Finished {August 23rd, 3:30 PM CST, Violent} Astrakhan Enters The Fray


Lord of Altera
14 minutes!! I'd suggest heading to Astrakhan now! (Take the white+blue sailed boat in Mockingbay!)


Lord of Altera
The journey went well and with minimal casualties! Payment has been doled out, as have awards and favors in the Basileos's gratitude. Many of the soldiers and caravaneers who went on the expedition entered the city cheering the names of the members of the Black Company, the Astremians, Isaac of Artois, and the now-Centurion "Tempius Maximus"!
Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Linlea would eagerly peer inside the carts, to find the following:

- 15 tons of grain from Astrakhan

- 8 kegs of grain from Thordil
- 2 barrels of dried meat and smoked fish
- 4 crates of general medical supplies
-6 kegs of ale
- 6 kegs of vodka - 8 kegs filled with grain
- 3 steel, riveted, chainmail tunics with coifs
- 3 gambesons - 4 crossbows, each with 10 steel bolts
- 4 steel arming swords and simple, wooden heater shields
- 2 healing potions, 2 regen potions
- A steel paper weight of a hand flipping the bird
- The big boi ballistae, covered in sail, on a big cart which has 4 raised fences on each carry platform corner so it's covered like a tent, but the sail can quickly be ripped off if needing to aim & fire
- 6 Ballistae bolts, 2 of which are grounded in marble

OOC: Thanks a ton for coming guys! I swear, Theo isn't normally this stupid when it comes to planning, but it was a bit of a rushed idea from the start, him being an eager young king and all. Anyways, this was barrels of fun! Thank you Lannis for DMing! Thank you @everyone for coming, and lastly, let me tag Solus so she knows that the caravan arrived safely!