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Though hardly the most efficient method of dating documents and manuscripts historical in origin, one of the clever knacks of the Alteran scholar has been to recognise how texts from different worlds might at times reveal themselves by their description of the night sky.


Like Earth, each planet which has played host to Altera has been located within its own star system and thus, over time, the various generations of Alterans have borne witness not only to changed worlds, but to great changes in the heavens.

Scrawled on precious navigational charts originating from trade routes in the First Realm of Altera, a keen scholar might espy references to the Great Bull overhead, or the telltale Dagger to the North. In the Second Realm, the names of different stars and constellations emerge, and different ones again in the Third. {Here is the Constellation of Altera III}

Beyond the work of historians, however, the study of astronomy itself is a puzzle which which has beguiled sages and priests for centuries, and the common folk for longer still.

Guiding sailors is one thing, but there are a number of cultures who believe that the stars guide our fates and futures too. Still others claim that it is our histories reflected in the heavens, or else the great halls of Gods and great wonders, or even the spirits of those long passed away.

Whatever the cause or explanation, the Alteran fascination with the heavens is a long tradition, and one unlikely to fade while the stars still shine.

Please note: Telescopes do not exist in Altera.

Cherry for concept/writing
Naelwyn for glorious telescope ban
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