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Name: Ayda Tiaonia Ralotumal-Ulamyar
Nickname/Alias: Princess, Buttercup, My Dear/Love, Darkstar, Mama
Full Titles: Ranger, Matriarch of Clan Ulamyar

Age: Appears to be in her mid to late twenties.
Gender: Female
Race: Elf, Moor
Culture: She goes by no actual culture. She’s an amalgamation. (Shink’maho Moor, Old World Moor, Silver Elf, Old Silver Elf, Ranger.)

Social Status: Matriarch of Hal'Ulamyar
Profession: Ranger
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Married
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135lbs

Homeland: Halbed, Sangria Territory
Current Home: Vakhr'bel Dendun
Date of Birth: Specific Date Unknown

Date of Death: Not Applicable

Status: Rejoice! The Blight has ended, it's time to repair and to celebrate!


Build: Ayda spends her morning almost ritualistically following the training regime that her former Sentinels set in place for her. She also carries most of her weight in her hips, though you would be hard pressed to see this through all the various layers of clothes and coats that she wears however.
Hair: Stark white, as per the genetics of her race. Her hair is typically pulled back into a ponytail to keep it from her face. At this point in time, her hair reaches the middle of her back even when pulled back. Recently, she’s started to braid it as she is trying to return to her culture.
Eyes: The same shimmering shade of violet-purple as her mother. [ x ]
Skin: A shade of charcoal gray, typical of Moor Elves.
Identifying Marks: Her pure white hair and her new myriad of scars.
Appearance: That of a typical Moor. Dark skin, violet eyes, white hair, tall, somewhat 'built' from her exercises.
Hygiene: Bathes daily, as she hates bodily smells. She also feels as if she isn’t as sick as others who don’t wash themselves, and at the end of the day she just prefers to smell like flowers instead of body odor.

Posture: This depends on who she is with. When she’s with family and friends she tends to be more relaxed. Not particular about standing straight or letting her shoulders slouch. When in situations that are more official, she stands straight with shoulders back and head high. Also, if she’s not holding something in her hands, they are tucked behind her back.
Gait: When she is just trying to get from one place to the next with no particular goal, she takes her time and tends to be the type to stop and smell the flowers. If she’s been tasked with something however, it’s the complete opposite as she takes long and quick steps, almost to the point of jogging.
Habits and Mannerisms: When irritated or frustrated, she will put her face in her hand and sigh. When she is angry she is known to hiss or growl and just how angry she is dictates which one happens. When in disbelief of something, she would typically look around at the others around her to see if they are buying the story that they’re hearing. If not, she will raise an eyebrow and give them a blank stare.
Dominant Hand: Right

A patch of hair is missing along her scalp, though it is typically hidden with how she combs her hair.
A jagged line along her ankle from opening her ankle on a rock.
Recently was given a tattoo as a symbol of her familial relations to Ater. [ x ]
A circular hole at the side of her knee from a worm bite/acid.
A circular hole on the back of her neck from a worm bite/acid.
A gashed bite mark on the side of her neck from a Skyrat bite.

Several deep slashing cuts along her right arm from being attacked by a Keeper.
A rather nasty looking gash along her left forearm. Arrow wound.
A bite along her right shoulder. Spider bite.

Broken Bones:

Illnesses: Schizoaffective Disorder | Invasive Thoughts |
Allergies: None that have surfaced to this date. She however is allergic to peanuts.

Diet: When available, she eats three meals a day. With small snacks if she feels peckish between meals. Typically avoiding heavy fat based foods, sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables during all snacks and meals and only having meats with her meals. Her Achilles' heel would have to be sweets of any kind. Juices, sugars, baked goods or desserts. If it is a sweet, she will eat it despite if it means running up and down a flight of stairs for an extra hour to make sure she doesn't gain weight.


Intelligence: As a child she spent a generous amount of time in the halls of the Ruby Isle Academy. As a child, she seemed to take to Languages and seemed fascinated by medical knowledge as her Godmother of the time, Lillium Shink’maho, was the most well known doctor. She is still lacking in subjects to this day: arithmetic and history mostly. Her strongest suit however is her ability to take things and look at them logically and determine which choice makes the most sense. She also has a knack for common sense, which sometimes is lost on others.

Known Languages:
Mok’yra: Total Fluency. Native Tongue.
Common: Total Fluency.

Lavoyarde: Total Fluency. [ Deathmoron ]
Elven: Proficient in speech. Writing is hard to understand. Capable of reading.
Rede: Proficient in speech. Near incapable of writing. Trouble reading. [ Cukie ]
Earkzian: Proficient in speech. Incapable of writing or reading. [ Tot ]
Fae: Proficient in speech. Incapable of writing or reading. [ Sugar ]
Aurion: Total Fluency. [ Arget Isles ]
Marjash: Minimum understanding of speech. Incapable of writing or reading. [ Magiik ]
Old Arcturian: Minimum understanding of speech. Incapable of writing or reading. [ Deathmoron ]

Lures: | Power to protect | Knowledge |
Memory: She actually has a horrible memory, which is why she carries around two journals in her bag at all times. One is a personal journal that holds information about each person she’s come across. A sketch of their face, a few bits of details, and their name. Just enough to jog her memory. This was started after the murder of Albion Godfrey, as she from that point on wanted to make sure she remembered everyone so that she could recall the person just in case something were to happen. The second is usually kept as more official business, notes about various subjects, or information that would provide useful to others.
Phobias: | Autophobia: Fear of being alone | Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders |
Addictions: She typically tries to keep from becoming addicted to anything. Including alcohol, which she has come close to having a problem with more than once.

Strengths: | Loyalty | Determination | A Strong Compassion for Others | Drive to Better Herself | Arcane Abilities | Multilingual | Logical |
Weaknesses: | Unstable Moods | Unstable Reactions & Overreactions| Extreme Jealousy | Paranoia | Workaholic |
Fears: | Her children getting hurt | People in masks | Fully losing her temper | People in armor | Being forgotten |

Temper: Her temper is as fluxual as her personality as there are several layers of anger that she can feel. Typically her anger runs hot and passionate, typically about subjects she feels strongly about. However when her temper reaches such a point that it becomes even too much for her, it’s almost as if she shuts down. No facial expressions as her voice becomes monotonous, the only hint towards her inner emotions being the look to her eyes.
Sense of Humour: She typically has a dry sense of humor, sarcastic in nature and sometimes even dark if she knows the people who she is speaking with is able to handle it. If not, she is able to keep a light hearted nature about her, soft teasing and prodding to make people become flustered.
Pet Peeves: | Chewing/Eating noises | Slurping/Gulping noises | Her sentences being interrupted by someone talking over her | The assumption that someone has more sway with her husband than her | People assuming that she is incapable of anything |
Dreams/Nightmares: | Losing Sydri in a crowd of people, only to see people with masks taking her away. | Cassian finding another woman, turning cold to her, and leaving her crying. | Her mother coming back to life, only to try and kidnap her children. |
Sleeping Pattern: She tends to sleep through the night now that Sydri is older. She is also a light sleeper, so something as simple as opening the door can sometimes be enough to wake her up. A requirement for her to sleep at all would be that her husband Cassian is beside her.
Hobbies: | Singing | Dancing | Cooking | Reading | Eviscism |


Cooking {9/10}
One of the few fond memories she holds of her mother were when she would come into the kitchen to find Azariah cooking something for the family. It was one of the few times that everyone seemed to smile. She’s enjoyed watching the smiles on her children’s face when she cooks them dinner.

Baking {6/10}
Another class all of it’s own, baking she has not quite gotten the knack of as well as regular foods. She can make a few things that are amazing, but then she falls short in others. It however has provided some funny moments in her home in Arget, including what her son now calls ‘Joke Cookies.’

Medicine {3/10}
With the books obtained from Josef during her trip, she is slowly working on this skill. Having looked through at least one of the books rather thoroughly, she plans on visiting Josef to ask if there is anything that she can do to practice the things she is reading. Or if it's viable to try on animals.

Blacksmithing {5/10}
A hobby that she picked up while she lived in isolation, she has had on and off again trainers and has explore the subject on her own. Finally, she has reached a point where she might have found a teacher that seems determined to show her the more complex workings!

Eviscism {5/10}
She feels that she’s learning quickly, but she also feels that she has much left to learn. Feeling frustrated with how she has become almost stagnant in her knowledge, she has began to consider experimentation to see what she can produce on her own.

Singing {7/10}
Something else she remembers from her childhood is listening to people sing and realizing that it seemed to have a hold and sway on emotions. A happy song uplifting moods while a somber song can bring people to tears. In recent years, she’s taken to mostly singing to help her children fall to sleep. Especially her daughter, Sydri.

Enchanting {4/10}
After speaking with her long lost Cousin, Soul, she found a strange fascination with the idea of enchanting. Far from perfect, and in fact is a threat to herself each time she tries, she still occasionally dabbles and tries her hand at it. Thinking on who to speak with, she is curious if her 'Brother' Leofaren would be willing to help her with this.

Dancing {6/10}

Due to the nature of her lifestyle, she has become quite flexible and finds joy in dancing. Often letting her husband ‘dance’ with her in an attempt to settle the dispute of who the spot belongs to at the counter in Linlea so that she can find an excuse to dance with him. She wants to find more excuses to dance with him, if she's to be honest.
Gardening {5/10}
She absolutely loves fresh herbs and things for her cooking, and she loves the view of a beautiful flower garden. Having learned from her time on the Isle how to handle plants, as well as some light teaching to Anaiah Godfrey, she is decent enough with things. She's always learning, and hopes to find someone who would be able to teach her more.


Peaceful or Violent: She tries to keep her temper and herself in a more peaceful state. She doesn't LIKE violence, but she also isn't beyond understanding that sometimes force is needed. The one thing that will tip her from peaceful to violent however is to mess with her family. That is a trigger to her, and quickly makes it so that she loses control of herself.
Ability: She knows she has much left to learn, but she also is able to hold her own should the situation call for it.

Exercise: In the morning, she typically runs for roughly thirty minutes before returning home and depending on the day, doing various different exercise routines. Some days she focuses on her arms and upper body, other days her core, and the last days on her legs. She refuses to become fat, especially considering she finds that unsightly. She doesn't mind it for others, but for her she refuses to have that happen. She also knows she is more appealing to her husband this way.

Fitness Level {7/10}
Arcane {5/10}
Archery { 6/10}
Daggerplay {2/10}
Swordfighting {4/10}
Hand to Hand {1/10}


Personality: Due to her mental troubles, her personality is quite polar opposite of even itself. She can be a sweet and loving woman, baking cookies and cakes while smiling and offering warm drinks to strangers. Or she can be as icy as they come, comparing even to her uncle. It typically depends on the influences of her environment to determine what her mood will be. However, due to her mental health, if she finds herself in a stressful situation she is likely to break down into a panic attack. Typically this means hyperventilation, crying, rocking, and pulling at her hair while apologizing for being in that state to begin with. This is rare now however due to the support and care of her husband, Cassian.
Religious Values: She follows the Doctrine of Theodra, despite being an Eviscist.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

{ Short Term Goals }
Raise Sydri properly
Learn more about Formistry

{ Completed }
Finish construction on Vakhr'bel Dendun

{ Long Term Goals }
Elder Clan?

Wardrobe: An outfit made of green fabrics and light leathers. Knee high boots. [ x x ]
Notable Outfits:

During her time spent in Arget, she took to wearing this dress. It was a fresh start, or an attempt. It now rests in her closet in Vakhr'bel Dendun. [ x x ]
Her wedding/engagement ring which she wears at all times. Given to her by Cassian, the center of her world. [ x ]
A necklace made of a Wendigo Claw.
A diamond necklace given to her by her mother, who claimed it was given as a gift.
Wooden ring, carved and laced with amber, though the amber is cracked.
A pair of diamond rings. [ x ]
A necklace with pearls and gold. [ x ]
A bracelet made from blue string.
Most Prized Possessions:

Several dolls that she bought at the Thorne Market. Silver, White and Gold, Blue and Yellow, Red and White. [ Vincentius ]
3 Wendigo claws
A diamond, a note written on gold paper, and a gold ingot obtained from her adventure with Anaiah. [ Piratep00f ]
A suction cup from a Kracken.
A Dragon's Claw
A handful of Dragon Scales, varying in sizes.
Joseph: A necklace made of a Wendigo Claw. [ JoeJoe ]
Glynn: Wooden ring, carved and laced with amber, though the amber is cracked. A small wooden ring that is of high quality. [ Raal ]
Thordil: A pair of diamond rings. [ x ] A sword. [ x ] A pair of greaves. [ x ] [ Jazzper ]
Balatro: A necklace with pearls and gold. [ x ] [ Balatro ]
Tania: A Diamond in a small bag. [ StarWillow2000 ]
Leofaren: A previously heavily enchanted sword with the word 'Darkstar' engraved on it. [ Shankster ]
Aelyth: A bracelet made from blue string. [ Elz ]
Kam: Elk Carcass and Pelt. [ Kamaoe ]
Fronslin: A fancy bow. [ Fronslin ]
Azariah: A diamond necklace her mother said was a gift. Two swords, gifted from her mother seeing as how "She has no use for them, but they deserve to be used."
Jaden: Two blank books, one made from Reindeer hide, the other from Wendigo hide. Celtic leaves on the front of both. [ CloakedReaper ]
Caramel: A pair of purple tinted goggles. [ Spirit ]
Theodosius: Various daggers. [ Blorbis83 ]
A previously heavily enchanted sword with the word 'Darkstar' engraved on it, now her Focus for Eviscism.
A Seax, given to her ages ago.
A 'fancy' bow, given to her for her wedding.
A iron short sword.
A set of throwing daggers, given as a gift from Theodosius. [ Blorbis83 ]
A 'pugio' style dagger, given as a gift from Theodosius. [ x ] [ Blorbis83 ]
Carried Inventory:
A messenger style bag.
Her Focus, the falchion named 'Darkstar'
Small strips of lavender wrapping, enough to patch ONE wound should it happen and need it.
Two journals. One is older with several scraps of paper seeming to spill from inside. The other is newer, and in much better condition.
A small bit of dried meat and bread.
Her Seax.
Lands: Vakhr'bel Dendun
Homes: Her multistory home in Arget Isles.

Jala: Gyrfalcon [ x ]
Shink: Rainbow colored Songbird
Vakhr: Her companion dog, still a 'teen'. In training. Given to her to teach her about the art of Husbandry. [ CloakedReaper ]
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- T H E F A M I L Y -
Cassian Ulamyar ( Tol'Ko, Husband ) [ Baron2537 ]
Her rock, her life, her Sunshine. She loves him deeply, and is devoutly dedicated to him and his happiness. Upset when he's upset, happy when he's happy, he means the world to her and there's nothing that she wouldn't do for him. No matter what happens, this man holds the keys to her heart. He is what triggers her sense of jealousy the quickest, but he is also the one to kill the feelings the quickest. This man has her wrapped around his finger, and he knows it. He has saved her her own mind, and from doing things that would have caused her so much regret. He knows what to do to calm her down. He knows what to do to relax her mind, and it's almost as if he's gained a sixth sense towards these things. Even without speaking, he knows when his wife is in need of him. Perhaps a magic in it's own form. [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
"Love, if only you understood how much I love you and how deeply that runs. You say you understand, but do you really?"
Derek Jaden Carpenter-Ulamyar ( Bairn'ko, Bubaz’ko ) [ Raal ]
Her first born, and what kept her sane for as long as he's been alive. The Gods had blessed her with this life, and she has cherished it every day. She loves him deeply, and would fight anyone or anything for his safety, despite him being well old enough to care for himself now. She knows that his life has been confusing, and with many various twists and things that most children don't have to try and understand, but she knows she is blessed fully by his ability to just keep smiling and being so warm and bright through it all. Even after the disappearance of Glynn, only to have him return years later, the only thing that Glynn was met with was a smile, and a 'I love you'. Her son is sunshine personified.
"My son. My precious son. The Gods must have known that I would need a star in my life, and gave you to me."
Tania Ulamyar ( Bubaz’ke ) [ StarWillow2000 ]
While Tania might not be her blood daughter, she loves her as if she was. Having met her in the Compendium and after learning of her abusive past, she immediately felt the need to protect and help her. Taking her in and taking her into her home, she's watched her skills grow, and she's come a long way as far as her personality. Truly, she could never replace her.
"You're not mine by blood, but I love you all the same. And... worry for you. You're grown, but that doesn't stop me from being concerned."
Sydri Ulamyar ( Bairn'ke, Bubaz’ke ) [ LordMomOfRussia ]
Her first blood daughter, and just like her first child, she seems to just be an absolute delight. But just like her older brother, she seems to want to do such odd things such as chase stray cats. She finds her shy, but she knows that's just because she is so young. As she grows, she believes she will have to beat men back to leave her alone as she intends to keep this one as blissfully ignorant and pure as she can for as long as she can. Her blood daughter between herself and Cassian, she has been raised to be a lady and now that's she's gotten older, she will begin studies on other things such as the Arcane and Combat.
"My Starlight. The Gods once again have blessed me with a treasure. Perhaps Theodra hasn't turned her back on me just yet, as she saw fit for you to be here."
Azariah Veiloros( Reth’ke )
Her mother, as much as she regrets this. There is no love lost for this Moor, despite her being the reason she's in this world. She found Azariah to be a horrible influence, a drunkard, a harlot, among many other things. She views her as the reason that she is now clanless, and she believes that in her final days that she had absolutely lost her mind. Babbling about heresy among other things. Thinking that the woman was Jishrim touched in her last days, she finds peace in knowing that she's long past. May the Gods have pity on her soul, as no one would have had pity on her in this life.
"This is for the best, mother. May you find peace in your afterlife."
Raven Veiloros ( Reth’ko ) [ Ozzy ]
She... is conflicted about him. She, during his time near her, found comfort in his council. He seemed normal, and actually gave her advice that seemed sound. He treated her kindly, and dried her tears during her dark times. He treated her like the daughter that he claims he lost a long time ago, and that made her feel... special. Then he killed Olive, and everything changed. She's not seen him since her wedding, and there's rumors about him being kept in Haven. She's not certain, but she also believes that he is partially responsible for her mother's insanity.
"... You are confusing. I feel as if I love you as a father, but I know you're not right. How am I supposed to feel?"
Zuriel Veiloros (Half-Brother)
With the death of her mother and the fact her step-father is missing, this one has come into care of Ayda. She doesn't know much about him, as he's... very quiet. He knows HOW to speak, but doesn't. He eats, but never in front of people. He doesn't play in front of others, and all of his drawings are... dark. She feels that the insanity that touched her mother has been passed on. She hopes not, but only time will tell.
Jaden Seeker ( Reth’ko ) [ CloakedReaper ]
There aren't enough words in any of the known languages to explain how much she cherishes and respects this man. He's taken her on as not only one of his own, but she's accepted him as the father figure she's always needed, and secretly wanted. He listens to her when she needs to rant, and he's her teacher in the Arcane as well as keeping her on track with her own personal training. She's come to understand that if he acts, he has a reason, and most to if not all of the time their ideals line up. She loves him, and she knows that he loves her too.
"I love you, father. Even if I give you a hard time, there is nothing that you could ask of me that I would refuse."
Leofaren Venna (Adopted Brother) [ Shankster ]
While the friendship might have started off rocky, she feels that he's become a close and steadfast friend. Brilliant, open minded, and curious about the world around him, she views him as what it's like to be a true worshiper of Silas, even if he doesn't actually follow him. She views him as if he was a brother, and would go to arms if he ever asked it of her. Truly, he has become closer than some of her blood family.
"My only wish is that this Blight come to an end soon, so that we may spend more time together. I believe we are overdue for a lunch together as is."
Joseph Vaylen (Adopted Brother)
This one has been in her life for as long as she can remember. He showed her the beginnings of how to use a bow. He has stood beside her when people have made comments about her race. And he always is capable of making her smile with his dry wit and sarcastic humor. They haven't always seen eye to eye? But she would fight any of this Blight to make sure he was safe. She loves him deeply. Even if sometimes she wishes she could thump his head against the floor to make him hush his cocky attitude that he sometimes takes on.~
"You are valued more than I think you understand, brother. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask."
Ater Impes (Adopted Brother)
His sarcastic humor, his culture, his attitude, all of it blends so well with her own sense of humor and personality that it was all but expected for these two to get along. His shenanigans, his antics, she is so thankful that he came back to her as he is constantly a spot of laughter and enjoyment in her life. The fact that he also can come down and have a serious conversation, and they have, proves that he's also not all just fluff and humor. A skilled surgeon, a brilliant man, and someone who respects the bonds of family just like she does. This Sooleran will always have a spot at her table and in her home, should he need it.
"And how much oil did it take for those tights, again?~"
- T H E R E S P E C T E D -
Sif and Eira Sigurd (Adopted Uncle, Adopted Cousin)
When speaking about her adopted Uncle and Cousin, you will hear nothing but words of praise and respect. Having grown up believing and being taught that Sif was a man of honor and great capability and that Eira a woman of astounding capacity for caring with great capability to almost even compare with her father, it took her by surprise to hear once she got out into the world that there were people who disliked the Sigurd's. In their absence, she finds herself on occasion roaming the halls of Norumbega while looking over Sif's collection of armor and weapons and aimlessly wandering the kitchen while imagining the smells that used to come from it.
"I miss you both. I miss Uncle Sif's lectures. I miss Cousin Eira's cooking. I wish you both would come back to us."
Mairin Baihn (Ranger)
She met the woman outside the tavern in Storm's Landing, and it was then that she realized that she was a former Ranger that had seen the glory of the old days before the shattering and splintering of the group. The two had spoke, and after a conversation, she was invited back to where Mairin had been staying where also one of the last of the Trees of is located. She had also called Ayda "a hope for the Rangers." This had been possibly one of the highest honors she had received, being called this. She looks forward to their conversations.
"Thank you for your compliments. I will continue to do my best, so that I may continue to prove that your words weren't wasted on me."
Thordil Baramur (Master Blacksmith)
Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek (Tol'Fen'ke)
Josef Mandovi

- T H E A G R E E A B L E -
Jerr’co Hakiaz (Earthspawn)
Sugar Silveira (Caparii)
Kam Hakiaz (Earthspawn)
Fronslin Caldwell (Eviscist)
Raedon (Target Practice)
Kitrana Dawnriver (Guard)
Kekoa (Makani)
Podric Flanders (Guard, Blessed of Ignis)
Gerry McIvy (Halfling, Entertainment)

Gilligan Kearney (Formist, Caparii)
She's not quite sure what to think about this one. He seems friendly enough! Though she's curious about his stutter, as she's only heard a few others with one. She sees that he means well, so she is willing to help him should the need arise, but due to their travels and their passing each other, she hasn't been able to ask him any questions. She hopes to change this in the future, especially since Leo speaks so highly of him.
"I like the flowers on your hooves and hands! Very pretty.~"
Lilinoe (Makani) "Where are you, pretty bird?"

- T H E B E N E F I C I A L -

Niko Variclav (Cogimens)
Olive Kov'Gra'Sek (Formist)
Wilhelm Schmidt (Hero)

Karsten Norheim

- T H E I N D I F F E R E N T -

Nwalme Fuvur (Magus, Cracked)
She finds this man to be absolutely batshit insane. Every time she's heard him spoken about, it's either as praise as they live under his rule? Or claiming he's a madman who would think nothing of turning someone into a brainless mess. Having watched his magic first hand when her step-father and uncle pulled a highly stupid stunt at a feast at the Landing, she's been curious about him admittedly ever since. As well as now she's curious about his magic.
"... Please keep out of my head. I need that as intact as I can keep it."
Aelyth Fuvur (Small, Precious)
The child could speak little to no common, but thankfully language wasn't a barrier. At her wedding, she gave her and Cassian little bracelets made from string, and she put it on and hasn't taken it off since. The color is faded, of course, with time and constant wear. But she hopes that Aelyth is growing up strong and proud. Hopefully, with a more solid mind than her father.
"Thank you, sweetie."
Charles Kane (Stoic, Good Judgement)
Elizabeth Kane (Kind, Good Judgement)
Mikael (Lost, Confused)
Ryder (Past, Pain)
Cymic Seymour (King, Jackass)

She only knows him through the relation that her mother had with him. She finds him rude, crude, but there's an oddly endearing factor to the man. But it's hidden deep... deeeeeeep inside of there. Arumentative, an asshole through and through. But part of her believes that he means well? She hopes? Maybe?
"My name isn't 'girl'. It's Ayda, you fuck... But what do you want?"
Theodosius Herennius

- C O M P L I C A T I O N S -
Andre Ursae (Eviscist)
The pair have had a rough past which includes much arguing and distress, but they always seemed to come out on the other side of it as friends. However, with his recent change in personality and his claiming to trust no one, after all that they had been through, she feels almost betrayed by him. Having decided to keep a distance from him, she will only watch to see what happens to him from this point.
"...Really? After all this time? After everything that's happened? That... is disappointing."
Arianne (Formist)
She feels that Arianne's loyalty is questionable. While she has no true complaints with the woman, she feels uneasy about someone who would so quickly and easily change which bed she lays in politically, and in some ways sees her as a different version of her own mother. She hopes that some day Arianne will find the means to lay herself down in one place, and make a home and name for herself that won't be so easily shaken.
"May you find peace, Arianne..."
Kopii Grey (Confusion)
The blue elf is… a complicated case for Ayda. He is the close friend of her brother, Leofaren, and is highly praised by Gilligan, but her own personal experiences with him have been nothing short of disaster. As well as having heard many things that he has done to those who she cherishes? She acts kind towards him, but until he proves himself more than the rumors that surround him she holds him at arms length as one would a spitting cobra.
"Perhaps in time we will find common grounds and be able to speak to each other without wearing masks of kindness."
Noctis (Coward)
She cares little about what happens to this one anymore. She attempted to be friendly, she attempted peace. She treated her no different than she would any member of the Rangers. Only to have her not only attempt to wound her, but later on came back to her and asked for her to take her life. That is a cowards way out of this life, and Ayda of all people understands that. She will not be cruel towards her, but she will not help her any further.
"If you're going to do that, go to where the Blight cannot use your corpse as it's vessel."
James Varyn (Hypocritical)
After the recent interaction between herself and Raalvara, she has no hope for the unspoken peace treaty that has held between herself and James. Expecting his accusations and comments in full now, but she will do as she's always done. She will bite her tongue. She will not speak out or against. But she will not seek him out.
"...Perhaps you were right."
Raalvara Varyn (Making Amends?) [ Raal ]
Ayda used to adore this woman and called her sister, one of the most highest of importance things to her that she could imagine. She had been there for her during her confusion with her relationships. And she trusted her wholly with the training of her daughter Tania. But after their latest interaction, it feels as if her heart has been removed and stomped on the floor. She won't seek her out... and she hopes that her and hers will be safe and happy...
"...Fine. May your God bless you a thousand fold, sister..."
Jocasta Vita
- T H E R E V I L E D -

- T H E M I S S E D -
Lillium Shink'maho/Shink'maho Clan (Family? Missing) "I miss you. Aunt Lillium"

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Her teacher in archery, she looks up to him almost like an idol. She finds his abilities with the bow to be all but amazing, and she aspires to be like him one day! When he told her that even Sigurd had asked to be trained by him with bows, it sealed the deal. After much begging and a small lie about her parents knowing, he agreed to train her.
I don't know how- but this 'child' is going to get me killed and I can't even complain.


Lord of Altera
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Broken is the perfect word for Albion right now

Love it.