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General Information

Azariah Veiloros
Other Names:
Az: Most people
Sister: Lillinette Veiloros (TinyBlueberry)
Mother: Emeric Veiloros (CyberChaosV2) and Ayda Veiloros
Rose/Blood Rose: Raven Veiloros [ Ozzy ]
How Old Does She Appear:
Mid Twenties
Elf, Moor
Crossroads, The Old World
Current Residence:
The Veil
Relationship Status:
Social Status:
Minor Nobility
While she use to have a toned body thanks to the training with Mister Sif Sigurd, her recent life style has allowed her body to return to it's usual soft hourglass, carrying "more sand" than others. However, with her high cheek bones and pointed chin in combination with her shape, she looks far from the 'norm' of a Moor Elf. { X } { X }
Deep black, falling down to the middle of her back in waves while curling heavily in the front in a way that frames her face. While she use to dye her hair to please others, she no longer cares and lets her hair grow and curl as it will and because of this, her hair has gotten much longer. Due to her recent titles, she has begun to style her hair to appear more official. { X } { X } { X }
145 Lbs
A vivid shade of violet. { X }
Light charcoal gray, though with her time spent outside it's starting to become slightly darker due to tanning. { See Reference Image }
While wearing no perfume, she does use scented soaps when she bathes and keeps herself clean at all times.
Has began to relax once again, leaning back in her chairs and not being as straight and poised.
Walks with a purpose. If she moves, it's because she has a reason, and tends to now walk quickly so not to waste time.
Habits and Mannerisms:
+ Rolls her eyes when irritated.
+ Pinches the bridge of her nose when she finds something 'ridiculous.'
+ Her voice drops to monotone when working.
+ Large scar running across her shoulder. Healed wound from a caparii attack. { X }
+ Various scars and cuts along her torso and arms.
While deeper than her Silver and Forest kin, it still high for a Moor elf. { X }
For a while after certain major events in her life, her personality had been in a rather large state of flux. She would act one way around some people, then another way around others. Not sure how to act around others, she made her peace with her past life and has settled into her new way of living. She tends to enjoy small bits of chaos, mostly caused by scuffles in bars and arguments in the streets. And she enjoys to be the one to start them. A 'wrongly whispered' word to one man about his woman. A rather unnoticeable object in the way of a woman in a shiny new gown. While nothing ever massive enough to cause harm or death, she tends to pluck at just enough strings to cause the chaos she loves, then just sits back and watches the response from the world around her.
Chaotic Neutral
While she use to only be 'street wise' due to never having any formal training, she is beginning to learn all that she possibly can.
She has 'neat' hand writing, though it might be hard for some people to read if they are looking for perfection.
Known Languages:
+ Common {Fluent in speaking, writing, and reading.}
+ Mok'yra {Fluent in speaking, writing, and reading.}
+ Elven {Fluent in speaking, Fair for reading and writing. Taught by Lillinette Veiloros.} [ TinyBlueberry ]
+ Lavoyarde/Lavish {Fair in speaking and reading. No writing. Taught by Benjamin Beaumont.}[ Deathmoron ]
+ Rum
+ Raven [ Ozzy ]
+ Clever
+ Flexible
+ Critical Thinker
+ Humorous
+ Organized
+ Dedicated
+ Observant
+ Stubborn
+ Paranoid
+ Chaotic
+ Mistrustful
+ Horrible Temper
+ Being alone in life
+ Spiders
+ Heights
Truly she has possibly the shortest of tempers. However with her training in meditation with Sif Sigurd she has learned to hold her tongue and now while she might glare and growl, she won't open her mouth unless she is sure of the situation.
Sense of Humor:
Sarcastic, dark, and sometimes purely chaotic. Her humor is as truly crazy as she is, and often is in flux from one day to the next.
+ Reading
+ Documenting events
+ Drinking
+ Sketching
+ Attempting to cause tiny chaos.
+ Singing
+ Quiet Nights
+ Reading
+ Alone time with the special people in her life
+ Boat rides
+ Drinking
+ Adulterers
+ Whores
+ Liars
+ Being stagnant for too long
+ Being bored
A light blue dress with slits up the side, fitted, with various jewelry trinkets and plain flat black slip on shoes. { X } { X } { X } { X }
A mask made from the front portion of a skull, a rose drawn onto it and tribal markings on it.
Owned Homes:
+The Veil
Carried Inventory:
General Inventory:
Her inventory is usually split between one of her multiple homes, as she doesn't carry much on her.
General Wealth:
Due to working for Lillium as well as collecting over her lifetime, she is very well off and can provide for those around her.
Drives and Motivations:
+ Further growing the Veiloros Clan
+ The 'Old Ways' Moor Culture
+ Providing for her Clan
Immediate Goals:
+ Obtaining more property
+ Finish work on her home in Natri'Evar
+ Make sure that Ayda is alright...
Long Term Goals:
+ Heir
+ Grow Veiloros to be an Elder Clan
+ More Grandchildren!
How the Character Plans to Accomplish These Goals:
Hard work, maybe a little bit of manipulation. But mostly through working with Raven to accomplish the goals.
How Other Characters Will be Affected:
+ A new Elder Moor Clan to be recognized
+ More people in the Veiloros Clan for people to be aware of.

+ Paranoid Personality Disorder [PPD]
"People with PPD also suffer from paranoia, an unrelenting mistrust and suspicion of others, even when there is no reason to be suspicious."
+ Bipolar Disorder
"Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior."
+ Dust: Mild, just sneezing
+ Long haired cats or dogs: Mild, just sneezing
+ Hay: Horrible, swollen eyes and inability to catch her breath is expected
None currently
Sleeping Habits:
Due to her bipolar disorder, her sleep varies. She can some days get a full eight hours and still be sleepy but then another day she could only sleep 3 hours and feel fully energized. It truly is random.
Energy Levels:
Tends to be fairly laid back, though she has enough energy to get what she needs to done.
Eating Habits:
She'll eat what she wants, when she wants. Though recently she's taken to following Raven's diet more, including more meats and such.
Exercise Habits:
She still follows the training regime that Sif Sigurd laid out for her, even if she doesn't push herself quite as hard. Just enough to keep herself from being fat.
She actually has a horrible memory, which is why she has several diaries that have multiple entries about usually boring and everyday things. She does this so she doesn't forget something that might be important later on.
Drinking Habits:
Rum is her friend. A very close friend.
- = Currently go down in skill
-- = Currently stagnated , not going up, not going down.
+ = Currently going up in skill.
[ All on a scale from 1-10, system taken from SpiritTheLightning ]


[x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x] [8/10] +
[x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x] [6/10] +
Hand-To-Hand Combat:
[x-x-X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [3/10] -
Knife Skills:
[X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [1/10] --
Sword Skills:
[X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [1/10] --
Anger Management:
[X-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x] [1/10] -
[x-x-x-x-x-X-x-x-x-x] [6/10] --
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The Only One
Raven Veiloros
"We are as one. "
Everything in her world has changed since she met Raven.
Darkness, sadness, the feeling of being alone, all of that disappeared once she found him.
Though life might be difficult at times because of his past and his ways, she stands by his side unfaltering.
No one will separate them. No one will divide them. No one will break this bond.
This is eternal.
[ Ozzy ]
Emeric Veiloros
"My son... How you've grown."
Ayda Veiloros
"We don't see eye to eye, but I promise I love you."
Zuriel Veiloros
"My second son. My second chance. I'll do right by you."
[ ??? ]
Derek Veiloros
"My Grandson... How odd to think that I'm a grandmother."
[ ??? ]
Koldash Veiloros
"So strange, but fun!"
Lillinette Veiloros
"It took far too long, but welcome to the family.~"

Friends and Trusted
Benjamin Beaumont
"It's good to see you again, my friend."
[ Deathmoron ]
Sif Sigurd
"It was good to hear from you, old friend."
[ The Courier ]
Neutral/Gray Zone
Lillium Shink'maho
[ Cukie1 ]
"You... Hmm..."
"Do not attempt to give me an order. I do not answer to you."
[ godfather1 ]
Kam Hakiaz
"Many years loyal to Seymour. I admit, it's admirable. I question your sanity however."
[ Kamaoe ]

Disfavored or Hated
Inari Ralotumal
"It was your choice... I tried to fix things, but you didn't want to talk."
Cymic Seymour
"Trying to arrest me? Nice... Real nice. And at your son's wedding? Classy."
[ Cymic_ ]
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