Finished Bears, Bears and More Bears! {5-19-2018, 3 PM CST, Moderate}


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Posters are put up in Mockingbay, Halbed, Storm’s Landing and wherever else it is allowed.
After a recent spate of bear attacks, the Basileos has decreed...
...that a Great Hunt be organized to cull the increasing population of grizzly bears. Deer and boar hunters have found that their quarry has been forced into hiding by the creatures, and villagers on the outskirts of Astrkahan have (rightfully) complained of the danger they now face whenever they exit their homes.

As such, anyone who is able and willing to participate in this Hunt- be they a resident or otherwise- will be rewarded with a thousand radiants each for every downed male bear. The goal here is not to eradicate the animals- as they play a crucial role in nature- but to discourage them from loitering near the village.

All kills will be documented and the materials they render will be used to their fullest extent so as not to waste it. Anyone who manages to kill a bear on their own will be able to take home their quarry in its entirety.

As bears are (obviously) incredibly dangerous, all prospective hunters must come armored in at least a gambeson and helmet. Plate or heavier panoplies are discouraged as it will slow one down- a perilous risk to take when facing off against these surprisingly swift beasts.

Rules and guidelines will be explained on the beginning of the hunt.

All those who wish to join must contact Theodosius beforehand.

OOC: This will be moderate, so come prepared. I’ll release a date soonish. I will need a staffie to DM and other staffies to play as big ol’ grizzlies.

Tagging Baron2537 bc I know his sailor boi wanted to help.
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You wouldn't need staff to run the bears btw. Anything short of monsters players can DM. (Not that they wouldn't want to, but ya know.)


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Alright you weenies, the event will be on Saturday the 19th, 3 PM CST (that’s 4 PM EST). Our friendly neighborhood Ayda will be DMing the beasties.

Rang3r0wns94 will be providing extra longbows for those who don’t have their own- 100 pounders, baby!
It’s likely we’ll be fighting just one bear, depending on whether it’s a grizzly and how many come- I’d recommend bringing at least gambeson and at most a hauberk of Maille or perhaps a brigandine.
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