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Minecraft name:
Character name:
Ayda Taionia Ulamyar​
Link to normal character profile:
{ X }​
Current Rank/Proficiency
Eviscism: Adept​
Formistry: N/A​
Cogimency: N/A​
Animancy: N/A​
Overall Rank:
Spell Points:
Active Student:
Yes -Eviscism​
Active Teacher:
-Jaden Seeker { X } - Eviscism​
Protege(s)(Current rank):
Sustained Effects:
-2 Penumbral | +2 Electric | +2 Evisral | -2 Magnetic
Current Magical Status:
- Student​

Known Spells:
Electric - Evisral - Kinetic - Magnetic - Penumbral - Thermal

Spell Type: Thermal.
Spell Effect: A seven-to-ten centimeter controlled flame, as if burning on a wick, is cast from the tip of the focus. Its effectiveness as a light is similar to that of a candle, dim and flickering. When you are first beginning to cast candlelight, it will last less than a minute in duration. The length of time will increase the more proficient you get (more casts).
Spell Adverse Effect: Quick movement will cause the fire to extinguish.
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.
Detect Energy
Spell Type: Evisral.​
Spell Effect: The caster illuminates specified branches of energy within a ten meter radius of their focus. It is their focus that reveals them, alike a black light, and the color of the energy is based upon what type of energy is being detected. They must have a direct line of sight for this to properly occur.​
Spell Adverse Effect: If not focusing on one type of energy, the colors will be muddled and blurred together and hard to decipher.​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Spell Type: Electrical​
Spell Effect: Dispersal of small quantities of static at the tip of the focus, though not quite an electrical zap. It is mildly irritating, more alike discomfort than anything, to living creatures that come within contact or touch of said static.​
Spell Adverse Effect:​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Spell Type: Penumbral​
Spell Effect: A very brief flicker of light emits from the tip of the focus. It is enough to perhaps distract an unsuspecting opponent in combat, or at least impress onlookers.​
Spell Adverse Effect:​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Spell Type: Magnetic​
Spell Effect: The caster manifests a cone-shaped magnetic force before themselves (within reasonable distance), that is able to pull and attract applicable objects or materials. The force of the attraction becomes stronger the lighter and smaller the item is, or the more magnetic it is. A firm grip on an object may prevent it from being pulled by this.​
Spell Adverse Effect:​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Heat Warp
Spell Type: Thermal.​
Spell Effect: Slight modification in the heat of an object, namely the focus. Warm enough to gradually melt thin ice if the focus is held to it persistently.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Self-infliction and the uncomfortable freezing or burning of the wielding grip.​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points​
Temperature Control
Spell Type: Thermal.​
Spell Effect: The ability to raise or lower the caster's body temperature by up to three degrees Fahrenheit. Unless cast once more to end, the effects last for about a day.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Misuse that may result in freezing or fever that can lead to death.​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Arcane Transmutation
Branch: Evisral.​
Spell Effect: Via casting upon a thermal energy source (particularly flames), the caster imbues it and replaces it with Vis energy. Flames will adopt a deep crimson tone, and emanate chill as opposed to any inkling of warmth. Contact with the mystical fire inflicts arcane burns.​
Spell Adverse Effect: The preternatural fire might spiral out of control with too much Vis, blazing wildly for a handful of moments before extinguishing abruptly.​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Spell Branch: Magnetism.​
Spell Effect: The focus within hand gently guides itself to direct the caster north.​
Spell Adverse Effect: None.​
Spell Cost: 5 spell points.​
Animate Metal
Spell Type: Magnetism.​
Spell Effect: When the focus is aligned to an object (from mere steps away), it is capable of manipulating the magnetic fields encompassing the object in such a fashion that it may be maneuvered, levitated or rotated seemingly by itself. The initial casts result in the object in question quivering and trembling, though as the Eviscist progresses with practice, the influence becomes steadier and far more reliable.​
Spell Adverse Effect: The object cannot exceed ten pounds (10 lbs), and the spell cannot abruptly halt or succeed upon swiftly moving objects. While it perhaps may slow them slightly (if justifiably small), the most accurate control of the object is when it remains still. The caster cannot animate more than one metallic object at a single time. If the object is forcefully removed or pulled upon, the tether is shattered.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Brume's Gloom
Branch: Penumbral​
Spell Effect: By drawing in the nearby Penumbral energy to a singular pinpoint of light centered on the emitter, the caster submits the nearby environment to supernatural pitch-black darkness. Enough to engulf a small room in darkness or 4 MC blocks in all directions from the foci. Can last around 5 minutes.​
Spell Adverse Effect: The caster is also subject to the impaired visibility of the magical darkness. Area of effect can easily be walked out of, with light and visibility gradually returning the further they get from the spell's effect.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Deflect - Minor
Spell Type: Evisral.​
Spell Effect: Briefly conjure a ward from the direction of your focus. It will repel and deflect opposing spells of the apprentice and journeyman rank.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Moving with the ward weakens it. After two or so deflections, the ward will weaken and dissipate.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Spell Type: Thermal.​
Spell Effect: Limited discharge and dispersal of hot ash and wisps of smoke from the tip of the focus, in a “puff” alike to violently snuffing a flame, in approximately half a foot from the tip of the focus. It is enough to cause mild discomfort to exposed skin or catch cinders on flammable material.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Cast too close to one's self, the user succumbing to the potential effects as well as irritation in vision or breathing from the smoke.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Heart's Light
Spell Type: Pneumbral​
Spell Effect: The heartstone gives off a bright light, the color of which your is the same as the color your hearthstone produces. Similar in strength to a torchlight, isn’t dispelled by touch and lasts 30 minutes.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Will end when you cast another spell.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points​
Throw Pebble
Spell Type: Kinetic​
Spell Effect: By having a small rock, pebble, marble or other small item in front of the foci and aiming at a distant target can magically throw a pebble a distance of 40 MC blocks with enough force to sting, or ting glass not break glass. Dangerous only perhaps to eyeballs or other sensitive areas.​
Spell Adverse Effect: The pebble can occasionally fly wildly, perhaps even back at the user.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points​
Spell Type: Kinetic​
Spell Effect: A small disruption in the earth, akin to a firework going off just below the ground, happens at a point designated by an aimed Foci at a maximum range of 10 MC blocks. Can only effect dirt, sand and gravel. It has no effect on Solid rock. It can cause the person standing under the disrupted earth to lose their balance, and possibly fall to the ground.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Spell can on failed casts backfire, with power equivalent to how low the roll is.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points​
Spell Type: Penumbral.​
Spell Effect: A sphere of light alike the size of a fist formulates at the tip of the focus, and may then be cast outwards in a radius of three meters if desired. It is compared to that of a torch in lightening radius and effectiveness (flickering, dimmer), and will dissipate in a manner of five minutes if undisturbed.​
Spell Adverse Effect: It cannot pass through physical objects or barriers if cast elsewhere, and if maintained upon the focus, significant distraction or erratic movement will cause it to extinguish. Attempting to cast the spell upon another living being results in the 'shattering' of the orb.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Temperature Control - Shared
Spell Type: Thermal.​
Spell Effect: Through direct contact, whether bodily or that of the focus, the caster and one other they are spreading the effect to begin to experience Temperature Control.​
Spell Adverse Effects: The potential to overexert one’s self with heat or chill, or the recipient.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Spell Type: Kinetic.​
Spell Effect: Caster produces a weak kinetic wave that is, in simple description, reminiscent of a shallow gust of wind. There is the potential to gently stumble an already imbalanced opponent or one surprised by the spell cast. It is strong enough to knock over light objects or send parchment flying for dramatic effect. Three meter cast radius.​
Spell Adverse Effect: None.​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Spell Type: Kinetic.​
Spell Effect: Focus displaces passive and ambient, existing environmental sound to an intended destination. This means that the acting mage is unable to simply will a sound of their choosing into existence. With sufficient practice, an Eviscist is capable of adjusting the pitch and capacity of the sound: resulting in the ability to more accurately distinct between and portray noises (such as replicating quiet tavern chatter fairly realistically).​
Spell Adverse Effects: There is an underlying quality to the projected sound that suggests, faintly, it is not entirely organic. While perhaps difficult to discern precisely why this is, concentration and attentiveness may yield realization. It is encouraged to emote that there is an obscure feature to the recreated sound or noise, and expand upon the abnormality of it if appropriate responses are presented (IE the player in question focusing intently).​
Spell Cost: 10 spell points.​
Spell Type: Thermal/Vis/Magnetic/Penumbral/Electrical/Kinetic​
Spell Level: Adept​
Spell Effect:​

  • Thermal (Heat)- Flames engulf a section of your foci designated by yourself, there they burn hot until the spell is dismissed. Must recast the spell every IC minute.Spell Adverse Effect: The flames heat your foci, which can make it grow hot enough to burn your hands if you leave the spell on too long. 3 Continuous casts will make the metal extremely hot to touch, 4 casts will heat the pieces connected to the inflamed piece to unweildable levels.
  • Thermal (Cold)- Ice crystals form on the sides of your foci designated by yourself, a chill emanates on the blade until dismissed. Must recast the spell every IC minute. Spell Adverse Effect: The chill seeps through the foci draining your own heat even through gloves if you leave the spell active too long. 3 Continous cast will make the metal too cold to touch for sometime, 4 casts will start to cause your hands to develop severe and debilitating frostbite.
  • Vis- The foci has Vis run through the section of the foci designated by yourself. This has no effect other then to cause the blade to disrup beings Vis. The effect upon humanoids would be non noticeable but elementals or other beings with large amounts of Vis would find themselves harmed by the blade, when otherwise it would not. This effect lasts 5 minutes. Spell Adverse Effect: This grants no combat advantage against another player character, the effects of having a Vis infused blade wound would be not be different from a mundane blade wound.
  • Magnetic- The foci is able for the next 3 IC minutes, lock itself into place when coming into contact with another magnetic surface. This effect can be triggered multiple times during its cast. Spell Adverse Effects: If used in combat against another blade it locks the blades at the point of contact, which can then turn them into a tug of war. You can lose tug of war if they are stronger then you.
  • Penumbral- For the next 5 IC minutes your blade either emanates light like a torch or darkness like ripples across a section of your choosing. When it comes into contact with another object with force either light or darkness will momentairly 'spark' at the point of contact. Can be disoreinting to fight for both user and fighter. Spell Adverse Effect: The obvious.
  • Electrical- Your blade becomes charged with eletrical energy that can cause extreme pain and convulsions on a target. It can travel through metal but a thin layer of insulating material can stop the charge. I.E. The leather binding on a sword hilt. This effect lasts 1 minute or until discharged. Spell Adverse Effect: If you get careless and smack yourself it will discharge on yourself.
  • Kinetic- For the next IC minute your foci moves more effortlessly and hits harder. If using a melee weapon as a foci the opponent would feel a noticeable different in the strength and speed of your impacts. Spell Adverse Effect: You can lose control of your weapon if you are not prepared to handle the increase in force as the spell does not improve your grip.
Spell Adverse Effect: -Was placed in the actual description of each effect.​
Spell Cost: 25 Spell Points​
Energy Bolt
Spell Type: Thermal/Electric/Vis​
Spell Level: Adept​
Spell Effect: A medium sized ball of energy (basketball in size) of a selected energy type hits the target causing effects based on the energy type.​
Thermal (Heat)- A fireball hits the target exploding in flames, catching flammable things afire and burning flesh.​
Thermal (Cold)- A ball of hyper cold air saps the heat from the target, instantly causing patches of frostbite, and freezing liquids. Movement would be very difficult to a target.​
Electric- A bolt of electricity hits the target causing convulsions in the target, and if touching something that is grounded extreme pain as the electricty passes to the ground. Can leave scars similar to a lightning bolt.​
Vis- A ball of dark crimson Vis energy smaller in size then the Fireball variation hits the target. Causing arcane burns and consuming flammable objects leaving not even dust behind as it is consumed.​
Spell Adverse Effect: Spell can be dodged at medium to long ranges, like any other projectile.​
Spell Cost: 50 spell points.​
Kinetic Wall
Spell Name: Kinetic Wall​
Spell Type: Kinetic​
Spell Level: Adept​
Spell Effect: You form an invisible wall of kinetic force that blocks all incoming kinetic energy from a direction for the duration in a 4MC block (12 foot radius) from the foci. Essentially it stops incoming arrows and bolts. However larger projectiles such as javelins pass through though are slowed, this slowing on even bigger projectile such as siege weapons of any kind is too slight to be noticable. 1 minute duration. Spell Adverse Effect: You must remain stationary while casting this spell, and maintain your concentration. Spell Cost: 25 spell points.​
Spell Level: Adept.
Spell Branch: Kinetic.
Spell Effect: Caster experiences gentle upwards kinetic force equal to their own personal downwards kinetic force for one second. This effectively abruptly halts their descent, and by extension it is slowed for a moment before resuming as uninterrupted.
Spell Adverse Effect: Mistiming the spellcast. If the plummet is unreasonably high or if the caster rolls one, then they are susceptible to the appropriate injury and repercussions.
Spell Cost: 25 spell points.​
Kinetic Empowerment
Spell Type: Kinetic​
Spell Level: Adept​
Spell Effect: This spell when cast, allows the mage holding their foci to continually increase their kinetic energy as they run. Allowing them to reach speeds twice that of their normal speed, and jump increased distances. Last about one minute.​
Spell Adverse Effect: More likely to trip, inability to turn very well, and stopping is very difficult. If you trip and fall at high speeds, you're going to have a bad time.​
Spell Cost: 25 spell points.​
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