - [x]
Hair Style: Not too long, not too short. Styled messily; either pushed back, or side swept to the left. - [x]
Hair Color: Dark brown- almost black - [x]
Facial Hair: Beautiful beard/mustache - [x]
Hygiene: Clean, washes regularly
Voice: Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil - [x] [x]
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Asero is a mix of many things. While he is open minded for the most part, he can be strong willed when in a mood. He is logical, thinking things through and considering various options. Even though he is a great fighter, he tries to use his words before drawing his weapon. He only reveals his true thoughts and emotions to the few close to him. He distastes addiction of any sort.
Philosophy: A healthy medium ground between optimism and pessimism- a realist.
Preference and Marital Status:
Languages Spoken:
Common - Expert
Elven - Fluent
Finances: Upper-middle class
Lord of Cape Crow (Shortened to Lord)
Warden of Cape Crow
Master of Coin
Ass - Edger
Lord Crow - Segar
Breadmaker - Valtae
Heretic - The Old Inquisition
Dad - Arya
Aezero/Hairy beast - Lilinoe
Future King - Citrine
Idiot - Himself
Organizations: The Guardians
Demon hunter
Monster hunter
Tattoo artist
Cape Crow - Main residence
Linlea - “Vacation” home
Religious Habits: A heretic, but he rarely reveals that
Birth: Sometime in winter, up north
Current Injuries:
Scars: [x]
A small scar on his throat, very faint
Three long gashes on the front of his right thigh from a wendigo
A bite scar from a vendryl murqkel on his left shin
A wolf bite scar on his right cheek - [x]
Three wolf bite scars; two on his left leg, one on the right
A scar across the side of his right bicep
A scar from an axe on his left shoulder
Numerous scars across his face, the most prominent ones being towards the center. His lip and nose also have small scars that stand out
Tattoos: [x]
An arrow on the underside of his right forearm - [x]
'Memento Mori' on the back of his right hand - [x]
A compass on his left wrist - [x]
Two intertwined snakes on his right bicep - [x]
A crow in front of a triangle/C, left forearm - [x]
Stylized dragon on his right forearm - [x]
A (Hawaiian) design on his left shoulder/upper arm - [x]
Flying birds that wrap around his right arm - [x]
The White Wolf icon above the second joint of his right middle finger - [x]
A small, simple triangle on the back of his left hand - [x]
A feather on the back of his left hand, the top ending right at his wrist - [x]

Thirst for knowledge
Quick learner
Literate and educated
Talented artist
Loyal and compassionate
Very consolatory
Physically attractive
Excellent fighter
Wide array of skills
A hint of paranoia
A constant clash of logic v. emotion often complicates life for Asero
Closed, emotionally- only revealing his deepest thoughts and feelings to those extremely close
His actions are often misinterpreted, leading to frequent annoyance
A hint of paranoia
He can’t stand loneliness, and his extended period of it has left him broken
Often gets quite drunk in private
Rarely able to sleep properly
Dying before achieving anything important
Having his loyalty betrayed
Being seriously maimed, physically or mentally
Catching the disease again

Has been to through the demon portal, twice. Survived it with minor injuries
Has fought many monsters and beasts
One of the first to see the Makani
Managed to annoy a floating skull-demon. Survived
Built a home at Cape Crow
Became Master of Coin
Casual fun times with a Queen
Long term fun time with a Queen
Engaged to a Queen~
People saved:
Creatures killed:
Three kaiser scorpions
Hundreds of demons
Multiple wolves
Woodland wendigo
Road walker
Desert spirit
Sparkling scissor bug
Cave wendigo
List of Creatures Fought:
Numerous demons
Northern wendigos - [x]
Kaiser scorpions - [x]
Giant insects
Cave Wendigos - [x]
Vendryl Murqkels
Numerous wolves
Woodland Wendigos - [x]
Arboris - [x]
Road Walker - [x]
Tremorback Devil - [x]
Desert Spirit - [x]
The Harvester
Krowler - [x]
Giant spider - [x]
Sparkling scissor bug - [x]
Acrobatics - {6/10}
Stealth - {6/10}
Strength - {9/10}
Balance - {8/10}
Swordsmanship - {8/10}
Polearms - {2/10}
Blunt Weaponry - {2/10}
Axes - {1/10}
Crossbow - {9/10}
Defence - {8/10}
Knife Throwing - {7/10}
Alchemy - {9/10}
Medical - {4/10}
Smithing - {1/10}
Culinary - {10/10}
Agriculture - {8/10}
Fishing - {2/10}
Mining - {2/10}
Tailoring - {1/10}
Woodcutting - {3/10}
Literary - {9/10}
Piano - {10/10}
Tattooing - {9/10}
Wood Carving - {9/10}
Sketching - {10/10}
Forgery (handwriting) - {7/10}

Short Term:
Prepare for the expedition
Continue fighting the Entity
Long Term:
Learn magic, medicine, and healing
Learn to play more instruments
Don't die
Acquire more wealth
Master alchemy
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Always Carried:
Medical supplies:
Aloe vera salve
Assorted potions:
Elixir of Soothing
Hangover Cure
Extended Elixir of Scotopia
Oil of Fire Resistance
Elixir of Strength
Fancy flask, given by Edger - [x] (Edouard2000)
A small assortment of food
Drawing pad and writing stick
Black gloves - [x]
Fronslin’s note
Intermittently Carried:
Folded sacks
Assorted jars and vials

Northern - {Brown/Tan} - [x]
Fancy - {Burgundy/Black} - [x] [x] (Samiwashere)
Fancy - {Navy blue/Burgundy/White} - [x]
❖ Fancy - {Burgundy/Eggshell/Grey} - [x]
Fancy - {Black/White} - [x]
Fancy - {Green/Grey} - [x]
Casual - {Black/Grey/Brown} - [x]
Casual - {Grey/Light brown/White/Light blue} -[x]
Simple grey and black ring, not worn - [x]
A silver ring with a crow engraved in it, not worn - [x] (Ayda)
A bone pendant necklace with an engraved crow, not worn - [x]
A silver ring with a black half heart on it, not worn - [x] (Ayda)
Golden ring with a black stone, always worn - [x]
A leather wristband with a charm attached, a citrine gem on it, not worn - [x] (Samiwashere)
A silver ring with a leafy design and sapphire gem, always worn - [x]
A silver crown-looking ring - [x]
Guardians membership ring, always worn - [x]
A diamond and citrine earcuff, on a necklace, not worn - [x]
A gold, silver, and black ring, worn sometimes - [x]
A gold pearl ring - [x]
A silver diamond ring - [x]
Steel Schiavona - [x] [x] [Description]
Steel Dagger - [x] [Description]
Steel shortsword - [x]
Fancy steel dagger - [x] (Ayda)
Tempered Steel schiavona - [x]
Tempered Steel longsword - [x]
Throwing knife - [x]
Black steel longsword - [x] [Description]
Crossbow - [x] [Description]
Poorly made steel dagger - [x]
Steel knife - [x]
Decorative sword - [x]
Chainmail shirt - [x]
Hauberk - [x]
Morion - [x]
Guard armor - [x] (Ddaug)
Enchanted steel plate boots - [x] [x]
Full plate and chain armor, all accented in gold except for the helm - [x] [x] [x] [Description] (Baron)

Name: S.K. (Second Kitty) - [x]
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Name: Two - [x] [x]
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Name: Three - [x] [x]
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Name: Four - [x] [x]
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Name: Breadmaker - [x]
Sex: Male
Age: 6 months old

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He isn’t quite sure.

Citrine - [</3] [</3] (Samiwashere)
“While I seem to have... moved on, in a way, I still feel empty. I'm unsure this void can be filled...”
Asero gradually fell for Citrine. She made him feel things he didn’t know he’d feel, and forever changed him for the better. Even years after their split, he is empty and feels broken in a sense. Citrine leaving him has left Asero broken, and he feels he is now unable to love anyone like he loved her. He has changed.
Edger - [] [] (Edouard2000)
"Thank you. You’re my closest friend... I wouldn’t be still here without you. I hope to meet more after this plague is over... just stay safe. Keep your family safe. You're truly a gift to me."
Edger is Asero’s closest friend, someone he considers a brother. They’ve been through so much together, sharing countless fond memories of intense battle against many monstrosities and creatures. Asero finds Edger to be part of what keeps him afloat; a life-raft among the ocean of unsettling, crippling thoughts in his mind.

Iskvandar - (Vincentius)
"Your death still haunts me... but I'm glad that you came back. I just wish we can see each other more when this is all over."
Even though Asero and Iskvander got to know each other through Asero's shady side business, Asero found that Isk made a great conversation partner and philosophy buddy. He enjoys their chats, as far and few as they may be. He feels in part responsible for Isk's gory death, and to this day deeply resents the animal that killed him.
Vorar - [] (Baron)
“Our chats are never dull, and I enjoyed my smithing lesson from you. Your incredible craftsmanship saved my life, and I am extremely thankful for that.”
Asero is a Vorar fanboy.
Star - [] (ToastySpam)
“I... feel responsible. And I feel angry. And sad. I feel that I should have told you what I felt.”
Asero first met Star when he hired her as a guard for Aelmere. After getting to know her more, he promoted her to be his personal guard, until he left House Wise. Star's recklessness and hero complex was a constant pain in the ass for Asero, and in the end is what got her killed- even so, he feels responsible for her death. Most of all, he regrets giving into his fears and never stepping up to be a proper father to her. In her death, he mourns her as a daughter.
Valtae - (The_VALKYRIE)
"I like you. You’re a good listener and a valuable friend. I’m happy for you- just stay safe. Please."
Though it took a long time, Asero eventually started considering Valtae more than just another person he knew- she became a valuable friend. He hopes she will stay safe from the infection and will be able to pursue her dream of becoming a healer when the plague passes.
Fronslin - (Fronslin)
“We seem to understand each other in a perfect way, and it feels as though I’ve been fighting alongside you for years, even if it’s just been a few months. Don't die anytime soon.”
In the short time they've been acquainted, Asero has come to see Fronslin has an important friend. They share numerous interests and goals, and are strikingly alike in many ways. He feels excited at the prospect of future missions and adventures with Fronslin, and is eager to help him with the Guardians.
Laisa - [] (Samiwashere)
"This is... fun. I enjoy it... but I can't get too wrapped up in it. I feel that doing so will only hurt us both."
While Asero enjoys his time with the very timid Laisa, even having fun with her despite her apathetic nature, he can’t help but feel concerned about her mental and emotional state. He enjoys her company immensely, now more than ever, and hopes that he and those close to her can help steer her away from the possibility of going down a dark road.

Remi - (Ddaug)
"You were a good leader... too bad Memi weakened the Empire. Where are you now...?"
Asero believes Remi Wise was an excellent Emperor, fit to rule. His past in Aelmere, working alongside Remi, is looked back upon fondly. He wishes he could talk more with the Emperor.
Nireth - (Lady Alec)
"You are quite calm and nice to be around... I want to talk more- just... maybe not about such personal matters..."
Asero's interactions with Nireth have all been quite nice, and she's been one of the only strangers to be able to pry secrets from him. He wishes to get to know her more.
Kam - (Kamaoe)
"You're a brave warrior- I'm glad we have you on our side, and that you got your eye back. We need to go hunting some time!"
Asero really enjoys Kam's company. He thinks she's awesome, and quite the badass. He'd enjoy hearing more stories about her previous hunts and battles.
Leofaren - (Shankster)
"Brave, smart, and a brilliant researcher. We wouldn't have a cure without you."
Leofaren seems like good company to Asero. They are both fellow Guardians and Asero hopes that his future lessons with Leo go well- however, he's concerned that Leofaren may still hold a hard grudge due to the... potion incident.
Elarinya - (StarWillow2000)
"You need to move on. I say need because... you will eat yourself up if you continue to hang on. Of course... I guess not the most qualified to talk about... moving on."
When they first met, Elarinya was a quivering woman that was used to being quiet. Asero is proud of how far she has come. Though at one point he was romantically interested in her, they were both better suited as friends. He wishes to somehow help her move on and heal.
Melarue - (Elz)
"You’re tough, logical, and a great healer. We seem to be under good leadership."
Melarue has earned Asero’s respect, as he feels that she is giving her all in the effort against the infection. He’s glad to help her how ever he can, but still wants to keep his distance.
Kethron - (Heie)
“We are seeing one another much more now, and I am quite happy about that. You’ve got guts, man.”
Asero doesn’t know Kethron too well, but he’s been pleased with him so far. Seeing Keth’s bravery and skill on display during the wendigo fight has left a good impression on Asero.
Gilligan - (Samwych)
“Hrm. We haven’t talked in a while, and you seem to have a... negative perception of me. How have I wronged you?”
They haven’t talked too much, but Asero feels Gilligan is a good person. He seems quite naive though, and very much out of place in Linlea. Asero hopes to find out why Gill seems opposed to him.
“Elayne” - [] (French Roast)
“Hm... you’re definitely something else. Secretly, I am wary of you. But still, you‘re fun... very fun.~”
Asero is certain he doesn’t entirely know “Elayne,” but he intends to perhaps dig deeper and find out more about her psychology and philosophy. He always has fun when she’s around, whether it’s in public or private.
Elizabeth - (NIAH)
“Never thought there’d be a day when I actually enjoyed talking with a Kane. It seems that you’re doing your best to lead us through this, with your focus unwavering even after death. Thank you.”
Asero is satisfied to see that Elizabeth is determined to deal with the task at hand. He enjoys talking with her, even if that is a rare occurrence, and hopes to get to know her better by the time the infection passes. He feels she might be a good ally for the future.

Akasha - (Lady Alec)
“You don’t really like me, but what can I do. Maybe we’ll be on better terms some day.
Asero isn't quite sure if he really enjoys talking with Akasha or not. He has yet to decide if he likes her, but he knows for sure that she’s an expert at her craft; a reliable smith.
Thôrdil - (Jazzper)
“Hm. You are an interesting one- it seems you have everything you want to have, and you know everything you need to know. What is it that you desire...?”
Asero finds Thôrdil interesting, and hopes to talk more with him. He hopes to be able to trade unique items with Thôrdil, to grow his collection.
Theodosius - (Blorbis83)
“I am indifferent. It bores me to talk with you.”
Theo hasn’t earned Asero’s respect in the time they’ve known each other. Asero thinks Theo is nice, but he knows that niceness alone doesn’t make a ruler good.
Kopii - (Omikuji)
“You are an important part of our effort against the Entity... I hope your light isn't snuffed out anytime soon..”
Asero views Kopii as a soft spoken, kind-hearted Formist. He‘s heard many good things about him from Nireth.
Kitrana - (French Roast)
“I think I misjudged you. I hope you’re able to mend your relationship with Laisa, as you seem to care quite deeply about it.”
Asero wasn’t entirely sure if he liked Kitrana, and, in a sense, he still isn’t. However, he does feel a bit of pity for her after understanding her motives and concerns. He wishes he could do more to help, but knows he shouldn’t meddle in Kitrana and Laisa’s personal business.
Veriswen - (French Roast)
“I’m sorry what I did fucked you over. But I had to do it.”
Asero has known Veris for a quite a while. He feels that she's changed, however, and disliked her behavior towards him when he tried to empathize with her. His friendship with her was ruined when he told Citrine their secret, something he wishes he did differently.
Cedlas - (@?)
"You first tried to steal from me. I thought I taught you a lesson, but no. You went on to try and steal from Elarinya and Lillium. Try it again, I dare you..."
Asero's first encounter with Cedlas was in Storm's Landing, when Cedlas tried to steal from him and was subsequently knocked out. At a later arrest for attempting to steal from Lillium, Cedlas spat on Asero. And then Asero punched Cedlas in the face, again. Suffice to say, Asero isn't quite happy with Cedlas.
Arianne - (Rossu)
"Why would you attempt a pact with a foreign entity? You cost us an important asset, one many people suffered to get."
Arianne is Asero's first lover and ex-wife. He found himself indifferent to her once he got over her, but once again felt at odds when she joined Maceo's church. He has been reminded to stay wary of her nature due to the past incident with a wendigo.
Jaden - (CloakedReaper)
"I find you to be arrogant and violent; brutish. I’ve heard from a few that there’s more to you than that, but I’ve yet to see such for myself."
Asero has never liked Jaden, but tolerates him for now. He feels that Linlea needs all the protection it can get, and now isn't a time for personal quarrels.

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❖ Childhood.
❖ Visting Stoltfar.
❖ Heading to Storm's Landing.
❖ Meeting Arianne.
❖ Visits the Compendium. Sees a demon a quest for more knowledge about them begins.
❖ Joins in on the attack in the Rift.
❖ Healed by Tzemik, and is intrigued by magic.
❖ Meeting Edger.
❖ Learns of Ari's death, then her revival.
❖ Helps fight skeletal demons in Linlea.
❖ Begins a relationship with Arianne.
❖ Bounty is put on his head by the Inquisition- he turns himself in and is forced to learn of Ignis. He is released soon after.
❖ Settles in Emyn Arnen with Arianne.
❖ Asero gets his first tattoo, from Arianne. A new interest develops.
❖ Proposing to Arianne. She says yes.
❖ A hasty marriage is performed- Asero and Arianne are now husband and wife.
❖ Asero and Arianne move to the Arget Isles.
❖ Arianne reveals that her love for him died months ago. She leaves him, just days after the wedding.
❖ Meets Velatha.
❖ The attempt.
❖ Velatha helps Asero move on.
❖ Asero begins a relationship with Velatha.
❖ A brief stay at Aurum Orchards.
❖ Meeting Velatha's brother, Dominar.
❖ Taking up residence in Crow's Perch, now training under Dominar.
❖ The Jar. Thinking back on the pact he made and the Jar, he is now confused on whether or not he is right in being a heretic.
❖ Meeting Arya. After explaining that her parents abandoned her, Arya decides she wants Asero and Velatha to be her new parents.
❖ Giving his first tattoo, to Velatha.
❖ Asero joins House Wise.
❖ A brief period of religious confusion.
❖ Learns piano from Elarinya.
❖ Cedlas tries to rob Asero, and Cedlas is knocked out.
❖ Meeting Citrine.
❖ Ela's wedding celebration. Cedlas tried to rob Lillium and is apprehended, some man starts doing fire tricks, and it the event ends with Ela giving birth. An experience for sure.
❖ Venturing into Queen's Port woods with Edger, Dominar, Iskvander, and Dray to investigate people snatching. They are attacked by a bear and lose supplies, then are attacked by a Northern wendigo that kills Iskvander.
❖ Asero proposes to Velatha, and is engaged.
❖ Becomes Warden of Cape Crow through Lord Remi Wise.
❖ Helping fight the kaiser scorpions.
❖ The trial occurs. Asero has distaste for Cymic.
❖ Masquerade ball at Queensport.
❖ Asero leads a successful expedition into the desert to save Remi, Edger, Kyiat, and Viktor.
❖ Becomes Master of Coin for House Wise
❖ Attends Thorne ball.
❖ Asero and Velatha split as friends.
❖ Citrine's coronation.
❖ Befriending Citrine.
❖ A fun dungeon adventure near Storm's Landing.
❖ Citrine drinks too much, revealing how she feels. Asero is conflicted.
❖ The getaway to Arget. A casual relationship is formed.
❖ Asero gets his armor, sword, and crossbow from Vorar.
❖ Tourmaline is afflicted by Skraag's disease. Citrine makes Asero swear on his newly acquired sword.
❖ Begins a secret relationship with Citrine. "I'm ready."
❖ Sailing out to the mysterious islands. The Makani are seen for the first time.
❖ Citrine disappears- after a few days, a party is formed and they rescue her from bandits.
❖ As war seems imminent, Asero attempts to resolve via democracy.
❖ Citrine and Asero go make their relationship public.
❖ The war starts, ending swiftly after the Queen's Port naval attack.
❖ Another dungeon diving event. A bear is encountered, and Asero is confined to a hospital for some time.
❖ One more trip to Arget with Citrine. Asero proposes, and they return engaged.
❖ Upon finding out that Asero hid things from her, Citrine puts the relationship on hold. Soon after, she leaves Asero.
❖ Kitty dies of natural causes.
❖ Asero builds a house at Cape Crow, and lives in solitude for a few months. A period of depression arises and he is changed forever.
❖ Another bear encounter, in a tavern. Infected.
❖ Asero moves to the Compendium for research and hospital help because of the Plague.
❖ The hunt for diseased animals from Storm's Landing occurs. Asero kills a woodland wendigo and saves Jhaeros.
❖ Asero is led into a wolf's den by a Whisp, and adopts a wolf pup after a nasty fight with a mother wolf.
Numerous creatures attack at the Compendium. Arbori, wolves, wendigos, and the dragon.
❖ Everyone relocates from the Compendium to Linlea. Asero kills a road walker on this trip.
❖ Asero is infected during a cave exploration. He is soon cured by Leofarn.
He tells Citrine the secret. Whatever relationship he had left with Citrine is destroyed, so is his friendship with Veriswen.
❖ He meets "Vanessa."
❖ Asero focuses on combating the Entity.
❖ Meeting Laisa.
❖ Star dies after she pursues the dragon. Asero feels responsible.
❖ The potion incident.
❖ On another cave exploration, the Harvester is encountered. It punches Asero, almost killing him. A long period of recovery is needed.
❖ Asero starts to realize he might be able to again have more friends, and starts to befriend Fronslin and Laisa.
❖ Another dungeon dive near Storm’s Landing, this time with Laisa.
❖ Opening up to Laisa, growing close to her.
❖ The expedition up north.
❖ The expedition led by Gael.
“That was nice... unexpected, but nice.”

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Alright. This is my new character- I can hope I will enjoy him as much as Althalos.
Anyone who RPed with Althalos before he got all... dark and cynical, may see some similarities ;)