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astronomyy Application [Approved-Karasu1996]

Discussion in 'Approved Applications' started by antonio, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. antonio

    antonio Villager

    1. Your Minecraft username:astronomyy
    2. Your real name:Antonio
    3. Age:16
    4. Gender:Male
    5. Country:United States
    6. Have you read the Tome of Citizenship or agree to do so before signing into Hollow World for the first time?
    Yes i have

    7.How do you feel about the 'roleplay' aspect of our server? Do you have any experience roleplaying?

    I love the role play on minecraft servers. i played runescape and league of legends and cant wait to show of my skills on here.

    8.Please introduce yourself to the community; explaining who you are, your interests / hobbies and why you are here in 8 sentences or more.

    My name on Minecraft is astronomyy and in real life my name is Antonio and I'm a male. I'm 16 years old and live in the United States. I read the Tome of Citizenship and I downloaded both the documents on the page. Role play on the server is going to be a great experiences because I've played Runescape and League of Legends. To tell you about me in 8 sentences is a little hard but I will give you an idea. I've played Minecraft from the first week it came out and I've been looking for a perfect server for a little while and I'm writing this knowing this server is going to be good from what I have herd. I play basketball everyday and when I get back from school I go to practice and come home to play Minecraft all day haha. i like to hang out with my friends on the weekends because that's my only free time. I feel like I wont have any free time if I get into this server. I do no mind that at all. I'm really excited to get on here and show off my creations and role playing skills. I'm a friendly type of guy and I will make many friends on here just like I have done in previous servers. I'm aware that all the texture packs that help see the ore and x-ray type of mods are illegal and can get you banned I do not use any of it and i'd love to play on your server! so please white list me!! astronomyy is the name. oh and i voted!

    9. If you have examples of your work please attached them to this post using the "upload a file" button or link to the image or video.

    I do not i just bought a new computer

    10. Is there anything else you wish to share with us?
    not really but i have been playing Minecraft for a while know and i'd love to play on this server

    11. I'm aware that the use of black magic (xray,xray texture packs and ore locator mods) is not allowed on our server, and a banishable offense

    12.How did you find out about our server?
    on a top list is where i found out about this server

    13. Have you voted for us?
    i will very soon!

  2. Karasu1996

    Karasu1996 Lord of Altera

    Oh and before you get whitelisted replace the questions for 1-9
  3. antonio

    antonio Villager

    what do you mean? like put the question? or change my answers completely?
  4. Royo_Royal

    Royo_Royal Loyal Servant of Altera

    well there is 13 questions and you only 11 on them .
  5. antonio

    antonio Villager

    all set :)
  6. Karasu1996

    Karasu1996 Lord of Altera

  7. Karasu1996

    Karasu1996 Lord of Altera

    your whitelisted

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