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Character Chart
Given Full Name:
Ayda Taionia Ulamyar
Princess, Buttercup, My Dear/Love, Darkstar
Current Residence:
Arget Isle
Arget Isle
Social Status:
Relationship Status:
Married to Cassian Ulamyar

Physical Appearance
Twenty Four Years Old
Elf - Moor
5 foot and 9 inches.
135 lbs
Eye Color:
The same shade of vibrant purple as her mother. { X }
Hair Color:
A bright white. She pulls her hair back into a high ponytail to keep it out of her face. { X }
Hair Type:
Thick and quite long, even in a high ponytail it reaches nearly to the middle of her back. { X }
Skin Color:
The same charcoal gray as her mother.
Face Shape:
She is carries a strong diamond shape to her face. { X }
Carries most of her weight in her hips, she is defined as a 'pear' shape though you would be hard pressed to find much fat on her. Typically it's hard to tell through all the various layers of clothes and her coat that she wears.
+ Jagged mark along her ankle.
+A patch hidden in her hair, more noticeable if looked for.
Identifying Marks:
Bright white hair and her "sparkling" attitude.
Her voice has taken on a deeper and smoother tone. { X }

+ Current Mood - Frustrated, Confused, Scared.
+ General Personality - Humanitarian with a hidden temper. Typically tries to do all she can for others, and feels at home with tending for children. All of this hides a horrible temper and seething jealousy.
Positive Traits:
+ Drive to Better Herself -
+ Loyal -
+ Determination -
+ A Strong Compassion for Others -
+ Courageousness -
Negative traits:
+ Extreme Jealousy -
+ Temperamental -
+ Workaholic -
+ Paranoid -
+ Stubborn -
+ Men in Armor -
+ People who she can't see their face -
+ Derek getting hurt -
+ Losing her temper -
+ The Truth -
+ Those who follow their chosen God correctly -
+ Family -
Religious Inclination:
Unwaveringly follows Theodra. Attempts to weave her Divine Law into all that she does. Follows Silas secondly.
Lawful Neutral

Short Term Goals:
+ Relax, let herself calm down, and take care of her family.
Long Term Goals:
+ Raise Sydri properly.

Usual Outfit:
After moving to Arget recently, she has taken up a more relaxed attire. A gown, cream in color with various fake flowers along the top of the bust. A waist cincher, leather and a light brown in color, and typically found with a crown of flowers on her head or in her hands. Plain black flats, and her hair is now down more often, looking more womanly than 'boyish'. { X }
+ Recently married, so has taken to wearing this ring at all times. {X } [ Baron2537 ]
Carried Inventory:
+ A leather bag on her that holds everything else.
[ A old and weathered book with a charcoal pencil, Bits of various dried meats and bread, A small water skin, Various basic medical items. ]
Additional Outfits:
Found most often wearing this, it sometimes varies if she's up north visiting family or not. The only change would be that she would wear a thick cloak over it to keep her warm. Wears a set of chain when she travels, just to be certain. Bought from Jaxton Dormus at the Thorne Market. { X } { X } [ Michcat ]
{ X } { X } { X } { X } { X } { X }
Non-Carried Inventory:
+ A pair of purple tinted goggles. [ Spirit ]
+ A necklace with a Wendigo claw. [ Wandering Ranger ]
+ Rose scent pouch. [ Cukie1 ]
+ A suction cup from a Kracken.
+ Several dolls that she bought at the Thorne Market. Silver, White and Gold, Blue and Yellow, Red and White. [ Vincentius ]
+ 3 Wendigo claws
+ A diamond necklace her mother said was a gift. [ mokwar ]
+ Two swords, gifted from her mother seeing as how "She has no use for them, but they deserve to be used." [ Spirit ]
+ Two blank books, one made from Reindeer hide, the other from Wendigo hide. Celtic leaves on the front of both. [ CloakedReaper ]
+ A diamond, a note written on gold paper, and a gold ingot obtained from her adventure with Anaiah. [ Piratep00f ]
+ Wooden ring, carved and laced with amber, though the amber is cracked. [ Raal ]
+ A random sword given to her by Thordil. Or well... thrown at her. { X } [ Jazzper ]
+ A pair of diamond rings, once again, thrown at her by Thordil... Namely, at her face. { X } [ Jazzper ]
+ A pair of greaves... Thrown at her face... By Thordil... { X } [ Jazzper ]
+ A Diamond in a small bag. [ StarWillow2000 ]
+ A heavily enchanted sword with the word 'Darkstar' engraved on it. [ Shankster ]
+ A necklace with pearls and gold. { X } [ Balatro ]
+ A bracelet made from blue string. [ Elz ]
+ Elk Carcass and Pelt. [ Kamaoe ]
+ A fancy bow. [ Fronslin ]
+ Prysm - Her Gyrfalcon given to her by her mother { X }
+ Shink - A rainbow colored songbird given to her by Cassian. { X } [ Baron2537 ]

Archery [5/10 - Knows which way to aim... But could still hit someone behind her by accident.]
Baking [10/10 "I just hope I can cook enough for everyone!"]
Cooking [ 6/10 - "This isn't as easy as baking..." ]
Swordsmanship [3/10 Which end of this do I hold again?]
Medicine [3/10 "Ok, so you don't rub dirt into it?"]
Blacksmithing [3/10 "Bang on the metal. Got it."]
Enchanting [2/10 "I have the table... but what now?"]

Singing [6/10 "Do Re Me Fa Sol La Te Do" ]

Random Trivia
+ The colors blue, brown, green.
+ The flowers Naked Lady and Laburnum.
+ Singing.
+ Cooking for Others and seeing their reactions.
+ Spending time joking around with people.
+ Spending time at home with Cassian and her children
+ Falcons
+ The color Pink
+ Roses. Too common.
+ Strong Alcohol
+ Anywhere where she's alone
+ Squids... Too much like a Kraken
+ Being stuck inside
+ Murderers
+ Liars
+ Mok'yra [Fluent]
+ Elven [Fluent]
+ Common [Fluent]
+ Lavish [Fluent]
+ Rede [Fluent] [ Taught by Cukie1 ]
+ Earkzian [Can speak it. Can't read it.] [ The Tottot ]
+ Fae [Can speak it. Can't read it.] [ Ruu The Tottot ]

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In Depth Relations
Cassian Ulamyar Baron2537
Her rock, her life, her Sunshine. She loves him deeply, and is devoutly dedicated to him and his happiness. Upset when he's upset, happy when he's happy, he means the world to her and there's nothing that she wouldn't do for him. No matter what happens, this man holds the keys to her heart.
Derek Ulamyar Sir Saltington
Her firstborn son, her brightest and most proud of achievement. He's grown up into a bright young man, who she couldn't deny to be her own even if she wanted to, and she loves him fully for it. She would fight the Gods themselves over her son, so to say she's protective is an understatement.
Tania Ulamyar StarWillow2000
While Tania might not be her blood daughter, she loves her as if she was. Having met her in the Compendium and after learning of her abusive past, she immediately felt the need to protect and help her. Taking her in and taking her into her home, she's watched her skills grow, and she's come a long way as far as her personality. Truly, she could never replace her.
Arianne va Rosemont Rossu
Has known her for a long time. She's seen and heard stories about her as well. Jumping from group to group, religion to religion, and person to person, she has over time affected Ayda in a positive way! She sees Arianne as a prime choice of what not to do, similar to how she views her mother Azariah.
Leofaren Venna Shankster
While the friendship might have started off rocky, she feels that he's become a close and steadfast friend. Brilliant, open minded, and curious about the world around him, she views him as what it's like to be a true worshiper of Silas, even if he doesn't actually follow him. She views him as if he was a brother, and would go to arms if he ever asked it of her. Truly, he has become closer than some of her blood family.
Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
She doesn't know how but he seems to always be everywhere. She doesn't dislike him, but she's curious about how he turned out alright when his father is Cymic. But truly, she can't judge him for that after her own mother leaves much to be desired.
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✦ Added relationships based on her background/history.
✦ Updated most of relations.

✦ Updated profile to match that she's 6 years old now.


Her teacher in archery, she looks up to him almost like an idol. She finds his abilities with the bow to be all but amazing, and she aspires to be like him one day! When he told her that even Sigurd had asked to be trained by him with bows, it sealed the deal. After much begging and a small lie about her parents knowing, he agreed to train her.
I don't know how- but this 'child' is going to get me killed and I can't even complain.


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✦ Updated Relations ✦
✦ Updated age/weight/height ✦
✦ Updated religious inclination ✦
✦ Is now most often found at her home in the North, or the Academy. ✦
✦ Sometimes found at Storm's Landing. ✦
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✦ Update to Relations, Added In-Depth Relations ✦
✦ Updated Outfits ✦
✦ Updated Goals ✦
✦ Updated Carried Items ✦
✦ Is now often accompanied by Jocelyn, The Ranger. ✦
✦ Now lives on the Gilded Isle with the Rangers. ✦


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✦ Update to Relations, Added In-Depth Relations ✦
✦ Updated Outfits ✦
✦ Updated Goals ✦
✦ Updated Carried Items ✦
✦ Is now often accompanied by Jocelyn, The Ranger. ✦
✦ Now lives on the Gilded Isle with the Rangers. ✦
Broken is the perfect word for Albion right now

Love it.