[Auction] Niah Makes a Video For You


Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
I am feeling the old region itch again. I'm no artist, so I can't do art for folks. But I've been known to do a video every now and again. I don't know if anyone will even be interested in this, but we'll see what becomes of this. Below are some examples of what I've done in the past:

Auction winner will get:
-- A video that is five minutes or less
-- I will work with you on the content you want. (If you have a story you want to tell, let me know and we'll hash it out.)
-- It'll be really nice if you want to showcase your region.

Starting Bid: 8,000r (Because these are not exactly easy and I ain't making a video for 1k :') )

Auction ends 8-21-18 @ 8:00pm EST

If there isn't any interest, I won't lose sleep over. If there's no interest, I may bump the time back and end it early.


Secretly Niah
Staff member
I do not have a region I've not got in a video somewhere so I can't think of one just yet, but in the future if you're still doing them : ( Mmmmmm