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Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek


(By the wonderful Elz !)
[Updates] Indicated by blue color.
[The Basics]
Current Thoughts/Status:
Returning to her roots. She spends her time in the crypts and near graves to mark them, proper.

Given Name: Ashna
Full Name: Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek
Nickname/Alias: Ashna/Priestess/"Moor"/No one/"My Lady"/Khovr
Age: 70. Appears 31.
Gender: Female
Race: Moor
Clan: Kov'Gra'Sek
Social Status: Lady of the Isle
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Ash-colored
Born: Under a crescent moon in a house upon the Isle of Grafjell
Died [4]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral .. Sways between Chaotic Neutral- and Lawful Good.

Languages Spoken:

  • Mok'yra (Fluent - Verbal and Written)
  • Common (Fluent - Verbal and Written)
  • Elven (Spoken - Intermediate - Verbal and Written)
  • Fae (Broken - Verbal only)

Identifying Marks + Appearance:

Her violet eyes and white hair. Narrow, tired- eyes.

As of Waterday, 25th of Truebirth, 2259. Season of Birth:
A silver/grey design on her left forearm. A Mark.
+Small, upside-down moon shaped cut on her left cheek.
+A medium-sized line scar on the left side of her torso.
+Medium scar on her neckline to shoulder.
+Scar on forehead.
+Scars on outter left and right shoulders. The left tattooed one carrying a larger one than the other.
+Left waist. Small scar.
+Left leg. Small scar.
+Right shoulder. Large stab scar.
+Three faint claw mark scars across her midsection

+A steel rapier made by Blacksmith Jhaeros (Not carried)
+A Stiletto dagger (Carried, concealed)
+A Gnarled staff (Carried)


In Ashna's Possession somewhere

+A Grey leather Book, (Hidden)
+A Crystal - purpleish, with dark smoke in the middle -Heart Rose shattered but glued together with gold- whos history she has no clue of. Has it set on a bookshelf in the living room. Luna's last gift. (Vaults)
+Several letters from various people.
+Journals -
-Maroon (Trade deals and Port notes)
-Teal (Medical and Herbal notes)
-Brown (Poems and casual reading)
-Purple (Prayer notes)
+Purple Jaded Beads [Taken by someone else]
+ A crown of thorns, painted light grey. (Worn)
+ A silver, elven ring, entwined with small leaves and branches. (Worn. Looped in a chained necklace)

+ Use of poppy milk during stressful nights
Illnesses: Depression | Paranoia | Anxiety
- She has a hard time being near children. Especially if they throw a tantrum or scream. Though she is fond of babies.

Indifferent | Short Tempered | Cold | Caring | Selfish | Selfless | Physically Weak | Strong Willed | Holds grudges | Forgiving | Loyal | Honest | Stubborn | Picky | Bitter | Gentle | Prideful | Calm | Sympathetic | Vindictive | Resentful | Benevolent | Cruel | Tolerant | Spiteful | Jaded | Tired | Commanding | Fearful

Beliefs/Follows: The Grey Lady. Acknowledges Shalherana.
Faith lays in: The Grey Lady, Laerornor, a False Hope
Home: Linlea


  • Lady of the Grey Isle: Keeps stability upon the isle from crimes and helps those find homes/Establishes trade and work upon the Isle to keep a study flow of its Economy.
  • Exalted/High Priestess of the Grey Lady. One who helps those who need guidance to the doors of death.
  • Founder of the Council of Consortium. Guide to the New Era of Moors
  • Scholar. Interest in reading. And Learning. Record keeping.
  • Healer. She is a capable enough healer, though not of severe injuries. In times of others knowing the skill, she will opt to let them aid and lead, instead.
  • [4/5] Leadership Skills:
    • Self taught throughout years of leading, guiding, and teaching others. Knows how to make speeches, head prayers, make quick decisions- be they dire or minor.
  • [4/5] Alchemy Abilities:
    • Brewing: Healing, Swiftness, Night Vision, Invisibility, Harming, Slowness, Poison
  • [3/5] Fighting Skills/Weaponry Skills:
  • [3/5] Medical Skills:
    • Bits of herbology.
    • Immediate & Minor care
      • Burns. Stab wounds. Scratches, Cuts. Headaches. Stomachaches.
    • Stitching and removing of limbs.
  • [3/5] Physical Strength:
    • Moderate.
  • [-] Archery Skills: Sif Sigurd has injured her right shoulder. Although she is still capable of wielding blades between two hands after stress training from the infraction, the skill of precise archery is lost.
Magic: Divine - Grey Lady{Thread}

Tv Tropes:

Familial Relationships:

Laerornor Kov'Gra'Sek (Partner)
Olive Kov'Gra'Sek (Adopted Daughter)
Sauran Hal'Khovr {Brother}
Dulindwen Al'akiira (?)
Kaz'an Tel'Khovr {Father}
Filliriam Tel'Khovr {Mother)

The isles
The rain
Thoughtful Moors

Impartial to:

Crazy Folk
Physical touch
Large crowds

Short Term Goal:

  • [Abandoned] Teach Sauran how to lead?
  • [Passed on Task: Complete] Lead the Ministry of the Grey Lady
    • The teaching of Faith seems to have numbed as distance between the pantheon reflects.
  • [Done and Dusted] Give Moors the opportunity of a different life than the cruel pressure they have lived through- Give those who want to 'change' a chance by living among the other Moors who /have/ changed. .. No forgiveness for those who do not.
  • [Complete] An end to this war and threats to their lives.
  • [Somewhat complete] Survive this with them.
  • [Complete] Find a way to make the shadows and wisps go away. Hire people to do that.
  • [Complete] Find somewhere safer to settle..
  • [Un-needed] See to a small exploration group be formed for possible Bastions in this land..
  • [Sorta] A break. The realm does not need her after this Blight is gone, surely.
  • [ ] Spend more time with Laerornor.
  • [ ] Protect the Grey Isle from strangers and harm.
  • [...?] Help Olive.. She is difficult to aid or speak to.
  • [ ] Mark the graves
  • [ ] Find the one who disturbed Balance
Long Term Goal:
  • [Complete] Maintain the Ministry of The Grey Lady; Pass on knowledge of her path.
  • [Complete as best as possible] Become an Influence to some Moors so that they may continue to pass on the belief of a False Hope.
  • [Reputation stands. They are imposing or welcoming, depending on who is asked of them] Become a successful, well known Leader of the Grey Isle alongside Laerornor.
  • [x] Find a purpose in this life.
  • [ ] Build a legacy
Personal Philosophy:
+The gods will not save you. You must survive for yourself and your loved ones on your own. The benefits of servitude to a goddess goes only as much as the limits this world will bring them. Mortals must choose to work on their own before relying on a blessing of any sort of magic, power or guidance.
+Reliance upon magic should be to a minimum. Use only when needed. Magic should not be made a mockery- use with some purpose and intent.
+No one is completely useless. If one can earn, speak, work, or bring joy- there is a purpose within them.
+To be alive is to have a purpose in this life. To die means you have fulfilled that purpose, or that purpose is lost and there is little reason to live. The more purpose one has, the better chance at living.
+Love your family.
+Children are innocent. Be mindful of how they are influenced.
+Redemption is possible for all who wish it and actually strive for it.
+The violent and crazy should be put out of the world’s misery.
+Do not be swayed to heal the world’s faults, for you are only one person. Priorities are within your love, your child, your friends, your people, /then/ can come the world.
+If you cannot be rid of your enemies, make them useful or make sure they do not cross you.
+Only accept aid when you know of the other’s intent with it.
+Material attachments and gifts amount only so much to the meaning behind them. Words and actions will mean nothing if there is no one to accept it as it were.
+Hear more than one side of a story.
+Give respect where respect is given.
+Trust should not be assumed. It should be earned. Even then, there is a limit to how much one should trust others.
+Do not let anyone control your actions and decisions. Allow influence at best. Do as you desire to do for the ones you truly love.
+Never bow to assumed glory and power.

Ashna's Soundtrack:

Show me what I'm looking for by Carolina Liar:
In a feeling of sadness with no hope- Reminiscent of Ashna reaching out to the Grey Lady when she had no one she felt trustful of and could turn to in her past. [
Oblivion by Bastille: Feels. [
Let it go by James Bay: Olive's outbursts since she was a traumatic child have effected her over the years as she was the one who took care of her at the time. Even now, as she has grown and years of no contact or ignoring contact from her, she still shows signs of it when she does show up. (Always thought this was a good troubled parent + troubled child song, even if the comments make it sound like it's for something else) [x]
Another Life to Lose by Greg Laswell: Conflict [
Bad Blood by Bastille: In the past, it signified the bad blood Ashna had with her brother Sauran whom she saw the worst of. Currently- it signifies the bad blood that tends to occur between Ashna and a few Moors who choose to live in violent ways. [x]
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Laerornor: [x] [
x] Estes241 It is uncertain what would force her far away from him. Not anything this realm continues to throw at them. Certainly not death. He may not know what she intends, as if he was to be damned in death, she would not have him suffer it alone. Perhaps that is partly why she continues with her faith.. in false hope for it to be otherwise. Usually misses his constant presence and knows she should not cling too much. She is responsible along with him for what happened with Olive, but is regretful to how detached she feels of it now.

Ventare: Her fourth Apostle. Maybe one that can carry on what the others left. Or make his own. ShaolinPunk

Jhaeros: Hopes his children grow well under these current weathers. His silent aid in the defense of the isles is appreciated.

Linden: Perhaps one of the few of the Blessed Council she has not grown ire against. His voice and presence tends to be faint, but she can see he tries.

Dulindwen: She doesn’t know where she is, or if she still lives. She'd want her to know that she'd have a home with them, if it was wished. But perhaps it has been too long. Estes241

Kam: She believes what passed between them was a large shift in their demeanor. She had hoped things had gone differently. In time, they could mend what was lost. Kamaoe

Leofaren: Another healer of the blight. She feels he understands that what he did was not ideal. She does understand the decision of looking to the dark to see what one is up against, but making actual deals.. the secrets it brought and continued to inspire.. was not a good choice. A look of detachment and silence has worn him in and he still manages to keep a level head. She understands that, too. Shankster

Cassian: He's holding some things back as would be expected from ones aligning against a common enemy, but has been aiding when possible and has been relaying information on a need-to-know basis. Baron2537

Ayda: There are some concerns for her past family members as well as a relation with Sigurd, still, but Ayda has been fully willing to mend their relations and grow her new Clan with her blessing. Ashna hopes to see her do well, and is somewhat happy of the growth of this one. Ayda

Gilligan: ..A kind Caparii that seems knowledgable and true to himself at times, but afraid to speak out or up for himself when his friends show troubling behavior. She considers if he enables them by not confronting them and may be too worried for their well being. A willing healer of all, despite anyone's initial choice in action. Samwych

Charles Kane: At times, he seems impulsive to act. Other times, his reasoning and attempts upon his goal are sound. He has a commanding presence, undeniable. And she sees he is respectable to her enough not to cross paths. She hopes he may think twice before coming to the Isles again for global aid. Wonders if his wishes to unify still stand after all this or if it has changed his mind. Lannis

Elizabeth Kane: She is wary of this Kane's power, but she has so far been in control of it and only expresses use of it during dire times. This shows restraint and is respectable for a mage. Especially as she puts herself at risk against the Entity. Despite others also faltering in its presence, she has shown deep enough hatred for it for no excuses. The Kanes bring some ire from the crowd, along with their aid. It is not so different from her family's conflicting presence in regards to other people, either. As one arc ends, their paths seem to have settled. NIAH

Jaden Seeker: The Sentinel seems to harbor ill will from others as much as the Kanes. He has aided against the undead swarms and the Blight. Even back when Grafjell was threatened, he and the Rangers would come to their aid. She will have to be kept an eye on him for other's worry, but he has only shown the well intention of the people in his actions. Perhaps it is the means to which he may go that the others fear him. CloakedReaper

Ater: She does not understand how one could be disagreeable with the Sool. Perhaps it is because of her position, for she has only seen his bad jokes and insistence on healing others. He has aided many in his endeavors, long before blights and undead swarms. Even if he does not achieve magic, he would still be worthy. Magiik

Joseph: The alignment of this one seems to be in many places. However, this seems to have earned him a more favorable reputation than most would think. She does not speak to this one often, but knows that his position as a Ranger's Recruit or Ranger itself (maybe he finally achieved it), would mean he would aid Linlea in its times of need. He does seem to always ask if she needs aid, and she does. JoeJoe

Kopii: A Formist. He was the forefront of the Blight aid and helped everyone. She's not ready to find more unstable mages. It seems they may have differences, but will continue to respect and accept each other's abilities in this world. Time will tell how this will go. Omikuji

Podric Flanders: He has shown more respect towards her as of late, and one she doesn't forget to reflect back. Maceo had overshadowed him in the past, but he stands out now. Luam

James Varyn: An unpredictable man, but kind and thoughtful as well. He seems to have the best interest in mind, but actions just don't seem to go well for him either. She hopes he can be amiable until the refugees and all will leave. TheDeester

Thordil: They seem to argue in circles. Jazzper

Lillium Shink'maho:

Cymic: Childish. But tolerable if he does not let slip hostilities. Cymic_

Ethine: She worries about what memories she still holds and brings with her. What emotions she pulls from him. If it is best to keep distance.. or heal from it. She does not know. She has no ill will towards the woman, however- for she sees her as partly a woman making the best of her situation. mairinbaihn

Nwalme: Mind games were never a favorite pass time of hers. He attempted an empire and lost to Anhald.. and now attempt another. Her people will have no part in it. blargtheawesome

Olive: She is not sure what is wrong with Olive and there is no way she will tell Ashna now. She calls her a Mother then says she was never one. At one moment, she is amiable, commanding, demeaning, lashing, then bitter towards her. This new side of her where she has been vocal is surprising.. Hatred is one step up from indifference, from her experience. But she cannot help but treat her as she is being treated. She is no longer a child looking for protection, yet she keeps returning to her with problems that Ashna feels she is expected to fix. She tries to make attempts to reach out and share with her, include her. But they do not go well. She still loves her, but the distance to fix it just grows as large as a chasm. It's not going to heal if she doesn't want it. Her bitter Fae insults are not lost to her, but it would be petty to consider them more than shards to harm her with words. Mixed signals, this one. Smurf

Evelyn: She had thought her a younger Fuvur who would be a respectable mage to speak to. And she aided Ashna from dying once, by Sif's hands. But she is not fond of her sporadic behavior and threats of power. Ashna is not one to back down and will not. Evelyn has to attempt more to be intimidating. But if she shows constraint, there is some hope. Maybe. Lannis

Gael: He respects the lines she has drawn in the political atmosphere. It is usually the silent ones that hold the most anger in. Though he tends to side with the Black Company, he at least, helped the realm in the past.

The Black Company: Their Captain had made a threat against Learornor, one she cannot forgive. The members are judged individually.

Niko: The man is amiable enough. She is only wary of his mind magic. He has abused it with other innocents and so she will maintain a certain line between each other.

Arianne: She has seen the other Formists disregard this one. She is very prominent in gossip in the public eye, though it is not all uncalled for. She will only see her for the actions she does do.

Ciri: She lives with Ced. She knows this now. The woman is quite conniving in slithering into his side. Good luck to him.

Eltsir: This one has a strange air about him. He is cordial and formal, but she sees him secretly sneer or disregard things from aside, as if he puts up a facade. Dislikes facades immensely. She is aware of his care for Snerus.

Jerr'co: Kam's son.

Remnants of Anhald: They still exist.

Thannis: A killer. Assumedly has died.

Sif Sigurd: She will not forget or forgive that he killed his own son as they fought to different lords on the battlefield. Not of hate for him, but because he thought it right. He keeps to his own codes. This is a man that is unpredictable and cold blooded. He has almost killed her on several occasions for his own beliefs.

Archaeus: He keeps returning to life and each time, strays further. She regrets physically harming him in a state of detachment when she was younger. But he has put Grafjell in danger twice fold. There is no forgiveness.

Snerus: Even after the years of his death, she considers him a traitor. Taking advantage of her hospitality in Grafjell. She had always feared he would harm Learornor after his confession. It is a wonder that fear turned to hate.

Fulgrim: He clings to the old ways and has admitted to malpractice. He asks her too many unwanted questions. She did not let him touch Olive back in Grafjell to 'heal' her and she will follow Learornor's lead in not allowing him on the Isles.

Rystel Shink'maho/Faredral: She cannot forgive it, but it will remain to be un-pursued. Azur

Raven: In the past, she saw sides of him she didn't really want to- as his personalities were one too many. She knows he was abused as a young man to the Tidebornes. They were once speaking with Thannis who wanted them to follow the madgod, but she realized it and bailed. Years have passed and now it seems he has died after murdering Olive one time. It seems the child had threatened him enough to spark it. She is unsure of the truth, as it is not so hard to believe, but she knows at least, he was an unstable Moor and it was time to end it.

The Blight: May it be gone.

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Compiled own art of Ashna:



Compiled other art of Ashna:

Cute chibi by Samwych !!


Cukie1 Skeettcchhh!

Sankera Time I had cleared up my holiday Signature. Thank you again, Sankera!

Michcat Lovely coloring and drawing by Mich ^^ Thank you for a neat drawing!


Elz Pretty art! Thanks Elz!
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-@Michcat MUCH AMAZE. SUCH WOW. Dat pic. All the feels.


-@Somnastra Eeeeeeee- Ashnaaaaa. Much beaut. Such Colors


@Estes241 MOORSSS by Estes. Brought to you through Sketches. Mwha~ Hehe~ It's so wonderfullll!!


@bettemus99 Ashna and Luna's Lotus flower~ Thank you Betteeee!!


@bettemus99 Ashna and Arganaer #aquaintanceship I mean wot - This is really beautiful- all the lines. Thank you Bettee!!


@IceandFire "The Acolyte" - Gasppppp- Perf-


@Elz Oh goodness- Finally added this here- So perfect. So beautiful. ;o;


@Sizzix Sketch of Ashna in travel wardrobe! Woo!


@Smurf Shadowed face feature/close up of Ashna! Great shading~


The Living Ghost Artwork is BEAUTIFUL ;-;
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So I figured it out~ Kelta didn't think she was being quite that selfless when she got Ashna to come with her. :D


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So I figured it out~ Kelta didn't think she was being quite that selfless when she got Ashna to come with her. :D
Details :eek:
She did run up first, though. Is that why?
Well from Ashna's view, they both survived for another day and that is fine with her. u.u


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Oh shucks. :heart:
I haven't draw much. I attempted to full body draw Ashna but I got so tired. I was like blahhhh.
I shall try to draw more, though. And actually be worthy of that phrase!


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Oh shucks. :heart:
I haven't draw much. I attempted to full body draw Ashna but I got so tired. I was like blahhhh.
I shall try to draw more, though. And actually be worthy of that phrase!
:) If you ever do any requests, lemme know. I would love to see your interpretation of Athryl.


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It's official, I can't draw bodies.
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