Bartolini drawings


The Artisan
If you are wondering why does he look like a she. Cause Elf. Dey all women. (and I think one of the pictures on Cassian's profile is in fact a chick instead of a bloke haha)


The Artisan
You may see something shoot away when you walk near the riverbank. Big chance it's a snish! It lives underwater and is much faster than your everyday snail.

Flowird is that flower you spot at the side of the road one day, but when you return the day later, it's long gone!

Is it a bird? Is it a bitch? Well, the birquito is defo a bitch. You'd normally recognize a mosquito from the annoying buzzing sound, but not the birquito! He sneaks right up with little more sound than the peaceful flapping of wings, so don't be fooled!

It shoots away before your feet when you walk in the grass in twilight and there's no telling what it was. You said it's a mouse, I said it was a frog. Think again bruh, it's a frouse!

Hurpion is a lost ancient Greek legend that has recently been rediscovered. This particular human scorpion is called Andreas and likes to play drums.

The chamabbis will hop onto your windowsill and fly into your room. Searching with its eyes, then once it found its food... SNATCH! It takes your cannabis! so whenever you feel like you had some leftover ganja and you can't seem to find it, here's the perpetrator: the chamabbis!


The Artisan
I'm working on a game with I am Wake . I am really happy with it. It has quite some resemblance with "Magic the gathering" though I have never played that game in my life.
I'll quickly name some aspects of the game, I won't go into too much detail though.

  • The game goes in turns, at the start of each turn a player takes one card from the middle deck. This means all players take cards from the same pool. That makes this game interesting, the cards might be the same, but the effects for the different factions / classes are different.
  • people can place land cards, on which they can build dwellings or place units. The fun part is that you can actually build and place units on other people's land cards too! Though the effects of the dwellings count only for the person who owns the land card. (so it would be beneficial to build a dwelling on someone's land which causes that person negative effects. Or perhaps you're teaming up with someone!)
  • There are multiple victory conditions that are very different, so you can choose your own tactic. There is a war victory that is achieved by defeating 10 units or destroying 10 dwellings. There is a political victory that is achieved by owning 10 lands (lands can be destroyed by specific cards too). There is also a event victory that is achieved by successfully surviving 10 events. (haven't made event cards yet)
  • Each player chooses an empire (class) at the beginning too, which will heavily determine their play-style. There are three classes (the skull, leaf, and gear). The skull represents an attacking style that gains power from death and destruction (war victory is the easiest to get for this style). The leaf represents a buffing style, characterized by growth and life (for this style political victory is easiest to get). The gear represents a leech style of play, where units and dwellings mostly have the effect of stealing power and points from other players to build units/dwellings that have an extra quality that can prevent negative event-cards from happening (for this style, an event victory should be easiest).
  • You can spend as many points per turn as the numbers in the green circles. Some things might add to this number of points (like dwellings that allow you to sacrifice units).
The main reason of making this game was just so I could create trading cards about a world that Wake has created. He's got a million of ideas that popped up in his head and that genius has written them all down in short notes! While I was making a card for a specific note, we figured it'd be cool to make a game based entirely on the world inside his head. I mean... all the lore is already there! With a little luck Wake will eventually even make it into a book. Can you imagine? A book to accompany a game and while you play the game and draw the cards, you recognize the things you've read about?! This is really a big motivation for me and inspires me a lot!

The rules are set up quite well already. That did surprise me, as the rules for the other games I've created so far took a lot more time. I think the key is simplicity. The base of the game is very simple; there is a card cost, a unit/dwelling power, and a dwelling/land yield. All other 'rules' are indicated on the cards, so there is no need to make more rules! I found that I can make one card in one hour, so to make a deck of 90 cards will take me a while, but it's totally worth it because I'm doing it with my best friend Wake!

So, in short, I really wanted to show you these cards I made so far :)